Believe In Yourself – Let The Power Of Tantra Speak

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought, far away, from where you should be – whether in conversation, during a class or meeting, or even in traffic? Or that you finished lunch and didn’t even pay attention to what you were eating? Are you doing things “on automatic”? This is quite common.

Our mind is always moving, going to the past or future, constantly busy with our anxieties, dreams, and worries; Itis an organ that we can’t control.

Everything that we practice daily,  creates a vicious circle. Every second, we get millions of stimuli from TV, the internet, social networks, news, friends, and so on. Our mind is constantly exposed to times of stress, anxiety and the difficulties that arise all the time. And when communication between body and mind is interrupted, we begin to live at random.

You may not have tried tantric meditation yet since it may look too tough to practice. However, once you start practicing,  you’ll realize that these are very simple techniques. You just need to set aside time for yourself and keep a frequency.  Tantric meditation is one of the most effective ways to bring your mind to light and focus only on your breath, body, and feelings. It is the way to transform a tired and agitated mind into a calm and focused mind.

In tantric meditation, our mind travels through different phases and we experience that in our body as well.

If we are talking about the word “Tantra”, sometimes those images of erotic positions flash in front of our eyes. This weird belief has possibly aroused in the 90s, with the musician’s sting that swaggered about a long 7 hours session of Tantric sex. Indeed, a tantra practice sometimes includes sex, but it is not at all sex centered.  It is much deeper than that…it’s the process of reviving your soul that allows you to achieve the power of  ‘Gyan’. It helps to bring clarity, and confidence to your thought process.

We all are familiar with ‘Yoga’ these days and Tantra is simply carries its origin. This art of rejuvenating the body and mind believes in the principle of ‘Shakti’…the power.

As per Rod Stryker, the chairperson of ParaYoga, United States, our body has all the energies of the universe and we can arouse them by practicing different techniques of Tantra. It includes Asanas, Mantras( sound that is a combination of power words that protects our mind), and Mudras (expression performed by hand relates the heart).

It also contains acts like Bandha ( Locking body in different locations including chin, perineum, and abdomen), Chakras (prime 7 energies that are there in our body).  Practicing them helps to understand our power and energy that we all have hidden in our bodies. Tantra is simply about exploring the level of inner energy that we forget to utilize in our day-to-day life. If we practice Tantric meditation, even the art of sexuality gives us more pleasure and we feel fuller. We can also notice a significant improvement in our includes the level of earning as well.

Why Do We Need To Practice Tantric Meditation?

Most of us face stressful times, challenges daily.  These make us tremendously tired…both physically and mentally. Life demands a great deal from us, and the world around us is in constant turmoil and change. With that, we end up losing touch with ourselves, forgetting what matters and continue to run after things. We fail to feel the essence of evolving time…distinguishing mornings and evenings. We let the lifestyle move us in the way it wants us to be, and the rush of everyday life becomes the controller of our mind – already prone to scattering – into constant activity.

Besides, the mind is always in a state of attention…it can’t rest enough. It is impossible to take a break and enjoy a leisurely, stress-free day. As the mind continues to plan for tomorrow and remains anxious about what will happen, we lose the joys of the present moment and the experiences it brings.

The various stimuli that affect us during the day don’t allow us to understand how we are feeling, and we end up making meaningless actions and decisions. We do our daily tasks without realizing it because we are lost between yesterday and tomorrow. Most of the time, we spend our meals flying in thoughts, without even tasting the food. We forget to enjoy the little daily happiness, such as water falling during the shower, or when we drink freshwater, or when we stop to listen to someone we love. This is because we are unable to pay attention to their feelings and words. Because sometimes the mind is so busy that it lets the present moment pass.

So, Should we stop thinking about everything? Of course not! It is essential to make plans and choosing priorities to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  This is how we fulfill our duties of becoming a responsible citizen. But when we get lost in thoughts that do us no good, we also lose the connection between our body and mind, and therefore we lose the connection with the moment and the happiness it can bring.

Try to remember how many of your daily thoughts are helpful. How many of them bring you answers? Or do you end up in a whirlwind every time? This is when it is important to take the help of  Tantric meditation. With this,  you can calm your mind, listen to your subconscious and truly perceive your inner self.

What is Tantric Meditation?

  • It is paying attention to the moment.
  • It is getting to know your body, thoughts, and sensations.
  • It is getting to know yourself.
  • It is to observe without being judgmental.
  • It is a conscious structure of thoughts and observations.
  • It is the meeting point between body and soul.


  • Tantra is not a religion.
  • It is not the absence of thoughts.
  • It is not the absence of actions.
  • It is not an exhaust valve.
  • It is not just a remedy for stress and anxiety.
  • It is not difficult.

What should you focus on when you start with Tantric meditation?

In tantra, it all starts with your will and intention. That is enough to create new habits and make room for a calmer mind that will not be lost in the confusion of thoughts.

·       Take your time:

The most important thing for practicing tantric meditation is to set the right time for it. You don’t need special clothing or equipment, or a specific place to practice.

·       Prepare the mind:

The goal of tantric meditation is not to make the mind silent, but to reveal the subconscious by allowing the circulation of thoughts. This helps you to become aware of your body, sensations and the environment around you. So,  it is necessary to prepare the mind for 10 minutes of meditation.

·       Don’t Be Judgemental

As you begin your practice, put your judgments aside and indulge in this new experience. Instead of thinking positively or negatively about the practice, just focus on realizing what is happening.

·       Have self-pity

Don’t be nervous or angry with yourself during practice. Just watch yourself, without judgment, but with love. Remember that this is a special experience for you, and only you matter.

While Practicing Tantric Meditation:

  • Find a nice and quiet place where you can sit comfortably and peacefully.
  • It is important to avoid napping during practice.
  • As you begin to relax, be aware that this time is reserved for yourself only.
  • Close your eyes and start focusing only on your breathing. Let your mind follow the inhalation and exhalationmovements. Notice the process in which air fills your lungs and you throw them out slowly. Keep attention only on your breathing.
  • Notice the thoughts that come and go. Just watch where your mind goes. Imagine that you’re looking at yourself from above, and follow your thoughts one by one.
  • During practice, your mind may wander from time to time, and this is expected. When you realize this is happening, just turn your attention to practice.
  • Continue to focus on your breaths and perceive your thoughts for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Every day can be a different experience, and sometimes it will be very difficult to calm the mind. You may get lost in thoughts, but don’t think about giving up. Tantric meditation is a process, and you are just beginning to develop your capabilities. The most important thing is to calm the mind by paying attention to your thoughts and breathing. That alone is enough to calm your body and mind.
  • Last but not least, set aside 10 minutes daily for yourself. Practicing tantric meditation every day, always at the same time, will help you to build up a good habit.

Practicing morning meditation will help you start your day better. Moreover, you can use the techniques you learned at any time you need them.

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