5 Tantra Techniques That Boost Sexual Energy

Today, with advent technology, our lifestyle has become even more complicated. We hardly get enough time for ourselves to rejuvenate our body and soul. Getting an intense relationship of love and care with our partners is somehow becoming similar to daydreaming. The outcome is an increased number of broken marriages, more cases of severe depression and a lack of self-satisfaction. It is an accepted fact that we might have been able to lead better lifestyles, but we are severely lacking when it comes to maintaining an ideal relationship with our partners.

Statistics say that the immense chemistry and sexual energy that we generally have in a new relationship is gradually lost over time. More than physical contact, tantric sex is the solution to intensify or revive that bonding.

Tantra has been a proven solution to these problems and it can significantly help in making your relationship better and bring you back to the mainstream of life.  Here are 5 effective tantra techniques that can help you with a better sexual life that will result in a better family bonding as well.

5 Easy Tantra Techniques to Revive your Sexual Life

Here’s a list of five simple exercises that can be performed by anyone. They are effective because, according to the experts, it is first necessary to dominate the body itself, understanding how it works and relates, and then take it to another level.

Tantra is much more than sex. It is a liberation concerned with inner mystical experiences, spiritual growth, and personal ability.Moreover, unlike other practices that see the sexual act as a sinful event, in Tantra, it is regarded as a channel for the attainment of pure pleasure and not an impediment.

1. Deep Breathing – Helps To Activate And Connect All The Senses Of The Body

According to experts,the vast majority of adults breathe just enough to stay alive. They don’t realize the importance of this instinctive act for survival. One needs to take a deep breath, keeping the concentration on the inhalation and then exhale slowly. They should keep on doing this until they feel their most refined senses. Once you have learned to master your breathing, you need to combine it with your partner. This will increase and deepen the sexual connection.

2. Practicing Eye to Eye Contact with Your Partner

This is a way of gaining confidence, eliminating shame and deepening self-love. You should start by looking into your eyes in front of a mirror and taking a deep breath. Then just say”I like you because …”.  It may look strange, but being able to maintain eye contact with yourself will make it easier for you to practice this with your partner as well.

3. Learn to Understand the Intensity of Touch

When we touch someone, we want to touch enough that the other feels something, so that there is a reaction. If the body becomes rigid, we have gone too far; if it goes limp, we haven’t gone far enough! So, it is essential to understand the right intensity of the touch. Embracing someone helps to understand how much we like to be grabbed and when it starts to be suffocating.  Doing a self-massage, working on each part of the body also helps to realize how intense the touch is in each zone. Once you discover your own body, you can go to the next level by doing the same with your partner as well.

4. Find out the ‘Spot’

This is about focusing on one area of ​​the body, being able to feel it specifically without having to touch it.How does it work? Focus, for example, on the index finger of your right hand, breathe deeply, and focus only on that finger. Can you feel the blood pumping there? The next step is to do this with your genitals or some erogenous zone, with your partner.

5. Get rid of expectations

In tantra, there are no goals. The key is to feel full and for this, it is important to have all your senses sharpened. There’s no need to judge intellectually what is happening. Whether alone or accompanied, try to relax and enjoy the moment, without hurry or ideas that condition the experience.

Hope this helps! If you want to know more about the secrets of Tantra, feel free to visit https://tantranectar.com/ today!! Check out our upcoming workshops and retreats and find out the key to better the quality of life!

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