All About Boobs- The Aquarius Of Nectar

Breasts have continued to play a huge role when it comes to defining women with fuller figures and right curves. In Indian culture, films, and literature, breasts have always been eroticized. Do you remember the artwork of the Khajuraho temple?

The sculptures of the women there have voluptuous breasts that make their figure even more attractive. This states the reproductive ability of the women of that era. If we go by biology, then it can be said that breasts are dedicated to producing milk that can help to nurture babies.

However, when it comes to sexuality, it’s hard to imagine the pleasure of the act without the existence of boobs. Even the bible says…’ let her breasts satisfy thee at all times’!! What makes them so lovable? Keep reading this post and get to know more about the same now!!

Why Do Men Love Breasts?

It is not just the shape and size of the breasts that make this part of the female body attractive for men. Experts in the field point out that this process has cultural, emotional origins and is more intuitive than many people can imagine. This is because it is a matter of hormones.

In the first days of life, children discover an immense connection with the mother through breastfeeding, which stimulates the production of a super important hormone at this stage. It’s responsible for establishing the bonding between the mother and the baby. And, incredible as it may seem, in adulthood, it is a very similar hormone that allows the couple to create an excellent bonding.

These hormones start to be produced from stimuli in the sinus region. In the case of breastfeeding, the process also works with the mother, who acts instinctively, making the woman hold her attention on the baby. As strange as it may seem, the breasts then awaken a primitive part of men, linked to this “remembrance” of the unique bonding they had with their mothers through lactation, a happy and safe stage of the human life.

Besides, the breasts are a symbol of fertility, as are the broad hips and curves of the female body. Especially because when that part starts to develop and become striking in early adolescence, it means that the girl is practically ready for reproduction … at least biologically.

Females Love Breasts too!

Not only men, but women are also equally attracted to this part of their body. When a partner touches the breast of the female, oxytocin is released. It helps females in getting aroused and enjoying the act to the fullest. This is the way through which men can make themselves more desirable to their partners.

Hope this helps in understanding why breasts have been one of the most discussed topics since eras. When it comes to practicing tantric sex, breasts look like an inevitable part to award both the partners with the desired level of pleasure. To know more, you can consider attaining a tantra workshop at the earliest.

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