Emotional Release


Emotional Release as the name suggests is releasing and healing torn emotions and thoughts that intervene with your joy and well-being. They quiet the voice of your inner soul and comfort your feelings caused by trauma. It helps to calm your negative thoughts and eliminates irrational fears from your life.

Having constant negative thoughts in your mind affect you both physically and mentally causing unbearable trauma and continuous stress. They exploit your relationships with people and change your perception of the world. One cannot enjoy the little joys in life while stress keeps you physically and psychologically in panic fight mode.

The intention behind this therapy is to free up all the negative emotional energy and inculcate happy and positive thoughts in one’s minds.

In simpler terms, when an individual is affected by some mental trauma or stress even after the phase is passed, it gets logged in somewhere inside your head which in turn catches you in a painful loop of negative thoughts and distress. However, once you let go of that negative energy, you also let you go of the grief and suffering that accompanied it. Thus, making you free to anticipate the memory healthily. Once you are free of those thoughts, you can automatically focus on healing, creativity, and determination.

How to choose an emotional release technique?

Most standard emotional release techniques work pretty well, so there are no restrictions as to which one is more effective. If you are starting out, read about one or two that interest you and experiment with them.

Over the time you can move on to various techniques depending upon your comfort level with the said technique. It will serve you well because you will be resonating with one method over another. For better understanding, you can refer to these two conventional techniques.

Substituting statements:

The intention behind this method is to turn yourself more towards positive thoughts and feelings which in turn reduces your stress and makes you feel less anxious. The idea is to eliminate negative thoughts and surroundings and trying to focus on the bigger picture that is your mind. Once this technique is put into practice, your thought patterns and ideologies will change for the better and help you concentrate on important aspects of life and more open to new possibilities.

Emotional Freedom Technique:

Emotional release techniques have become immensely popular due to its effectiveness on the human body and mind. One such conventional technique is the Emotional Freedom technique as it the first emotional release technique. The EFT process helps to shift the negative and painful thoughts away from our mind and allows us to focus on healing the negative emotions. One needs to rate the negative memory on a scale of 1-10 to understand how little it means to us so that we can focus on the bigger picture.

Bid farewell to negative thoughts!

Imagine yourself at a place or a person or an activity that works as a stress buster for you. This will help you send the negative emotions and vulnerability away.

Put your negative emotions, stress, and trauma into a metaphorical suitcase and throw it in the ocean far away. Surround yourself with people and things that make you genuinely happy. Try to channel all your negative energy into one single entity and get rid of it.

It is crucial that one uses these techniques with utmost importance because when used correctly they can heal all your mental and physical traumas and stress. They help you move from being unproductive and in constant pain to a state of happiness and positivity. The only person stopping you from doing this is you. Embrace life, and it’ll embrace you.

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