Awaken Your Inner Tantric Lover

Tantric Lover

All people are born as tantric lovers because we are all divine and have a loving pure presence. A lot of people often misunderstood the true meaning of tantra, many think that it is all about lovemaking. Yes, sexuality is also a part of tantra, but it’s more than just that.

It combines sexuality and spirituality as a platform and living in a tantric life can unveil gateways to integrating and balancing our feminine and masculine energies, which is to help make us feel whole again. But how does one become a tantric lover? Below are several tips on how you can infuse the sacred in the and awaken your inner tantric lover :

  1. Consider Lovemaking as a Sacred Ritual

Switch your view of “sex” into “lovemaking and merging with the divine.” Transform your bedroom as your sacred space, along with things that are special to you both. When it comes to lovemaking, light some candles or burn some incense to create a nurturing and sensual place for you and your partner.

  1. Meditate Before Lovemaking

Before you and your partner engage in lovemaking, both of you should take time to sit in meditation while facing each other. Imagine that there are energies forming around each of you, as well as around your bodies. This way, you and your partner could muster up the concentration and energy to perform a diving act of lovemaking.

  1. Commit to the Presence

When meditating in tantra practices, both of you should commit to being 100% present with each other to be completely true with your vulnerability, feeling, and honesty. This way, you and your partner would have a deeper understanding of one another. Do not be afraid of opening up yourself to your partner, so be honest with what you are truly feeling.

  1. Perform a Tantric Massage on Your Partner

Among the list of tantra practices, a tantra massage is also one of them. Take time to worship and massage each other’s bodies with full awareness and presence. In the beginning, use slow, deep, and mindful massages to increase your feeling of sensations.Both of you can also practice a tantra technique of lingham and yoni worshipby worshipping one another’s genitals.

  1. Ditch End Goals in Mind

The goal to have perfect sacred lovemaking is by never having a set of goal in mind. Having goal-oriented sex in order to reach the peak of orgasm, will only leave you and your partner feeling disconnected and disappointed from each other. This is similar when you have high expectations in life, but often miss what’s real and just in front of you.


Rather than just reaching a climax during lovemaking, both of you should commit in deepening your love with the help of Tantra practices. If you feel like your sexual life is ending, aside from practicing tantra as a couple, you can also do it alone with tantra masturbation.

Knowing and understanding yourself more can make a mental shift in you, which allows you to perform a natural, intense, and unexpected climax. This way you, as an individual or with a partner, could have a deeper bond physically, emotionally, and physically.

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