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About Us

Satyarthi Prateek

Our Beloved Tantra Master

Satyarthi Prateek, the creator and founder of Tantra Nectar has had a rather interesting life. Since he was a child, he never had faith in the traditional way of worshipping or the traditional superstitions. At the age of 15, while his conscious was still starting to develop, he was longing to study and examine Mysticism. Even then, he was just as ordinary and a confused soul like you – attempting to comprehend life & beyond.

His meditation journey began in 2003 , when he met his Guruji – Shri Kamal Yogi ji,The Indian Tantric Mystic.

In 2007, his life changed for eternity, when he read an article on  Love and Forgiveness by Osho.The very next year, he became a Sanyaasi and submitted his life to the adventure of Tantra and meditation, to look for the higher power with the favours of his dearest Master Osho. Over the years, he devoted himself to learning various sorts of Bodywork, Healing Arts and Tantra Massage techniques under the direction of different experts from various schools of east and west.

His journey to becoming a Tantra Master unknowingly began in the year 2014, when he sold out his business and travel and go deep in his meditation journey. There was no plan for teaching meditation or working as a Tantra Master or Life Coach at this time.

He is truly thankful and grateful to existence, His guru ji, Beloved Master Osho, All Amazing teachers, all of them who supported him, and also to those who criticized him since they inspired him to be the best version of himself.

“Make meditation your priority and silence brings all the answers. Keep believing in yourself. Follow your heart and Remember, your time will come”


The Tantra Couple

Vladimir is a very deep and meditative man. His journey of meditation started 5 years ago and ever since then he never looked back. He spent some time in the Oceanic Meditation Centre in Brazil, and worked closely with the famous Tantra Couple and Masters, Homa and Mukto . Vladimir will be a part of the Tantra Nectar , bringing in his unique style of dance, emotional freedom and Zen meditative approach. He has also worked as a tantric masseur and performs the Tantra massage in its pure form. He met Satyarthi two years back and since then they both have an amazing connection. He Loves Satyarthi as a brother, a Tantra Master, a fellow traveller; and now he is an important part of our Tantra Nectar Family.


The Tantra Couple

Katya’s path to spirituality is love and devotion. Her spiritual journey started long back. She has been with many spiritual masters as well as Tantra masters to grow in her individually. Like Vladimir, she also spent some time in the Oceanic Meditation Centre Brazil under the guidance of the famous Tantra Couple and Masters, Homa and Mukto. She’s been working as a Tantra Masseuse carrying a unique touch of love and devotion. She met Satyarthi two years back and since then they both have amazing resonance. She is also the main person to help Tantra Nectar grow in Russia. Satyarthi has an irreplaceable connection with her; just like a bond between a mother and son. Satyarthi calls her “Mumma Katya” and she loves him as her brother, as her son, as her Tantra master and a fellow traveller; and now she is an integral part of our Tantra Nectar Family. Vlad and Katya have been in a tantric relationship from the last 7 years and only going deeper into the relationship together. We are extremely proud to have them as part of our Tantra retreat in Bali since they are a real life Tantric couple. Tantra is the bridge that built their bond, love and care.


The Wild Woman

Satya Prem’s journey of self-realisation started four years ago, when she decided to leave the chaotic city life and started exploring new ways of life by travelling alone to India. During her quest to spirituality, she met many masters of yoga, meditation and Tantra, that helped her to awakening of her inner wild woman. She is working very closely with Maya Mandla, her teacher who inspires her on the path of woman and with Hariprem and Kaulika, who inspire her on the path of Tantra. Satya Prem will be facilitating Tantra nectar evening event for everyone and also wild woman workshops. She has also worked as a Tantra Masseuse and used her silence and deep meditativeness for its effectiveness. She met Satyarthi two years ago. They share a very extra ordinary connection. They are soul friends and are helping each other to grow in the path of Tantra. She loves Satyarthi as her family, as her master. She has finally found her Tantra Tribe with the Tantra Nectar Family.


A Born Musician

Music plays a very important role in our life. Think about how quickly our state of mind and mood changes when you hear music. Music merges the mind bringing about cohesiveness in an individual. Music and spirituality goes hands in gloves for Amano Manish. Both are so mutually complimentary in his life that one cannot exist without the other. He has been fortunate to be connected with great Masters and Maestros of both dimensions from whom he has kept learning and growing and also thereby sharing his experiences and understandings. He shares a very brotherly bond with Satyarthi Prateek. From great friends, they are now co-creators of various kinds of music required for Satyarthi’s work. He has enjoyed creating music for Satyarthi’s many meditations, Tantra sessions, Chakra meditations, Ecstatic Dance and so on. They now plan to do live music events for retreats and workshop sessions. Amano Manish sees Satyarthi going places with his passion, sincerity, understanding and his BIG golden heart!


Our Tantric Yoga Teacher and Translator

In 2007 Ana graduated from Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages. She speaks English and Spanish. Her conscious spiritual search started in 2008 when she began practicing yoga with Anandaswami yoga family in Moscow. In 2009 she moved to Barcelona, Spain, to do a Master program in EAE Business School and at the same time a Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga Studio Barcelona. In 2010 Ana came back to Moscow and started her career as a Yoga Teacher. She tought Vinyasa Flow Yoga until she met the transformative knowledge of Human Design System in 2016. Her life changed a lot since she began her experiment. She’s now working with women as a Yoni Healer and continues her studies of Human Design with Alokanand Diaz Del Rio. Ana met Satyarthi in 2018 and she loves being his translator and student of Tantra Nectar Touch massage techniques.


Our Beloved Manager



Our Digital Marketing Consultant

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