Discipline Yourself Spiritually by Doing Chakra Dance

Chakra Dance

Using dance as your spiritual discipline is an ancient practice that has been used by a lot of cultures for many years. Chakra dance is a form of Tantra practice for those who want to try something different. If you’re not into sitting and meditating, you might like the chakra dance practice.

What is Chakra Dance?

Chakra dance is a type of healing movement practice where you get to nourish your true self or your soul. The unique thing about this dance is that there are no steps to follow; you’ll have to dance like nobody’s watching to modern music and in a sacred space. This isn’t just a simple mind, soul, and body meditation, but it is a powerful experience that can free and energize you into a new you.

The spontaneous dance is combined with guided imagery and good music to make you go into a calm state of vitality, which is known as well-being. But since this dance is still a form of Tantra, the key to resonate the seven major chakras would be the music. Chakra is an energy centre that regulates and integrates our mental, physical, and emotional energies. For most those who’ve experienced it for the first time said it had changed their lives, as for the others they just simply said they enjoyed it much.

How is it Different from Other Dance?

This healing dance practice is not about performances or steps. You dance in a dimly lit room with your eyes closed, where you explore yourself through a dynamic and moving meditation. Therefore, it’s more about complete freedom of expression.

Unlike typical dance forms, there’s no right way of doing the chakra dance as everyone have their movements and rhythm. Basically, you can do anything just connect with this chakra and express it. So, you can either do a cramping dance, ballet, ballroom, hip-hop, or others; as long as you can focus and increase the energy inside you.

For those who want self-healing and self-discovery, chakra dance can encourage you to do that with the help of unique music and guided visualizations.

How to Practice Chakra Dance?

Step 1: – Close your eyes and stand up and take your whole attention to the inside of your body. Try to connect with your body, physical world and energetic world of body.

Step 2: – Now take your attention to the first chakra and take a physical Jump into the first chakra. Start expressing your first chakra by your dance.  For each chakra you have 5 minutes of dance, and then take a physical jump into the second chakra, and so on till you reach the sixth chakra.

Step 3:- Stop completely on seventh chakra for 5 minutes and start feeling the oneness with higher consciousness.

Step 4: – Lie down and integrate the whole process.

What are the Benefits of Practicing Chakra Dance?

The most apparent benefit of chakra dance is that you can dance without memorizing or following any dance moves. People of all ages, from 16 to 90 years old can participate. Apart from that, it can boost your fitness level and works as a cardio workout as you move from head to toe.

If you are looking for a more spiritual connection than just fun, don’t worry as each workshop is designed with a different chakra. There are seven chakras to open during the practice, and they can be under or overactive. Once you balance all these chakras in your body, you’ll gain many benefits including:

  • Better relationships
  • Improved confidence
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Emotional health
  • Heightened clarity and inspiration

And that’s not all, aside from the list above; the most significant benefit that you can gain from the dance is by having absolute freedom to be yourself, and without hearing any criticism and judgment from the strangers.


So, can chakra dance be seen as a way to improve your well-being and overall health? Yes, absolutely. The dance is unique because it is a combination of dynamic dance and meditation, which is why it has an impact on your health and well-being. As you dance, it will require you to focus on your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual being. Therefore, enrolling on a chakra dance is not only a great way to keep you healthy, but to also focus on yourself.

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