General Tantra Meditation for Everyone

If you are into meditation or if you are a spiritually inclined person, you may want to consider welcoming Tantra into your life. Nowadays, many couples are embracing Tantra and even making it a part of their routine as couples.

Tantra is a combination of breathing, movement, and sound that promotes the opening of the ‘chakra’ energy inside the body. This, in turn, stimulates a hidden energy called ‘Kundalini’ which releases all the pressures that have been trapped inside the body for a long time. Moreover, it is said that it also improves one’s power in adapting and connecting with people. These are the general tantra meditation that will greatly help males, females, and couples:

  • Third Eye Meditation

Third eye or Spinal is a meditation that activates energy up and down the spine. While you maintain a connection to the earth, you open and associate awareness to the heavens at the same time.

Sit in a comfortable position; allow your legs and pelvis to touch the floor. Lengthen your spine through inhalation as if a string is on your head pulling you upwards while naturally breathe. Imagine that a golden ball is in front of you, once you established that, slowly place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then imagine rolling the ball over your head down to your spine as you chant ‘hung’ in your mind. Then, exhale while rolling the ball back to your head while chanting ‘sau’. Thus, doing this is like telling the universe ‘I am that’ and it portrays that you are upholding your True Self.


        • This meditation is very powerful meditation technique, must try this method in the early morning with an empty stomach for 21 days. You never will be the same again; you can feel the change inside of you and with more power to the manifestation of your reality. 
  • Chakra Meditation

Chakra (technically known as ‘chakra mantra dharana’) is the practice of cultivating the mind to focus on certain centers in the body (known as chakras) which includes repeating a ‘bija mantra’ according to Vedic Tantra and yogic Tantra tradition (one-syllable sound) during Tantra meditation. 

To practice this, follow the pronunciation guide (bija mantra) of the main chakras below:

             -The Crown (hakra: *Silence*)

             -The Third Eye Chakra: OM (‘om’)

             -The Throat Chakra:  HAM (‘hum’)

             -The Heart Chakra: YAM (‘yum’)

             – The Solar Plexus Chakra: RAM (‘rum’)

             -The Sacral Chakra: VAM (‘vum’)

              -The Root Chakra: LAM (‘lum’)

If you want to go for something simple, just use your preferred mantra as you give full attention on the Heart or Third Eye chakra and carry out consistent mantra repetitions or you can also say that the repetition of this sound. By being able to do this, you engage more of your senses while allowing a three-dimensional meditation.


Step 1:- Sit down or Stand up and start taking your focus to first chakra and make continues sound ‘Lam’ for 5 Min then keep moving up till sixth chakra and make sound ‘OM’ .So this whole journey of first to six will take 30 Min.

Step 2: – Now take your attention to the seventh chakra and just be silence and watch everything. – 5 Min

Step 3: – Now lie down for 15 minutes

  • Pranayama Breathing Meditation

Pranayama breathing is simply practicing how to synchronize certain breathing patterns with the mantra. This can be done through this simple harmonization:

SO-HAM mantra: Repetition of ‘SO’ upon inhaling then repetition of ‘HAM’ upon exhaling and give special attention as you breathe up and down your spine.

SOHAM – HAMSA: Repetition of ‘SO’ while inhaling through your left nostril then repetition of ‘HAM’ upon exhaling through your right nostril. Then do another in reverse by inhaling through your right nostril and then exhaling through your left nostril. Repeat for at least ten times.

A-HAM mantra: Repetition of ‘A’ upon inhaling then repetition of ‘HAM’ upon exhaling.

  • Tsa Lung Trul Khor Meditation

Tsa Lung Trul Khor or Trul Khor is the practice of connecting and coordinating the mind with physical movement while breathing simultaneously. This meditation will open energetic chakras within the body by inhaling and holding the breath as you execute certain body movements. 

I practice this movement by watching this YouTube video of by Lama

This will clear all the troubles and disturbances to help you recognize the pureness of being, which is the primary source of all the positive things in life.

        • This meditation improves your overall well-being by relieving all mental, emotional and physical obstacles that hinder you to be in your best condition in the most natural way. It opens the centre in your body (chakras) and awakens your subtle energy within which it impacts your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Mudra Meditation

Mudra meditation has been used over the years and is considered one of the most powerful ways to heal and empower the body as well as the mind. Though some mudras involve various parts of the body, its core is to focus on specific hand movements in combination with the mantra to achieve its goal – to heal.

The practice of Tantra is mainly to direct the body to realize its true purpose, and in turn, help you as a better person in every direction. So, you live your life with your full potential, and Tantra also brings about a deep impact on your relationship with your partner, and especially your love life. So, it’s a path of 360-degree healing.

While it’s true that ‘Tantra’ is related to sexuality, it is not just solely about that. Tantra means ‘liberation’ which points to one’s liberation of the body and mind by finding its purity within. Practicing Tantra means breaking the standards, limitations, and paradigms of society to be able to discover the wholesomeness it has for you.  

Tandava Tantra Massage and Vedic Tantra Massage

In tantric tradition, the body is said to be a sacred temple that has to be worshiped, admired, and delighted in intense pleasure. But what exactly is Tandava Tantra Massage?

