Caressing Meditation

Caressing Meditation

Love and Meditation

Shiva symbolizes love. It is when we feel the love that we become truly relaxed. One who cannot love is also one who cannot relax. Relaxation changes your life to loving life. Love is devoid of purpose and objective. A man who is feeling overtaxed is not someone who can love. Such a man has a goal to live for. Love is not a goal. It is something to be, not something that can be obtained. One who has a shrewd mind can never find love.

In its nature love is very close to meditation. Just like in meditation what matters is the now, the present moment, so also in love. Love cares not for the future or any worry about how big or small it is and how it compares to love for other things and people. It exists by itself completely pure and a silent witness.

Shiva says “While being caressed, Sweet Princess, enter the caress as everlasting life.” It has several meanings. When you are in the process of giving and receiving love the past has ceased and the future is yet to happen. All that remains is the “now.” Someone in love cannot see past “now” and that makes them seem strange to others but actually they are not strange they are drunk on the nectar of love and care not for the vague promises that future brings. The “now” is a glimpse into everlasting life with neither regrets about the past nor worry about the future.

How to practice Caressing Meditation

This method uses the sense of touch and the pleasure that accompanies it to enter into a state of blissfulness. It is important while doing this meditation that only one hand be used. Using two hands causes sensory overload for the receiver and is too much to bear.

  • Set up a space for meditation. That is a sacred place. It must be someplace where you will be undisturbed for about an hour. Put a soft mattress on the floor, light some incense sticks and some candles. Let space be bathed in soft light. This space must be warm and embracing because both of you will be naked here.
  • Of both of you, one will have to be the giver and one the receiver
  • The receiver would have to lie down prone on the ground.
  • The giver would caress them over their entire body and at times chant the sutra into their ear
  • Caress using one hand only. Stroke the skin slowly and cover the entire body. Do not move too suddenly from one part of the body to another. The massage must be sublime and gentle as the breeze. It must flow continuously from strokes of the palm slowly covering the whole body in caresses.
  • It has to be understood that caress is not a massage. It heals through love. It heals through vibrations.
  • Once the entire back has been caressed ask the receiver to face up so that the same can be done to the front. Do it for about 10 minutes on each side.
  • When one has completed exchange places and do it all over again.

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