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  • Date: Oct 07 2019 - Oct 13 2019
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Oct 07 2019 - Oct 13 2019


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RUB 40,000

75 hours of Certified Practitioner Training Of Tantra Nectar Touch Massage: Level – 1

Tantra Nectar Touch Massage Course is a Diploma of Tantra Massage Academy which has 3 levels, which can be completed within a span of 1 year.

This workshop is for the students of Level 1.

Tantra Nectar Touch Massage is not a regular massage or just about any other healing technique. It is an alive and a fluid journey of Meditation and Massages through various healing arts.
Satyarthi developed this massage using the enriching 15 years of his experience of intuitive touch, professional learning of various massage and after a study of in depth understanding of body mind and soul. He has given many years to learning and has mastered many different massage and healing arts. With this, he has finally found this great recipe of complete holistic healing. So, it’s an extraordinary fusion of Meditation and Massage.
Tantra Nectar Touch Massage is a path of love and devotion. It is an act of prayer and gratitude. It teaches how to make massage as your prayer.
Tantra Nectar Touch Massage is a delicious smoothie of many different healing arts where many Meditative Bodywork Techniques, Energetic healing techniques, and Tantra Massages of Ancient India and China merge with the depth of eastern spiritual science and western medical science for complete holistic healing.
Tantra Nectar Touch Massage is unique in itself because this is the only massage which absorbs all three approaches of healing arts.

In the world of Holistic Healing Arts, there are three approaches.

The first one is: Meditative Bodywork
The second one is: Tantra massage
The third one is: Energy Work  (Aura Cleansing, Chakra balancing, Reiki)

So, for complete holistic healing, one needs to receive all the approaches in a way that all three approaches complement each other.
In Tantra Nectar Touch Massage, all the three approaches are merging and evolving with each other for complete holistic healing. And in this way, we can touch the deepest core of a human being.
It’s a journey of a balancing of body, mind and soul.
This course is unique in its way because this is the only course which is widely covering all three aspects of the healing arts.

Some Practical Information Regarding this Ultimate Journey of Tantra Massage:-

1. This Massage has Three levels. In one year, all three levels of massage can be completed. Every Level includes all three approaches like Meditative Bodywork, Energy work and Tantra Massage.
2. After every Level, participants need to complete 20 donation sessions and 20 paid sessions and practice one meditation of that particular level for at least 21 days.
3. It is compulsory to practice this homework to enter the next level. To complete this homework it will take 80 hours of active practice and its very important to go deep in this path.
4. This Course is designed in a way that after completing every level, a Participant can give three different kinds of Massage sessions – i.e. one Massage each from these three approaches.
5. After completing all 3 Levels, each Participant can give 9 Types of Different Massage sessions which could last from 90 Minutes to 120 Minutes.  At every level, you will learn 3 Types of Meditative Bodywork Massage Sessions, 3 Types of Energetical Work Healing Sessions and 3 Types of Tantra Massage Sessions and the most important which is the ability to mix it and play with it according to the requirement of the clients.
6. This Course is a Professional Training. So commitment and dedication are required. Nudity and Genital Touch is a Part of the training. So, it’s essential that as a participant you allow yourself to go beyond your limits and boundaries and be ready to work with other participants, but if you find any difficulties, then Satyarthi and the whole team is there to hold a space for you and to support you to go deeper in the process. But at any point of time during the training, if it is too much for you, then it is ultimately your freedom to choose what is best for you. And its completely okay to do and feel so. Nobody will judge you, and we all respect your decision.
7. Tantra Nectar Touch Massage covers broad aspects of Meditative Bodywork, Energy work and Tantra Massages. As Satyarthi says – Massage is like an ocean… the more you learn, the more you understand there is much more left. So, after completing all three levels, if you feel the need to know more and to discover more then you can connect with Satyarthi personally, and he will guide you towards other techniques and schools.
8. During the training, we cover all practical and professional aspects of a Professional Massage Set up, so that s a participant you too can establish yourself as the professional masseur.
9. Every day we start with some meditation practice and end with some meditation practice. So it is not only a traditional massage course. It is a complete healing process.
10. The Second and the third levels are only for those participants who have completed Level 1 with us.
This training is for those who want to master various techniques of a professional massage at the level of a Wizard! You will learn not only how to work with the human body, but also have a delicate sense of its request, needs at an energy level and an emotional level and respond to it by choosing suitable techniques.

About the Teacher:-

Satyarthi Prateek is a Indian Master with enormous experience and deep knowledge in the field of massage. He has thoroughly studied almost all possible techniques and approaches, which has allowed him to create his own unique system of working with a person; adjusting and selecting the approach customised to a person’s need.
It is this knowledge that he will pass on to the training participants:
✔ Massage techniques (relaxing, stress relieving, tantric techniques and energy practices). The ability to properly select and combine different massage techniques for each individual
✔ Using Massage as a physical and a mental healing technique.
✔ Understanding of Master’s responsibility, respecting the boundaries, the balance of female and male energy, and how to provide the most comfortable and safe experience of the session. He will also teach the ability to keep space, to be in the meditative state and at the same time to feel a person and his needs even better than himself.