How It All Started

A well-known Traditional Tantric method, Tandava can be rooted from the Kaula tradition of Kashmir. A mystical dance with very slow steps is believed to create the awareness of the cosmic entity and attunement with the universe.

It is by the word of mouth that makes Tantra’s teachings alive even today. It was challenged by other religions and often hidden. It was practised underground. However, teachers still managed to pass the teachings of Tantra on their disciples by a series of initiations until the disciple is ready. Today, the field of Tantra is still a mystery puzzle that no one has the right piece to solve.

What is Tandava Tantra Massage Or Vedic Tantra Massage?

Tandava is meant to be applying the principle of returning to the simplicity and truth in ourselves. Furthermore, it is also a way for us to regain us from shame. Although Tandava includes physical and sexual healing through touch, it must be clear to everyone that Tandava Tantra Massage is not a way to release sexuality. The touch involved in Tandava must not entail fear and desire because you are caressing the divine.

Where to Practice Tandava

If you prefer to do it indoors, you can also play music that has no fixed rhythm like classical music or some upbeat music depending on your preference. 

This massage encourages participants to be nude and full body, however, it still depends on your comfort and ease.

How to Apply Tandava Tantra Massage

The following steps are based upon the Tandava procedure and practice. With 20 to 40 minutes of practicing these steps, you can already feel its effect. However, it’s up to you if how often you’d like to do this. Moreover, if you practice this every day for 21 days this will help you to enter the zone of Tantra deeply. These steps are to be practiced by both – giver and receiver. And although technically, one must know that in this massage there is no receiver and giver per se. It’s more like an orgasmic dance, spree of body movements, and touching each other without disturbing the dance. 

  1. Both the receiver and giver can touch the ground with their feet and raise the hands. Then take a few deep breaths from your belly.
  2. Halt for few seconds until your hands and feet start to be filled with a presence. In some cases, you may feel like the light is falling from the sky and entering your body.
  3. After you are filled with the said presence, let it move your body. Feel your hands and arms beginning to move by itself.
  4. The movements must be slow, like moving in thick honey. You may feel very light like seaweed or an astronaut.
  5. Relax your jaws or hang your mouth open. The tight jaw will keep you in control of yourself while relaxed jaw helps you to be submissive and surrender.
  6. Now slowly start swinging your body feeling the sweet orgasm and start enjoying sensuality with your body movements. 
  7. Let your eyes be either opened or closed. From this state of mind, start touching each other and the touch should be gentle and flowing without disturbing the orgasmic dance. 

This massage heals and gives pleasure. However, note that the best source for these two is always correlated with living a healthy lifestyle.

This massage is very beneficial for couples and very healthy before lovemaking.

Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra Massage & Shiva Shakti Tantra Massage

Shiva and Shakti: The Meaning

In Tantric cosmology, the entire universe is seen as created by two main forces that exist permanently in perfect union. These universal forces are called Shiva and Shakti. 

The tradition associates with these principle forms, respectively, a male deity and female deity. As a result, Shiva thus forms the constitutive elements of the universe, whereas Shakti is the dynamic potency, which causes these various elements to come into being.

From the angle of metaphysics, the divine union of Shiva-Shakti represents the two opposite aspects of the One: Shiva, the masculine, is one aspect of God whereas Shakti embodies the feminine side which represents the energy that is manifested and visible through creation. Shakti therefore is the intrinsic part of the Divine which is present in the universe. Shiva is the transcendental and Shakti is the immanent sides of God.

Maybe exactly this Tantric view of the Feminine in creation contributed to the orientation of the human being towards the active principles functioning in the universe, rather than towards those of pure transcendence.

What is Kashmiri Tantra Massage?

Kashmiri Tantra Massage is deep, powerful and a sensual massage ritual originating from the beautiful state of Kashmir in Northern India. It is a tributary of the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism also known as Shiva-Shakti.

Kashmiri Tantra  Massage is a deep healing process where awareness, meditation and sensuality merges together. It can give you a better idea of ​​who you really are. The massage awakens your heart and provides you strength, confidence as well as inner bliss. It shows how to achieve all the potential in terms of feeling overwhelming content and tranquil throughout and after the process is complete. This form of massage is not just focused around the genitals but emphasizes its impact on the body as a whole to bring about a feeling of oneness. 

Kashmiri Tantra massage offers the possibility of diving deeply into yourself and having a sensation. You will discover the source of your strength and inner power. 

The massage is a connecting bridge between the three layers of life – childhood, young age and adulthood and with this massage it helps bring all of these together to help stitch back the broken bonds.

How is Tantra Massage helpful?

According to Tantra, man and woman have the ability to have multiple orgasms without losing energy. In the modern age we are in a society which has forgotten these techniques and the society wrongly teaches men and woman to that quick orgasmic experience is an end in itself and the most important happiness to obtain. But in reality, a person loses a large part of their life potential if they get attached to this quick orgasmic experience. That is why, we must learn to control our sexual energy and be able to nourish all their qualities and their mission in life and where we can learn, gradually, to become multi-orgasmic and experience orgasms throughout their body. Orgasms must reach not just the physical body but also the energetical body.

