Asana – An Introduction

Most present-day yoga classes and books have lost the mystery key of Hatha Yoga. The genuine reason for the old practices of the yoga framework is to bring a superior balance and stir the unobtrusive energies of the body. It isn’t so much a physical practice yet a spiritual practice dependent on SHAKTI, the crucial vibrating vitality of each human being. Hatha Yoga is a deeply rooted order of Yoga. Hatha originates from “ha” – sunlight based (+) and “the” – lunar (- ), the harmonious association of the two opposing viewpoints in the human body. The practice of yoga stances (ASANAS) means to open and filter the energy centers (CHAKRAS) and vitality channels (NADIS).

We aim to introduce in the West an initiatory or paranormal way to deal with the practice of asanas. At present, the writings about asanas are precious, be that as it may, it displays a noteworthy blemish – it centers solely around the outside, exoteric, perspectives, leaving the hidden, esoteric views of the unknown. However, how is this possible? We should see… most importantly, the tantric experts who genuinely know the privileged insights of Hatha Yoga decided not to uncover to the vast masses their independent learning on asanas. They preferred to transmit this data “from mouth to ear,” never letting it recorded as a hard copy. Indeed, even the most acclaimed messages on Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga Pradipika, GherandaSamhita and Siva Samhita are, at best very elliptic, failing to offer a clear clarification for everybody to understand it.

The second purpose behind this unfortunate circumstance is the absence of deep supernatural experience of the most yoga educators and book writers from our days. Accordingly, there are various widespread misinterpretations about Hatha Yoga. Asanas are not mere physical activities, and they are not meant basically for health and relaxation. We submit to your consideration the idea of asanas as paranormal training exercises.

The Mystery Of ASANAS

The subtle body has seven head vitality principles and many secondary ones. At the point when a yogi performs out an asana, the particular design taken by the power focuses (CHAKRAS) makes an association with the corresponding subtle energies from the Universe through the procedure of RESONANCE.

“Resonance” originates from the Latin “resonare,” which means to resonate, to vibrate. The procedure of resonance contains two frameworks, for our situation, the person and the “macrocosm” or Universe, which have a typical vibration frequency. The asana enables the yogi “to tune in” one of the infinite spheres of the energy of the macrocosm. To accomplish this procedure of resonance, the yogi rationally summons the desired effect while playing out the asana.

The routine with regards to asanas is at any rate as much a psychological practice as it is a physical practice. We should take the example of Bhujangasana, the Cobra Pose. At the point when a yogi performs out this represents, he should simply think “pure love” and focus on his heart chakra. This is the mystery key of Bhujangasana. If it is utilized appropriately, it will incite resonance between the yogi’s heart chakra (Anahata chakra) and the limitless universal sphere of love (mahaAnahata chakra). It is transferring virtually unlimited quantities of the desire- energy to his heart.

There is an ideal correspondence between one’s chakras, situated inside the microcosm of the subtle human body, and the exterior, infinite chakras of the macrocosm. Everything that exists in the universe exists in us also, and something that does not exist within us doesn’t exist in the macrocosm – this is the law of correspondence. However, while in the universe all the subtle forces are ideally empowered with infinite power, in the microcosm they are often dormant, existing only in a state of potentiality. For example, one person may, in theory, have the likelihood to encounter pure infinite love, a similar individual may not meet this love in the absence of resonance with same sorts of energies from the macrocosm.

The law of correspondence connects each psychic energy with a particular structure, color, sacred word, and musical note. For example, Muladhara Chakra, the force center of power is related to the square, the yellow-brown color, and the “LAM” sacred word.

This is the first time through the connection among’sasanas and force centers is revealed. This progression is unprecedented in the West and opens the door for a more profound and more spiritual way to deal with asanas. We can say that there is no “real” Hatha Yoga outside the practice of chakra meditation and chakra awareness.

A typical man taking a look at a yogi practicing asana may imagine that what he sees is a reality. The secret of asanas is not the posture itself, however, the psychological focus related to the execution. That is the reason many have seen yogis performing Hatha Yoga and thought about that they excessively would almost certainly do likewise by copying their posture. Nothing can be further from the certified routine with regards to asanas.

Hatha Yoga is approachable by everybody, even by those who are convinced materialists.

New Hatha Yoga students are not required to have unquestioned faith; all they are required to have is transparency of heart and mind. More importantly, the will to give a reasonable opportunity to its system of exercises. Numerous new students were convinced materialists, and they went to the yoga class just for medical issues. In any case, the act of Yoga resulted in an increasingly deep comprehension of one’s own, native religion, and this understanding brought about an opening of the heart towards it. Step by step purifying the structure, beginning with the physical and completing with the mental, the Hatha Yoga exercises bring another universe of capacities and affections for the liberal students.