The training will consist of two parts:

✔ on the massage table (the main task is to fully relax the body, not only outside, but also from the inside)
✔ and on the floor (deeper and more intimate technique, work on a subtle energy level)

Do note here that the training is not about rest, and having fun but about deep sincere work not only with the client but also with yourself.
This is about showcasing the high professionalism of a masseur and about the deep sensuality of tanta, about the subtle sensation for a person, and developing respect for him and his body…

Satyarthi teaches to work in balance with both energies, male and female. He will also teach you to  turn off the sex differences and how to not play with just superficial sexuality. There will be deep work with the body and energy, where there is no place for manipulation with seduction or sexual hunger. The body is divine.

Therefore, we invite you to this training. We welcome a mature audience who wants to learn to work deeply and subtly with a person, bringing him healing.

What will you learn and the features:

  1. Clarity and pure understanding of Tantra with a very deep experience of meditation and healing.
  2. Training is also suitable for those who want to better understand their partner, reach a new level of feeling and connect with themselves. It’s not necessary to be a professional masseur or therapist.
  3. Learn the most effective techniques for muscle and joint relaxation, which allows you to remove various blocks and clamps in the body. This will make it easier to conduct the flow of tantric, sexual energy.
  4. Learn a unique tantric massage from a true master from India. His process gives a sense of trust and security, teaches you to enjoy trusting yourself and others.
  5. You will receive a universal key to relaxation, and therefore to the healing of not only the body, but also the soul.
  6. During the session, psychological attitudes, injuries and blocks are worked out, so it is so important not only to gain knowledge, but also to adopt the ability to create a trusting and respectful space, a special attitude to a person and a feeling of his needs. It is important to be connected with yourself to conduct a healing tantric experience for the client.
  7. It gives you clarity and a pure understanding of Tantra with very deep experience of meditation and healing. So this workshop is not only for those who want to become a Tantra Masseur or Therapist, it is for everyone. This workshop is a deep sea diving journey in Tantric Healing.
  8.  It not only makes you accept yourself the way you are but also makes you fall in love with yourself.
  9. You can Deepen the knowledge of Wheel of Consent, use communication tools to avoid the confusion and create a safe space. This way you will feel safe and learn to enjoy pleasure without fear of unpleasant situations.
  10. It imparts knowledge about Kashmiri Tantra Massage with Tantra Nectar Touch. This will help you to practice it professionally and work as a Tantra Therapist.
  11. It trains you in a manner that makes you capable of becoming a successful Tantra Massage Therapist.

Satyarthi will give you everything you need for this during this six day course. 

Due to the small size of the group, the master will work a lot with each individual, transferring the state of “empty hands”…

Each participant will receive training materials that describe the technical points and a message from the Master just for you.

Give yourself this magic wand!

During this course you will experience the following:

Experience introductory tantric meditations
• You will learn how to clearly communicate needs and boundaries
• How to circulate energy in breathing
• How to connect with a partner at all levels of intimacy as well as preparing your body and mind for a rejuvenating experience.

So I invite you all to take the jump…

Note: You do not have to be an advanced Tantric or Tantrica to take part in this workshop.

Important: In massage practice there will be delicate touches to the genitals (without emphasis on sexuality). Massage is performed on the naked body.

You can come in pairs or even as an individual, in which case we recommend practicing with each of the participants to gain more experience and understanding of the massage ritual. The pair for training is not required to be fixed since the beginning. It is formed on the spot.


  • 10% discount for new participants with an advance payment until August 15.
  • The cost for participants from the past tantra groups of Satyarthi is RUB 34,000.
  • The cost for students of the Academy of Tantra Nectar Massage is RUB 28,000. (Only 10 spots are available, so hurry!)
  • The cost for couples (M + F) is RUB 68,000.

Limited number of seats! Participation is booked on a prepaid basis only.

✔ Payment procedure:

Step 1: Make an advance* payment of RUB 10,000 to the card of Sberbank* (ask the organizers)

Step 2: Pay the remaining amount within a month

*Prepayment is nonrefundable.

Location: Retreat Center LIGHT M.O., Istra District, Der. Greyhounds, St. Svetlaya, House 185 30 Km From Moscow Along Novorizhskoe Highway.

Cost of room / boarding: RUB 13,200 upon arrival on October 8 in the morning + RUB 1500 on arrival on October 7 in the evening!

The training begins with the evening session on October 7 at 19.00.

The course will end on October 13 at about 20.00 hours.

The accommodation is in comfortable 4-bed rooms. The house has 13 shower rooms.


  • Vladimir Egorov +7 985 847 92 69
  • Katya Reihan +7 985 917 61 85
  • Satya Prema +7 977 850 81 00
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