So the Kashmiri Tantra Massage helps to balance the whole body in a way, so as human being we realize our potential as a Tantric god or goddess, and live this life in a multi-orgasmic way.

Kashmiri Tantra Massage has recuperating properties which is personal and intimate in nature. It is exceptionally useful in recuperating every sexual injury particularly those establishing from adolescence and youth.

This massage is more deep than other massages as it firmly initiates a stream of vitality through explicit body position (asanas). This isn’t just any other regular massage but a deep spiritual ritual and therapy.


The Kashmiri Tantra Massage’s prime focus is to build harmony between the course of the three layers of life and ignite an enlightment within the soul to help boost one’s feelings concerning Karma. It is often hard to remove the Karmic imprints but Kashmiri tantra masters can remove the karmic imprints by giving Kashmiri tantra massage. Even in today’s world by receiving a  session of Kashmiri Tantra massage, a person can be healed and can lead a healthy and a burden free life.

Therapist is well trained to ignite the feeling of contentment and that is what you should indulge in for the best results. One must remember that in a Kashmiri Tantra Massage, an individual is strictly prohibited from having sexual intercourse after the massage. Irrespective of whether you are a professional session giver or a Lover, after the massage healing oneself from within is primarily important.

This massage helps to understand how to harness your own energy as a human being, and helps you access new dimensions of yourself. You will embrace a more spiritual understanding of your existence on this planet.

Why Do You Need Solitude to Go Deeper Into Your Relationships?

Deeper Into Your Relationships

When it comes to relationships, one of the most painful things that a couple encounters when one wants to have some distance, while the other wants to spend more time with their partner. Sometimes, whether you’re in a relationship or not, it would be a great idea to give yourself an alone time as this can help improve your relationship, whether if it’s with a friend, family, or a lover.

However, rather than spending your alone time by locking yourself inside your room or house, you should give the Tantra practise a try. Tantra helps you understand yourself more while embracing solitude, without shutting yourself out from the world. Let’s see what more can tantra do in improving your relationship.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a kind of practice where you can find meditation through the emotion of love, which is why it is the perfect practice that you need to try if you need a bit of solitude. In contrast to the famous belief of the Americans, tantra is not an advocation of uninhibited sex. But it is a practice that purifies the energetic body and generates sexual energy.

Tantra consists of different practices, and these include love, social life, spiritually, sexual union, and acceptance. All of these are included in order to achieve one’s spiritual aspirations. This practice can be done individually or with a partner, but since you need some time alone, it would be best if you practice this in a quiet room alone.

What are the Benefits of Tantra?

Now that we know that tantra consists of different practices, how is it beneficial to our daily lives? Tantra is not just about improving your sexual interaction. When roughly translated, tantra actually means to “weave” the mind, body, and spirit which means it greatly affects your whole being in a good way.

Here are some of the basic benefits that tantra provides:

  • Provides mental clarity
  • You embrace solitude more
  • It awakens your spiritual side
  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances your sex life
  • Promotes well-being and health
  • Deepens your bond with your partner
  • Gives you a break
  • Increases flexibility

What are the Benefits of Solidarity?

While practising tantra, you’ll also gain something beneficial when doing the practice alone. Solitude your aloneness is different from being lonely and it gives us the power to adjust and regulate our lives. Solitude is also associated with creativity, freedom, intimacy, and spirituality which is why it has a connection with tantra.

Here is a list of things of how solitude can improve your whole being:

  • It increases your self-awareness
  • You’ll get to know yourself more
  • It improves your memory
  • Improves your relationships
  • It makes you become more mindful
  • It allows you to reboot your mind
  • You get to know your emotions more
  • Strengthens your relationship
  • You’ll be able to solve your problems effectively

Final Thoughts

When you spend time with yourself, it doesn’t have to mean that you have to shut yourself from the world. But instead, you should take the opportunity to understand yourself better and to know what you desire in life. In order to give yourself an absolute alone time, you should consider practising Tantra as you’ll benefit a lot from the practice.

In my experience, to go deep in a relationship, it is important to go deep within yourself. It’s an art of striking a balance between aloneness and togetherness.


Understanding Polygamy and Monogamy Per Tantra

Polygamy and Monogamy in Tantra

A lot of people misunderstand what Tantra truly is as most of them see it as an excuse to “sleep” around. Open relationships come up in the practice, but most people don’t have a proper understanding of it. There are two options that you can choose from when you go into a relationship, and those are polygamy and monogamy.

So to make all things clear, we would be talking about the monogamy and polygamy of tantra to have a clear understanding. Now, let’s continue reading down below.

History of Tantra

According to scriptures, Tantra was said to have existed about 7,000 years ago because of Lord Shiva. He came from the path of yogic, so during that time, the practice was seen as a yoga extension that allows the energies of male and female to awaken the inner Shakti and Shiva principal. For the first time during the Vedic period, soulmate was given meaning by Yogi Shiva.

He has taught Ardhnareshwar, which means that you are neither a male nor a female, but both. Once you’ve found your soulmate, it would be easy for you to find your inner male and female principal. As soon as you’re free from the outer male-female attraction, it would be easy to go deeply in part of the spiritual awakening.

