Difference between Yoga And Tantra

Yoga and Tantra: The Relationship

When it comes to attaining self-realization, most individuals turn to Yoga. It is believed to be the termination of the instabilities of the mind and an amalgamation of the observer, observing, and observed. It is also a reorientation of personality, from being incorporated in the body and the brain, to know one in complete awareness.

Yoga was originated thousands of years ago. Initially, it was mostly meditative and intuitive. It was about gaining access to the states of pure bliss and consciousness, also known as Samadhi, which lies beyond the worldly life. There was little Hatha Yoga or Asana practice. It branched out of Tantra around the 11th century.

Tantra could be defined as an approach to Yoga. It is a combination of lessons that help the individuals perceive the outer world, and texts and practices that ultimately lead them to the same place Yoga would, self-realization.

However, there is no rising above the materialistically embodied experiences but instead, embracing the mundane world. It is a part of the vast Universe where everybody is invited to participate.

Tantra was the tradition of a householder or people who had families, businesses, jobs, and considered by others as important and successful. Tantra aims at bringing together bhoga (the worldly pleasures) and moksha (liberation from the worldly pleasures).

Tantra or Yoga: Which Spiritual Path is Suitable for You?

A large number of modern-day individuals admitted facing the same choice: Should they depend on Yoga or Tantra for seeking and developing their spirituality? It is a significant decision that you must make after consulting an accredited master.

Prior to choosing any of the spiritual paths, it is mandatory to understand the differences between the two. Keep reading, and get to know more about the same!!

Suppression vs. Indulgence

Yoga, along with awareness, teaches suppression as well. Yoga encourages you to know the ways of suppressing your ego, greed, and desire. Suppression does not have a negative connotation here. It instead means you are capable of bringing a powerful sense of discipline to the varied elements that govern your entire life.

Among the eight limbs, two, Pratyahara (the extraction of the senses) and Niyama (complete self-restraint), are known for emphasizing on the most exquisite art of suppression. When you know you are suppression all of your senses, a divine revolution may happen within you. Unfortunately, contemporary yoga studios do not teach this.

Tantra, along with awareness, teaches indulgence. By indulging in your ego, greed, and desire, Tantra encourages holistic wellbeing. According to the beliefs laid down by the legendary tantrics, you may do whatever you want but only with awareness. In this way, you can keep all the mistakes at bay.

Try to wish for something by focusing on it, and you will end up realizing how silly your entire desire was in the first place. Unlike Yoga, Tantra provides you the opportunity to be free. But it also lets you know that freedom is intrinsically associated with responsibility.

Sexual Energy

Yoga asks you to suppress your sexual energy under all circumstances. The renowned yogis thought that sex negatively impacts our senses and stops us from achieving higher states of consciousness.

When you are practicing Yoga for a prolonged period, your minds will be conditioned to look down upon sex. This is a reason several individuals prefer advanced Yoga. Yoga can offer an excellent insight into the calm end of the sexual energy.

Tantra, on the other hand, pushes us to derive energy from sex. According to experts, sexual energy can contribute most to human awareness. By practicing Tantra, you will learn to reject the taboos you had about sex until now and transform all of them into positive energy. Many people have trouble accepting this entire notion. But if you can successfully transfer sexual energy, you would be able to have an intense awakening.

These are perhaps the most intriguing differences between Tantra and Yoga. And even though their ways look dissimilar on the surface level, on delving a bit deeper, you will find that they are common in a lot of ways. Tantra and Yoga let you arrive at the same destination but through two different routes.

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