Kundalini Yoga and ASANAS

Kundalini is the name of the vital  energy force in the human being. The awakening of this essential energy, Kundalini is experienced by countless yogis and “ordinary” individuals everywhere throughout the world. This “force,” although inadequately known in the Western sciences, is the first vehicle of men towards the revelation of the Supreme Self and the attainment of ultimate spiritual freedom. In most “ordinary” people, the fundamental energy Kundalini is lethargic. Its area (in a dormant state) is the sacral plexus (MULADHARA CHAKRA). Yet when it is stirred, it raises from the center to center, up to the spinal harmony (SUSUMNA NADI) until it arrives at the crown focus (SAHASRARA). It is joined by exceptional emotions and conditions of awareness. Kundalini punctures the seven power focuses (CHAKRAS) and produces the state of spiritual enlightenment… however, the experience of Kundalini isn’t without risks. The unconstrained or coincidental arousing of Kundalini can cause a lot of agonies and even mental problems. These sufferings are brought about by the energy overcharges in the sublime body. The “polluting influences” of the subtle body are “burned” by Kundalini, and this frequently is an agonizing process.

The awakening of Kundalini comes after the attaining a solid training in Hatha Yoga. The chakras and nadis have been cleaned with asanas and pranayama (breath control exercises) at that point; Kundalini is never again a reason for painful experiences. Only a wellspring of phenomenal happiness and sublime emotions.Kundalini is the quickest way towards ultimate spiritual freedom and Hatha Yoga is the ideal approach to plan for its awakening because of the two asanas and Kundalini work on the same subtle force centers (chakras) and subtle channels (nadis).

Opening the heart and finding the spirit however ASANAS

The right routine with regards to Hatha Yoga delivers a progressive awakening of the seven power focuses. With the enactment of the primary focus (Muladhara), we increase the condition of incredible vitality. With the initiation of swadhistana chakra, we guarantee the limit concerning harmonious social collaborations and a healthy sexual craving. By activating Manipura chakra, we enhance our willpower. By opening Anahata chakra (the heart chakra), we gain the ability to love infinitely – a perfect condition of pure love, without having a specific article to be coordinated upon. Vishuddha chakra activates a state of purity and profound spiritual intuition. Ajna chakra gives us ideal authority over our subtle body and the paranormal power of clairvoyance. At long last, Sahasrara is in charge of the condition of association of the human being with the Absolute Transcendence, the most elevated state of awareness.

Somewhere on this way, by balancing the female and manly parts of our character, by opening up so we could resonate with the useful energies of the Universe. Hatha Yoga encourages a significant change in our inner being. Our awareness is extended to the infinite; the heart is filled with bliss – this is the genuine encounter of numerous individuals who walked this spiritual way.

Practicing Hatha Yoga

By contrast, about the ordinary methodology in games, asanas don’t increase the muscle mass, the power, speed, or endurance – they don’t go for effort. Indeed, asanas are the exact inverse of vigorous exercise and different games. The catchphrase here is “suppleness.” The act of asanas ought not to be compared with practices.

The asanas are considered so that the muscles are not engaged with their execution. Rather than compacting the muscles, an asana stretches them. The joints and the muscles are extended, and this does not require exertion. It is ordinary that following a few hours of Hatha Yoga, a person should feel more vigorous and energetic than at the start of the session. Compared to games practicing who for the most part, contact drained and exhausted.

Here is a list of simple rules that decides that are of incredible assistance when rehearsing asanas :

Pick a specific time of day and practice asanas simultaneously consistently

The spot for training ought to be private and away from disturbance; you need a peaceful withdrew place that will give you privacy for the duration of your exercises.

It is suggested that you practice on a blanket that can pad you from the cold or hard floor.

Before practicing the asanas, you have to do the warm-up activities; don’t avoid them from them because else you may hurt yourself while stretching in asanas.

While performing an asana, don’t give your mind a chance to wander around; instead, center around the particular chakras that are related to that specific posture. Keep in mind that asana practice is a type of meditation. If you don’t concentrate on the privilege chakras, the spiritual efficiency will drop under 5%.

After the execution of every asana, you need to pause for a moment to completely absorb into your cognizance the particular impacts. This awareness mindfulness stage can be executed in an agreeable position and is a key to accomplishment in Hatha Yoga.

Try not to constrain your way through asanas; the asana ought to be steady and agreeable.

Before beginning to practice any asana, you should read the counter-signs and maintain a strategic distance from any health hazard. Numerous asanas have explicit counter-signs, and you should never disregard them.

It is much better to complete 20 minutes of Hatha Yoga consistently than a one-time two hours session systematically. Don’t try too hard to start within the light of the fact that you would prefer not to last just a little while, and you need to keep the training up for a long time.

By keeping up a similar time and area, you build up an advantageous resonance that will help you a lot over the long haul. When the opportunity for Yoga comes, you will feel “mysteriously” pulled in to start the practice.

Asanas executed in groups are considerably more proficient than asanas performed alone. The more individuals running a similar asana at once, the better; in charge of this expanded impact is the equivalent “law of reverberation,” just for this situation 1 in addition to 1 gives more than 2

Remember to relax after performing every asana.

Hope this helps!! If you want to know more about the secrets of Tantra, feel free to visit today!! Check out our upcoming workshops and retreats and find out the key to better the quality of life!!

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