Why tantra preaches open relationship?

Tantra is often very misunderstood for getting your fantasies about sex fulfilled. That is not necessarily the case. The art and the preaching behind this spiritual spectrum run deeper than that. The talks about open relationships in Tantra are quite prevalent. With that comes to the questions about monogamy and polygamy.

Would you be surprised to know that almost 90% of the population across the world, in terms of tantra, is into polygamous relationships?

The main reason behind the same being the fact that people lack the clarity of knowledge. According to people’s understanding, monogamy is being with one person. But, tantra suggests that monogamy is being with one person for one’s entire lifetime. This is definitely not something many people do or practice.

Majority of us are into polygamous relationships meaning that we have had multiple partners throughout our life. The only difference is that we are practising it one at a time.

Delving in polygamous tantric sex is not about orgies and intercourse with multiple people, the emotions and beliefs run deeper than that. It is true that Tantra groups do act upon sexual intercourse with multiple people involved but the act itself is quite spiritually awakening and is more than just a random hookup.

Tantra, in terms of whether it is a monogamous or polygamous relationship, is a spiritual lifestyle that involves teachings of varying kinds, including sex as well.

It predominantly emphasizes the growth in one’s life, in their relationships and their sexual expectations and pleasure involved. People who practice tantra are often found to preach and believe more in open relationships and there is valid reasoning behind the same as well.

Some of the primary reasons being:

The primary reason in it is to work over your ego and beliefs and rise to your heart in the process. It helps you grasp a better understanding of what true love actually entails. The love that we feel today is often laced with ego which is definitely not fruitful or good in the long run.

According to the tantric, true love doesn’t have any boundaries and restrictions. It is all about feeling emotions. They believe that true love, be it monogamous or polygamous, doesn’t set boundaries for their partner/s.

This helps in prioritizing happiness which is something that many people have forgotten nowadays. With so much going around and the toppling stress of work, people have become very selfish in the process. The best way to overcome this is what tantra believes by loving people in the way they deserve to be loved. Although, this doesn’t mean that you don’t prioritize yourself and become a martyr in the process. That is not how it works at all.

Tantrics believe that love grows only with your growth. While being completely selfless is not possible, it is important that you let go off of your ego and find ways to explore the truth and complexities that relationships come bearing – be it monogamous or polygamous.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, this is the reason why we feel that Tantra accepts both monogamy and polygamy. The only important thing that you need to remember is your honesty and to be with your light, there’s no need for you to attach yourself on any sides of the coin.

If you think that monogamy is the path for you, then you can freely pick it as your choice. Same with polygamy, if you’re more comfortable with it then you can choose it as your own path for making relationships. No one can decide for you, so it’s your own decision to make and only inner-self has the ability to guide you, that’s the ultimate Tantra.

Tantra Way of Dealing with Multi-Partner Relationships

Multi-Partner Relationships

In today’s world, a lot of men are now considering having a polyamorous lifestyle, which allows them to have the freedom to be with other women and to experience a multi-partner relationship. But since not all women want this kind of lifestyle with their partner, even if they want to make them stop, they are too terrified to address it as they’re too terrified that they might lose their loved one.

Usually, men would be the one to convince his woman to try this kind of lifestyle and the woman would the idea. But if her man is insistent enough, she might just open herself to the idea just to not lose her partner. Thankfully, there is a way so you can educate your partner and yourself to understand this deep desire. Understanding this from a Tantra way and through Tantric perspective could benefit both of you.

Certain Facts About Today’s Polygamy

It is rare for women to agree with a polygamous lifestyle as they are normally interested in love and intimacy. As for men, they’re more interested in playing the field where they can spread their seeds widely. In a relationship, it is important to be always honest with each other as this would help improve your relationship.

In most Neo Tantric and Ista communities today, polygamy is normal, and most women gradually open to the idea of Polygamy without any judgments.

The Only thing is that a man needs to check himself – whether he is a Polyfucker or Polygamer?

Usually, men think that Polygamy allows them to sleep with multiple women. They tend to avoid deep intimacy. More often than not, they have never tried being in love deeply and have never tried lovemaking in a spiritual way. They have not taken the spiritual path. Such kind of a man wants to be with more and more women, only on a physical dimension and a superficial level. In my understanding, this is Polyfucking and it is a disease of the mind, which cannot be satisfied.

In the Tantra way of life, Polygamy is a completely different phenomenon. It is the supreme understanding of love with the actual experience of the deep opening of the heart.

In the path of spirituality and tantra, sometimes it happens that your heart feels such expansion and openness, that you start feeling immense, unadulterated love and care towards everyone. It then becomes very difficult to share that love with just one woman. At this stage, you are becoming the vehicle of existential love. It is then very normal to feel a very deep connection with many different women in many different dimensions and levels. This feeling of love is not goal-oriented. It does not entail the penetration of every second woman you are with. It is more about connection, love, respect, intimacy and gratitude to whole divine feminism. If lovemaking (sex) happens, that’s good.  If not, also it is perfectly good.

