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Mystic Healing


Mystic Healing is the channeling of and passage of the Spiritual Light. It is a method wherein pure love flows, rendering great nourishment at all levels of one’s existence. With it, a sufficient space opens up where recipients can obtain higher levels of awareness and practice profound states of contemplation, inner peace and happiness. Mystic Healing Touch is a strong guide that is suitable for all regardless of their knowledge of the spiritual world. It promotes the appreciation of the greatest gift that life has given us – a sense of closeness with oneself and a belief that all the tremendous resources exist within us.

Mystic Healing

We are often tormented by a variety of big and small difficulties, but with the right guidance of Mystic Healing, we can slowly but surely find our way back home to our self and free ourselves from all kinds of fears, anxiety, pain and wretchedness. Through this, we can begin to enter a state of satisfaction, prosperity, happiness, self-control and can experience pure bliss.

Spiritual Healing Touch Practice

Mystic Healing Touch is a system through which one may discern and begin to learn how the doors of opportunities magically and effortlessly open when one knocks. Undertaking Mystic Healing requires carrying out a productive spiritual practice. We need to learn how to differentiate between fruitful and refined practices from the ones which do not bear any fruit. An effective spiritual practice is one wherein a huge emotional shift may be achieved over time. A non-fruitful method is one which does not bear us any meaningful internal changes despite of our efforts.


The proximity to a Spiritual Power which has determined to act upon the cognisance of the person who is carrying out the practices, makes it profitable. Glorifying, refining and transforming their mindfulness and taking it to higher vibrational levels. Only when this Power acts upon the person’s consciousness are we able to move contentedly along the inner path. This leads to greater liberty, and steadily to the greatest level of consciousness: The Self.

Happy and Positive

Whoever undergoes a useful spiritual practice finds themselves happy and positive. Every day the thoughts and goals of their consciousness are augmented and this turns into a higher level of self-control, lesser distress and a higher essence of life. A conducive practice regularly, decreases a load of negative sentiments within one’s self. It provides a consistent increase in tranquility and emotional freedom. It is a strong medium through which one can implement a firm and a secure path towards merging with oneself.


Being aware in life is not about being obsessed with yourself or being selfish, it is about observing your actions and paying close attention to them. Most of us have pre-conceived notions about self-awareness that are absolutely incorrect and misleading.

Build Self-Awareness

Self-awareness helps you achieve a state of mind where you can improve your personality and the various emotions you feel. It gives you the power to control your mind and body the way you want to. It is one of the greatest skills to obtain in life as it enables you to learn about yourself.

Awareness is all about paying attention. The details and observations that you make are a part of your perception of the world. It has been instilled in your consciousness and, you are actively processing different aspects of your surroundings.


Awareness is crucial as it helps you to observe certain things that you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

Maybe a dog dressed like a princess or some man dressed as a clown, either of these things will catch your attention at least for a second. We observe more than we realise and ignorance is only blissful when you are surrounded by strangers whom you do not have any connection with whatsoever.

Focus yourself is Important

Self-awareness is just like that but, instead of focusing on the surrounding and the rest of the world, you focus on yourself. You are getting aware of yourself.  Now, this is vital and more like an additional trait for a person to have.

It’s your skill to observe your emotions, your physical sentiments, your reactions, your manners, your actions, and your beliefs. You are conscious of all those diverse perspectives of yourself as if you were another person inspecting you.

Honest with Yourself

Another way to think of it is paying heed to your intuition, also known as a hunch or gut feeling. It is about being honest with yourself. We all have a self-image of how we want others to distinguish us. You might see yourself as punctual, but in reality, you are usually late to meetings.

Self-awareness is about concentrating on the truth of your presence and not on the story you tell yourself about yourself. Many of the people talk about feeling “stuck” in their lives.

On the outside of their lives, everything seems fine. In fact, they were able to overlook and even suppress this feeling because they didn’t have the self-awareness to examine it. Has this ever occurred to you?

Lack of Self-awareness

Some feel a tangible feeling in the pit of their stomach or tingling in their chest. Others feel more distracted and panicked.

They also feel unsatisfied or miserable. They cannot associate any direct cause to it. Those who examine the cause of these unexplained emotions and sentiments are those that begin an extensive study of self-awareness.

Concentrate your Action

They began witnessing even more subtle feelings and the nuanced elements of their actions. They gave their emotions a voice and silenced the monkey chatter of their conscious logic.

Those who choose not to investigate these sentiments, frequently felt more concerned.

I strongly urge you to stop neglecting those feelings because they’ll never absolutely go away. Rather, start exploring them through an application of self-awareness.

At the very least you will discover more about yourself and how you can exist in a close alliance with who you really are.

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