The significance of this asana lies in the way that it makes the spine more flexible.

Valuable EFFECTS

Chakrasan tones the entire body, adding dynamism and youth to our mind. It makes the spine more elastic and removes the pressures present there.

Consequences for the muscles:

while practicing this asana, the musculature of the spine ought to be as loose as could be expected under the circumstances. This posture stretches the stomach muscles while strengthening the muscles of the arms and feet.

Impacts on the bones and tendons:

The extended bend of the spine makes it supple and mobile. The activity on the tendons and ligaments of the spine has effects on the nervous activity.

 Consequences for the sensory system:

As Chakrasana follows up on the spine by extending it, it produces reflex activities in the vegetative capacities and tones the chains of ganglions arranged on the two sides of the spine.

 Impacts on the cerebrum:

The situation of the head guarantees better blood towards the brain.

 Impacts on the stomach organs:

While doing this asana, the diaphragm extensively adjusts its structure and volume, which prompts the end of the sanguine ptosis, and the blocked organs will recapture their ordinary volume. The fundamental regions in which this asana work is the liver, the pancreas, and the stomach.

Because of the enthusiasm or bubbling feeling  which comes after doing this asana, it is recommended that this should be performed early in the morning or in the afternoon but not at night.

 Consequences for the heart and lungs:

The organs set over the stomach likewise benefit from  this asana, particularly the heart, through the stretching of the aorta. The aorta is definitely not a straight duct, it is a sort of extensible spiral, extended by the posture of your body in Chakrasana.

A similar impact of stretching decides a superior capacity of the lungs and thus a superior condition of the strength of the entire body.

On the off chance that subsequent to practicing Sarvangasana, you experience pain in your shoulder, practicing Chakrasan will remove the pain.

 Subtle impacts:

this asana gives a definite bubbling of the energies in the entire body, and it doesn’t enact a particular chakra. Its effect might be not the same as the one time of training to another. Our mystic state and our psychological mentality are the main components that decide the impacts of this asana. Nonetheless, after practicing this, you will detect a condition of prosperity and unconstrained eagerness.

The regular routine with regards to this asana increases the energy  of the user. Dancers should definitely practice this asana.

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