Now, you are feeling so deeply satisfied while sharing this love with so many different women and that’s when it truly becomes enough to lead a happy life. That’s the real polygamy. The way Krishna describes it – The Leela… The Play!

Tantra Nectar Training for the couple:-

This is a very beautiful training for couples. It gives you all the answers and experiences which you desire.

In this training, you will join us as a couple who liked to dive very deep in meditation and healing with lots of rituals and Tantra meditations in a group of other couples. Undergoing this practice will fulfil the deepest longing of you as a couple.

If you’re one of the people who are not into polygamy, we’ll offer you a creative method that you and your partner could try which could benefit both of you.

How Can Tantra Meditation Affect a Relationship?

If your partner has no idea about what a deep love feels like, he or she should be lured to Tantra meditation. Once they have tried the spiritual path of the ecstasy of tantra, where love, spirituality, and sex merge, there would be no turning back.

Once a man experiences a full-body orgasmic ecstasy, he would surely recognize his partner as a Goddess, and him as a God. He would also recognize what he has been missing in his life and that the thing that he’s been searching and looking for was just within him all along.

The Tantra Nectar training for couples offers an answer for lovers who are longing to unite their soul and body. It would take some dedication to be able to practice the meditation, but it would surely be worth it once you start seeing how it positively affects your relationship.

Final Thoughts:

And there you have it, rather than stopping your partner from switching into a polyamorous lifestyle, you try to suggest and convince him doing the Tantra training together with you.

If you complete this training with us, then you and your partner can understand the difference between polyfucking and polygamy.

Then you can mutually decide, sit together and do what is beneficial for both of you. Whether is it polygamy or monogamy, you will now be able to make an informed decision and you will choose what is right for you and your partner.

Now, you can see life with more clarity; so whatever the other partner chooses if it’s serving you well and helping you grow bigger and reach higher then you should continue your relationship or you can bid bye to each other with gratitude, blessings and good wishes.

Need of A Soulmate


When is the right time to say that a person is your soulmate? Well, provided that we meet different people every day, recognizing a soulmate becomes harder. But one thing is for sure, once you come across them, you’ll instantly know that they’re your soulmate.

While it’s very common that most of our soulmates will just cross our lives and soon be gone, some are destined to stay with us forever.

Real soulmate do exist and I’d like to categorize them in 7 types:

1) “ME” soulmate

This type of soulmate is like your other self. Both of you like common things and you do them together. This soulmate is on your side through thick and thin and will never leave you just like a best friend.

2) The “PROFESSIONAL” soulmate

This type of soulmate are the teachers of our life. They are in every aspect of our life and they bring great impacts on it. They will show up when we need to learn something. They could be our classmate, colleague, or neighbour that teaches us unique life lessons

3) “Unknown” soulmate

This type of soulmate are the ones you meet in the most unexpected time like when you’re on a bus. You just simply bumped into them and you notice that there is something special about them that you convince you to keep them. The time that you will be spending with them is very short but very heartfelt. You might hear words of wisdom or encouragement that you least expected to come from them.

4) The “ENEMY”

This type of soulmate is meant to bring problems and challenges into your life. They’re like a blessing in disguise where you may not see their purpose at first but once they’re gone, you’ll understand and appreciate why they came into your life.

Basically, they will doubt and put you in a situation where you will question your existence. But that is for you to make some realizations with your life and your decision-making, too. You’ll soon find yourself looking for them once you’re ready to face them but you’ll notice that they’re no longer there.

5) the “HEALER”

This type of soulmate comes into your life for a reason, especially in the most demanding time of your life where you need someone to sympathize with your situation and remain on your side to help you heal. It’s a fast-paced relationship that may not be long-lasting but should be treasured as they extended their hand when you needed them the most.

6) The “BUDDY”

This is the type of soulmate you would like to keep forever. It’s like you perceive and understand things similarly. They can be easily trusted and you can find yourself being comfortable with them at all times because sharing the same thoughts and beliefs.

7) The “TRUE LOVE”

True love soulmate is the combination of all soulmates. They carry several roles in our life. The friendship, the lessons, the problems, the twists, etc. The type of soulmate that will spend the rest of their lives with you.

How to find a soulmate?

First things first, the one responsible for finding your soulmate is not exactly you, it’s your SOUL. The main reason why people have this feeling of longing for a soulmate is that their own SOUL is nowhere to be found. The reality is that only a SOUL can attract another SOUL.

The point here is to become a soul rather than finding a ‘soul’. But how to do that? Well, the only way to do that is to love yourself. You have to accept and love everything about you so that others will do the same, and once you start doing that, you allow yourself to become a soul which will soon attract your soulmate.

How will I know that I am with my soulmate?

Telepathic Resonance

It would seem as if you the two of you have the same mind and you will catch yourselves telling each other “I was just thinking that!” You can read what your partner is telling you just looking into his eyes and you will what is the emotional state that your partner is in.

Both of you are co-creating each other

You will see yourself creating your own world but when you look on the side, you will see your partner. You both consider how the two of you will grow as an individual to complete yourselves which in turn completes all the gap in your relationship.

