Chakra Dance Meditation for Males

Chakra Dance Meditation for Males

The chakra system’s role is to help practitioners regulate their human energy field, this is commonly known as our aura. It is a dynamic energetic matrix that includes the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of our whole being. Everyone has seven major chakras, and each of these energies influences a certain aspect of our lives.

It affects our sexuality, personal power, instincts to how we love, uses our intuition, communicates with each other, and connects to our spirituality deeply. Chakra dance is our form of nourishment for our soul and true self. In this article, males will learn how to discover the energy and power that resides within your through chakra dance.


How Hard Is It to Perform Chakra Dance?

Chakra dance is not hard at all as it doesn’t have any specific dance moves, you’ll just have to dance in random free-flowing movements with the sound’s frequencies. And then, you would free the energy the resides within your body and opens you to experience life deeply. Discovering the energy and power inside of you would make you feel like coming home.

Performing Chakra Dance Meditation for Males

In a dimly lit room, you move your body to the music you’re playing to resonate with the vibrations of your seven chakras. You’ll mostly dance with your eyes closed and focus your attention inwards. Unlike most dance practices, chakra dance is all about making a connection with your inner self, which is a world of feelings, senses, imagination, and intuition.

Performing chakra dance is like experiencing a waking dream. Once you are into the activity, some of the forgotten parts of yourself would rise and releases the memories that were stored in your muscles. Your pains and aches would reveal the stories and your fears that were hidden would unmask their selves.

These experiences could be really personal and would reflect your own history and nature, but at the same time, you’ll tap into the depths and collective heights of human experience. Chakra dance is more than just a practice that opens and improve your chakra energies, but it is also a dance for self-discovery and healing.

Each dance that you perform would rise to different feelings and insights, which can be essential to tantra practices. The dance will also allow you to use the creation of mandala art as a way of connecting your experiences, and then back into the world of consciousness.

Each dance step could lead you closer to the real person that you’re meant to be.

So in simple words, it is dance with no pre decided or set choreography. Feel each chakra and take a physical jump and start dancing to merriment; in your dance try to express this chakra through movements and pure, undiluted, raw emotions. 

Final Thoughts

You should come and look deeper into chakra dance to discover each part of you, which could transform and make you a better person. In addition, chakra dance is also a great way of introducing you to tantra practices as chakra is a big part of Tantra.

Chakra dance is a one-hour activity that celebrates your life energy while it opens your seven major chakras, the chakras include Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra, Throat Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra.

In my personal experience, I like this mediation practice a lot. Whenever I find some peaceful time, I play music through my iTunes library and I simply start dancing. I have selected some nice songs and created a playlist for each chakra spanning at least 10 minutes. While selecting music, you need to feel the track and actually enjoy it. Remember, for the seventh chakra you can actually sit down or lie down. That’s how I like to practice this super-duper method of Chakra Dance mediation and this is what I would love to recommend to everyone.

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