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meditative bodywork therapy

Do you sometimes feel like a simple message doesn’t do enough to deal with your problems? That’s probably a sign you should opt for meditative bodywork.

How meditation fuses with bodywork

In order to completely eliminate one’s body of problems, one should focus on mental, emotional and spiritual factors along with physical ones. Thus, a massage now will not only address your back pain, for instance but will also help you gain insight into why you’re constantly stressed.

Meditative bodywork involves meditation, chakra balancing, energy work, aura cleaning, etc. coupled with conscious touch and massages like deep tissue massage, myofascial massage, and combinations of other forms of massage therapy.

More modern practices of meditative bodywork combine musculoskeletal and energetic techniques by fusing concepts from Eastern as well as Western modalities. In techniques like Fluid Touch, the practitioner uses wavelike movements to cause energy vibrations in one’s body, enhancing oxygen flow and fluidity. This provides high degrees of relaxation to the client.

Here, massage therapists are spontaneous and trust their intuition to artistically tailor treatments. While techniques are important, sequences are altered to suit each client.

What’s meditative bodywork like?

As the practitioner eases muscle rigidity in your body, little pockets of energy are unlocked. This enhances the free flow of energy within your body by getting rid of hindrances. The energy released flows through your body and puts you in a relaxed state of mind. Here, you attain high levels of awareness and insight into the problems that lie in your unconscious mind. This sort of consciousness is the first step towards finding effective solutions. It helps you counter ego, be in total control of your actions and behavior, and greatly improve your quality of life. Meditative bodywork therapy is sure to charge you, energize you and bring balance to your busy, stressful life.

The hollow bamboo

Think of your body as a hollow bamboo. Your organs are the bamboo and within you is an empty, hollow space. During a session, this space shouldn’t be cluttered with thoughts. If that space is, in fact, hollow it allows you to become a flute of the divine. Similar to a hollow bamboo, you should be at ease with your body.

Be your own healer

When you opt for healing through meditative bodywork, you are your own healer. By believing and focusing on your goal, you work with the practitioner to eliminate the problems you face. A practitioner and the client must both truly be present during the session for real healing to take place. A connection between the two should form. This allows the practitioner to effectively transmit his/her relaxed, meditative presence to the receiver. Here, a body with higher levels of energy (the practitioner) transfers energy to one with lower levels of energy (the client). Using this concept even you can heal anyone. One can heal another with the grace of existence, which is the ultimate goal.

I’m grateful to my teachers; Tapesh Paradiso, ErykNisarga, Ananda Sarita, Tarun and Khirad(among many others), for training me in the magical field of meditative bodywork.

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