You see yourself on your partner

Your partner served as a mirror that reflects EVERYTHING you need to put light into, particularly about yourself. You will realize and understand things about you and that is through your partner.

You are more of a ‘sender’ than a ‘receiver’

You always consider the welfare of the people around you. You find yourself as a SOURCE of something (love, money, food, etc.) As a result, you don’t ask for these matters from anyone.

Tantric Love

Both of you will experience lovemaking like never before. The both of you will create a tantric energy that will make you experience everything that life has to offer.

Two as ONE

No matter how big the problems and challenges you are faced, leaving each other will never be an option. You will always find a way to get through that just to make the relationship work.


Each type of soulmate has its own purpose in our life. They might be gone sooner or later or they could also be with us for a lifetime. In the end, what really matters is that we meet them and we learn something from them. They might be gone but never forgotten.

How To Get Full Body Orgasm For Males And Females According To Tantra

Get Full Body Orgasm

It is said that as relationship furthers, it gets boring. That’s why many couples have been involved in many experiments to make their relationship, specifically, sex life, to become interesting and thrilling just like the old days.

Couples have been welcoming and embracing Tantric sex for they believe that it will lead them to have a full-body orgasm.

We have compiled 13 simple steps that urge full body orgasm in both men and women.

  1. The ambience is very important: Wherever you’re planning to do it, make sure that both of you are comfortable. Create a sex-inviting atmosphere by dimming the lights, lighting scented candles, or playing a bit of sensual music. This will release all the tension and pressure within your body. It’s like allowing your body to accept more sexual energy for a full-body orgasm. See to it that you are not interrupted – shut down your phones, lock the door if needed, and put your pets out, should they intrude.
  2. Foreplay: Massage is one great example of foreplay. This will make you and your partner familiarize your bodies. You can also ask your partner what they want you to do and vice versa. While you build up the mood, you also discover stuff that will be very useful in the future.
  3. Master breathing techniques: What people normally do is that they hold their breath when they’re about to climax, but when you master inhaling and exhaling as you go, you welcome deeper sensations you haven’t had before. The art of inhaling and exhaling not only relaxes your muscle but also relieves tension and strain. This also means more oxygen in your bloodstream. It is also a good idea to consciously breathe with your partner together and in sync. This will not only boost your orgasm but could also make you and your partner feel more connected.
  4. Eye contact: Being connected with your partner is what propels an orgasm. Let them see and feel how you enjoy the moment through eye contact. Let your eyes speak for the words your mouth can’t express.
  5. Use all your senses: Eye contact is indeed important but so is smell, taste, and sound. Explore your partner using your senses. Using and giving it all increase chances of full-body orgasm.
  6. The more noise, the better: This technique must be taken into consideration. Screaming, shouting and growling actually increases your sexual energy. High sexual energy means higher chances of full-body orgasm.
  7. Yab Yum pose: This is a very traditional Tantric pose where the male sits down cross-legged, while the female sits on his lap facing him while embracing each other and sharing each other’s breath (remember to brush your teeth and use a mouthwash to not kill the mood)
  8. Control: This one is a bit hard because you need to control yourself when you feel like you’re coming. It requires a lot of focus and concentration to apply this but when you master it, chances are getting more endurance in bed and more powerful orgasm.
  9. Condition your PC muscles through Kegel exercises: The pubococcygeal (PC) muscles can be found from your tailbone to your pubic bone. These muscles are called the ‘ultimate’ sex muscles and are the muscles used when you attempt to halt the course of your urine. Learning how to properly condition your PC muscles through Kegel exercises can help you to delay or even stop ejaculation while sex is constantly ongoing.
  10. Pranayama, Yoga, and Mahabanda: It is predominantly necessary to practice Pranayama, Yoga and the most important is Maha Banda if one wants and wishes to achieve newfound heights and results in their lives. Much like the overall prospect of being charged with the sexual energy to be able to attain the pleasure from an orgasm, it is necessary to ensure that your physical and spiritual well being aligns well. The combination of Pranayama, yoga and maha bandha practising helps bring peace and tranquillity to one’s mind and body. Not just that, it also helps in boosting the accessory body functions to ensure that you are feeling well and good with one’s life. They tame the mind and even flush out the harmful toxins out of the body and mind, thus helping achieve better results in the process.
  11. Give importance to the ‘sacred spot’: Grafenberg Spot (G-spot) or most commonly known as the ‘sacred spot’ in Tantra is one of the erogenous zones of a woman that can be found about 1-3 inches inside her vaginal opening situated on the upper wall of her vagina.Stimulate your lover by slipping your middle finger into her vagina and gently brush your fingertip around her upper vaginal wall.
  12. Practice clitoral stimulation: Oftentimes, the folds of skin around the vagina (labia) and clitoris must be stimulated enough in order to achieve orgasm. The key to this sexual ecstasy is to do it gently and teach your hand the virtue of patience. If possible, utter sounds and upbringing words to make it more enticing.
  13. Relax while you put it all together: Men need to practice how to relax particularly in times of high states of arousal. If you feel like you are about to ejaculate, stop for the meantime and take deep breathes until you feel the excitement subside. Slowly thrust again and let the arousal to develop progressively.

