Bio-Dynamic Breath and Trauma Release Work:

Biodynamic Breath

The bio-dynamic breath and trauma release work is a brand-new approach to stress release. It is considered to be one of the most profound techniques of all time because it integrates deep connected breathing methods.

This technique primarily focuses on the body movements and the respiratory meditation techniques. It is a skilfully mixed technique that clears a long-held trauma from the body and mind.

The primary concentration in this method is on your breathing methods and how the different patterns affect the various energy levels inside your mind and body. It is used as a healing tool to balance the blood and hormonal levels in our body. The bio-dynamic breath work mostly focuses on how stress and tension are generated and distributed inside the body.

Particular meditation and breathing techniques are carried out which support progressing or deteriorating levels of oxygen in our body to achieve the desired result.

These techniques result in syncing of the emotional and the physical aspects of our body which in turn lets you use breath as the primary factor.

Bio-dynamic breathing and trauma release techniques support factors like such as touch, sound, conscious emotional expression, and meditation to support trauma release and healing on the physical level. Biodynamic Breathwork eliminates trauma by releasing core tension and encouraging people to have a more realistic and natural approach to eradicate stress.

Somatic Experiencing for Trauma release:

The Somatic experience technique is primarily used to release stress disorders and trauma from the body. It has proven to be an effective method for mental and physical trauma, addiction treatment and more importantly PTSD.It works on the principle of self-protective motor responses which in turn results in the release of the thwarted energy in the body thus approaching the motive of trauma in a human being.

Warm-water breathwork:

The different techniques of breathwork concentrate on the various aspects of the body. The warm-water breathwork technique, however, focuses on the birth traumas as well as freeing the problems associated with your primal thoughts about life.They are said to be one of the most potent forms of breathwork techniques and have been proven to be very useful. These sessions usually take up to 3-4 hours. The warm-water breathwork connects your subconscious with your body and releases the memory of your physical and mental being. The effects of reaching your original nature in this way are both intense and memorable.

What to expect with Bio-dynamic breath and trauma release?

One can experience new life energy and feel livelier and more active after putting this technique into practice. It concentrates on deep-healing, divination, and development of a person’s mind and soul.  Also, if practiced with proper knowledge and guidance it can cure long unresolved traumas thus promoting overall healing of our physical body and psyche. It can also eliminate the life-threatening diseases if performed accurately.  Informed use of breathing exercises can help individuals to live with vitality and happy health.

Not only does this technique empowers the body and soul but also activates the energy levels inside your body resulting in more stress releases. It teaches to connect with yourself on an intimate level and to experience the gift of life with every moment.

The technique encourages you to be able to feel your emotions without feeling ashamed and to embrace your vulnerability. It will leave you with the capability to relate with yourself and others closely. So, you can feel a spectrum of emotions and sentiments and be able to celebrate life to the fullest.

The bio-dynamic breath and trauma release technique helps you to open up to new possibilities and ideologies. It transforms your ability to learn new things in life and embrace them fully while restructuring your body at a cellular level and releasing the tension and stress. It is a movement that is carried out step by step and with immense compassion and awareness towards oneself.  One should let go of a negative self-image, chronic tension, and physical pain. Thus, accepting your one true self and welcoming emotional freedom…

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