Chakra Loop Meditation and Its Benefits

Chakra Loop Meditation

Most people who practice chakra meditations are those who want to take a break from stress, work, problems, and other issues that could bring a toll on their lives. The reason why a lot of people consider enrolling in a chakra meditation class is that the practice can make you become more you. In this article, we’ll learn more about chakra loop meditation and how it can affect our daily lives.

What is Chakra Loop Meditation?

Chakra loop meditation is a type of powerful practice that helps release the blocked energy, which is by looping your rapid breath through your chakras. By using your body movement and breathing, you could push the energy in and through your chakras, which activates and allows your pent-up emotions to be released. Once you get to experience this feeling, it could surprise you as well as exhilarate and make you free.

To activate, connect, and make you aware of chakra energy, you’ll have to do some breathing exercises which you’ll have to do for one hour in two stages. Chakra loop meditation is similar to chakra breathing meditation, but the process is much broader, and the energy connects and brings harmony to all the seven main chakras.

How to Do the Chakra Loop Meditation?

The breathing method, i.e. stage 1, could last around 60 minutes. After the breathing method, you’ll have to stay still for about 15 minutes. Why? Continue reading down below to know more.

Stage 1: Breathing Method

To start the practice, get up on your feet and spread your legs shoulder-wide. Once you got that position right, start breathing deeply on your mouth without pausing through your chakras. If you find it hard visualizing yourself in breathing through your chakra, you can bring your attention to the body area that corresponds to the chakras.

Here’s the phase of the breathing cycle:

  1. At the first chakra, breathe-in and out.
  2. For the next chakra, breath-in on the first chakra, and then breath-out on the second.
  3. On the third step, breath-in on the first chakra and then breathe-out on the third chakra. This way, you’ll make a big loop by connecting your non-adjacent chakras.
  4. Next, go to the next chakra and then breath-in. For example, breath-in on the second chakra and then breath-out on the third to make a small loop to connect adjacent chakras.
  5. Repeat the 3 and 4 steps until you reach the last combos, which are the 6 and 7 chakras.
  6. At the end of the breathing session, breath-in on the first chakra and then breath-out on the seventh along with your whole body. This way, you can connect all the seven main chakras in your body.

Repeat this loop meditation for three times with a soothing audio track.

Stage 2: Be Still

After the breathing session, sit and stay still or lie down for about 15 minutes. Close your eyes, remain quiet and watch all the things that are going on inside of you.

How Can it Benefit You?

Aside from connecting all the chakras in your body and gaining complete calmness and relaxation, there are other things that you can achieve by initiating the meditating practice. Here’s what you can earn by performing chakra loop meditation:

  • You’ll be more compassionate to all the things around you.
  • You’ll develop great willpower.
  • You’ll love life more.
  • You can make all the negative thoughts into positive.
  • Increases your ability to heal yourself.
  • Increases self-worth.
  • You’ll accept yourself more.
  • No more second-thoughts, you’ll have the strength to go after what you want.
  • You’ll become more intuitive
  • A clear and focused mind
  • Eases your anxiety


In today’s era, a lot of people are looking for alternative ways to keep their selves sane from problems, stress, and other things that could make them give up life. With chakra meditation, not only would it help you ease your stress and anxiety, but it would also make you a better person by knowing yourself better, and by transforming all the negative things into positive ones.

My Experience:-

So, I experience the meditation for the first time in a Tantra Workshop. To complete this meditation, it was pretty hardbut believe me guys, after 45 minutes for intense breathing, the next stage is easy. Once I lie down all the magic happens. I feel so many bubbles of energy in my whole body, and I feel so much bioelectric energy in my body. It was a very profound experience of an energetic orgasm.

I also practice this meditation at home for a drink. For the nectar of this mediation, at least try to do this meditation for 21 days, and the best in the evening with a bit of empty belly.

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