Tantric sex, when done correctly, can bring so much sensation and satisfaction in both male and female.

Tantra does not revolve around just sex or how can a man delay his ejaculation.  Tantra is all about living this life to its full potential. A man must accept the first Chakra i.e. “the sex chakra” and also simultaneously live through the journey of seven chakras, and strive to reach the ultimate super-consciousness.

The bottom line is that Tantra is all about loving yourself and naturally letting that love to flow into your relationship so in my understanding. Tantra is an art of turninga couple into a soul mate.

How To Get A Full Body Orgasm By Taoist Tantra Practices

Taoist Tantra Practices

You may be too shy to question the accuracy of the title above. But for your general knowledge please understand that a full body orgasm is possible. Orgasms are essential for the mind, body, spirit, and energy. However, people prefer to talk less about this topic. Orgasms matter, which is why we will tell you everything about how to get a full-body orgasm according to Taoist Tantra Practices.

What is Full Body Orgasm? Is it Possible?

According to many Taoist Tantra Practitioners, and also in my personal experience, a full body orgasm includes having goosebumps all over the body. The feeling of great energy inside that is too intense to be contained. A Person can feel a great bout and boost of energy and vibrations throughout the body. Often, the joy and satisfaction are so much that intense belly laughter is busted out.

In a full-body orgasm, a person might experience intense sweating. It is like a hundred percent of their sweat glands are open for a few minutes. Involuntary tremors, exceptional breathing with an overpowering sound just like an animal is also included as part of this pleasurable experience.

Yes, a full body orgasm is possible! It isn’t just a myth!

Let me share my personal experience of a full-body orgasm with you.

During lovemaking, I often reach a point when the waves of energy start to travel in my whole body and I completely lose my senses. Yes, it was indeed a full body orgasm. Yet, I was fully aware. I could feel so much heat inside my body and head. I very vividly remember the feeling of the kundalini awakening the energy from my sacrum to spine and from the spine to head. I was feeling immense pleasure and joy and trust me, belly laughter just got busted! Universal love surrounded me! Everything was pure.

I could experience this due to the deep meditation techniques learnt from the Indian Tantra Meditations and with the help of Taoist practices.

And, now every lovemaking experience is an opening of a new door of full body orgasm.

So what are the Taoist practices that can help full body orgasm?

  • The Sexual Kung Fu

One of the practices is the retention of sperm as it will not just improve your sexual pleasure and performance, but it is necessary to conserve energy.

It’s true that this Tantra practice is one of the hardest to do, but without a doubt, it’s one of those who has a tremendous impact not only to your sexual life but to your health as well. The main goal of this Tantra practice is to preserve and convert sexual energy into an energy that is sufficient and effective especially during sex (converting Jing into Chi). This is only possible if the desire is wholeheartedly purified and the sexual essence is mystically channelled.

While one of the Taoist advocacies is for men not to ejaculate, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of their sex life. As a matter of fact, this advocacy helps in enhancing their sex life. One of the things that men are doing wrong is to have sex, ejaculate, and that’s it. Well, Taoism believes that it’s not like that and it shouldn’t be like that at all. According to Taoist masters, men can become multi-orgasmic which in turn become both beneficial for men and their partner.

  • Practice having a pure mind

According to Taoist masters, both men and women should do lovemaking with an ‘empty’ mind as it’s the purest state of the mind and just open up to sexuality. This practice might still be unclear to you but it’s basically about stopping in a certain way of thinking – conceptual, verbal, or rational as they will immediately put a definite label on the lovemaking. Instead, practice it with an empty mind and just let your bodies go with the flow, this way you won’t have to be conscious about how you will react in a certain situation, let your body speaks for the things your mouth wants to utter. Do not evaluate the situation, rather, fully experience it. This is one core of Tantric tradition and if done correctly, it can get not just you or your partner but both of you to experience a full-body orgasm.

  • Women should practice giving themselves to their lovers

This is not just about giving your whole self to the man of your life, it should be in such a way that is loving and you’re conscious about it.

  • Control of ejaculation in men

Taoist have prescribed 2 techniques to control ejaculation to achieve a longer time period in bed: “coitus conservatus” and “coitus thesauratus” (which are coined by Joseph Needham) also known as “The Million Dollar Point”

There is an old story about a millionaire.  He visited an old shrine and sought help from the monks. He wanted to know how one can have a long life span through practising Qi Gong. After spending a considerable amount of time, he acquired knowledge of how one can preserve health by practicing and using ‘Hui Yin’. When he was bidding goodbye, he donated a million dollars to this temple and ever since, Hui Yin has been known as the Million-Dollar Point.

“coitus conservatus” is when a man will immediately pull out his thing when he feels like he’s about to ejaculate or just before ejaculation.

“coitus thesauratus” is a technique in which a man applies pressure on the perineum. This leads to a reversal of ejaculation into the bladder thereby delaying the very ejaculation which usually marks an end of a lovemaking session. Taoists believe that the jing will travel up into the head and will “nourish the brain” by doing this technique. Some scholars call it “The Million Dollar Point” (MDP)

How to find this MDP? 

It is located between the anus and the external genitalia of the body. It is called ‘perineum’ in English. You can find this point by means of standing with your legs apart and put your fingers between your anus and, move your fingers until you feel a cord-like tube. This is the tube carrying the semen until ejaculation. You must securely push it in an upward motion to delay ejaculation.

Benefits of Taoist Tantra Practice for Man and woman

  • Help nourish vitality, improve life span and has anti-ageing essentials
  • Help keep the body upright and correct the posture.
  • Helps prevent and treat urinary and faecal incontinence.
  • Helps prevent and treat vaginal diseases and make the vagina tight.
  • Helps prevent and treat hyperostosis.
  • Helps prevent and treat prostatitis and problems like erectile dysfunction.
  • Helps prevent and treat the diseases of the colon and anus.
  • Helps improve sexual life.
  • Helps strengthen the deep muscles of the bottom and the preaxial thigh.
  • Helps to get full and multi-level orgasm

Master these things and the pleasure of full body orgasm will get your lovemaking intensified. Achieve it, enjoy it, and get your partner satisfied.

Tantric Tips: Spice Up Your Relationship Once Again with Tantra

Tantric Tips: Spice Up Your Relationship

As we grow older with our long-time partner, the more we spend our time with them, the more your sexual life becomes dull in the bedroom. However, you shouldn’t lose hope about this as there are a lot of things that both of you could try to spice up your sex life. One of the things that could help improve your relationship would be Tantric sex.

When translated from Sanskrit, it would mean “woven together”. Tantric includes certain practices in the bedroom, which could rekindle the fire on every nerve and leads to a deeper level of intimacy between the two lovers. In this blog, we’ll give you some Tantric tips to help spice up your sex life with your partner.

Prepare for the Practice

In Tantra, you’re not going to have raw and rapid sex with your partner. Instead, you would be making love with your partner and you should prepare for it. You should start by preparing the space for love-making that is filled with things to warm up your senses. Dim lighting, soft fabrics, the scent from incense, flowers, or scented candles are just one of the things you’ll need to create the perfect atmosphere.

Before doing the tantric act, the couples should also prepare their selves by having a relaxing hot bath and by shaking off the tension. Shake your body from head to toe after the bath to remove excess tension, your whole body would then become more sensitive.

Sharing Breath

The key to having a successful Tantric activity will lie to your breath. Some couples who have been into Tantric for a long time can purely orgasm through breathing, for those who are new to the practice will have to go for a long way to reach this level of skill. It’s never too late for anyone to practice.

It is best to start the tantric session by sharing breath with one another. Sit in front of your partner and try to be in the breath zone by breathing slowly. As you both synchronize your breathing, rock your body forward when you inhale, and then back when you exhale to push and pull your energies.

You would then feel the connection between the two of you, while the sexual sensation rises as you rock back and forth within the energy field.

Trigger Your Kundalini

Kundalini is a form of sexual energy that rests within your body and coiled like a serpent. To trigger or awaken this energy, you’ll have to massage yourself and try to think of your carnal desires. However, couples can also awaken it by letting to other sit close behind the back of the other, where the chest rests at the back. Decide with your partner to know who sits at the back.

To stimulate both of your kundalini’s for love-making, the one at the back should start massaging their partner’s body by massaging from the chest area up to the groin.

Unite Your Energies

While tantric have a lot of various positions, the easiest position for the beginners to try would be the Maithuna, which aligns the chakra energy of both couples. The position consists of the female sitting on the lap of the male and facing each other. By swaying together back and forth, the man will penetrate the woman and both of you would lock thighs.

As you both sway together, the man should place his hands between his partner’s shoulder blades and the other supports the buttocks. As for the woman, the left hand should be placed between his shoulder blades, while the right hand is on the sacrum. This will complete the alignment of the chakra energies.

And while the both of your gazes into each other’s eyes, continue the act by kissing and breathing on each other while swaying back and forth.

Tantric touch or Caressing:

To add spice in your love life or sex life, it’s very important to be playful and explore each other, this allows you to reveal and understand the different dimensions of being with each other and the finer nitty-gritty of your partner’s nature.

And touch is the most important part of it.

So, for this practice, the first receiving partner must lie down and the giving partner should start touching the receiving partner only using the tip of the finger and that too very gently and lovingly. The giving partner should touch the whole body by first starting from the head and reaching till the toe; on both – the front side and backside.

Continue this caressing and touching for a period of 20 minutes. After that, it is time to switch roles.

The receiving partner becomes the giving partner and vice versa.

This practice will increase the sensitivity in couples and increase the longing and desire to make love. Most importantly, it gives more knowledge and understanding about the bodies of each other so that both partners can enjoy and understand the playfulness of lovemaking and also the pleasure points of each other.

Personally, this practice is my favourite. I love to do it before making love and I can say from my experience that it will change the quality of lovemaking.


If you and your partner have been feeling that the excitement has gone down in the room, you should both try something different like trying the Tantric path. Connect and resonate with your partner once again as you continuously practice Tantric. In order for both of you to do the other positions of tantric, you should just keep practising until both of preforms the act perfectly.