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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 04 2019 - Oct 06 2019
  • Time: 02:00 - 13:00


Retreat Center Light M.O.,
Istra District, Der. Greyhounds, St. Svetlaya, House 185 30 Km From Moscow Along Novorizhskoe Highway Istra Moscow Oblast Russia

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Oct 04 2019 - Oct 06 2019


Indian/Chagos Timezone
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm


RUB 28,000

Awakening your Senses With Tantra Nectar Retreat

What is Tantra ? 

Tantra is the most elegant Path of spiritual development. The path of pleasure, love. Once in contact with Tantra, it is no longer possible to remain the same. It penetrates into every corner of life, vibrates in every cell of the body.

The main ingredient is unconditional acceptance. Only Tantra accepts a person as he is, without changing him.

Through the exchange of female and male energy, Tantra shows how the whole existence is connected with each other, one. This is precisely what evolution is, a quantum leap of consciousness.

Merging with Existence, with the divine, life is filled with meaning. To give and accept love, to exchange energy with all living things, is the highest bliss.

What Is Tantra Nectar?

To accept Tantra in its purest form, we choose to call it Tantra Nectar. It is the Amrita of Tantra, which comes after years of studying and practicing the Ancient Tantra Practices like Shaivism, Hinduism, Taoism & Buddhism as well as Osho’s Neo Tantra Practices.

The Art Of Love

The Art Of Love starts with yourself. Till you don’t decide to love yourself, nobody can. The first step is being in love with yourself.

Awakening Your Senses with Tantra Nectar

– Sight – ( Fire )

– Smell – ( Space )

– Touch – ( Water )

– Taste – ( Earth )

– Hear – ( Air )

– In tantric Vajrayana Practice, the intrinsic five wisdom aspects of our mind are experienced in our natural mind.

– The five elements of the natural world, and our five senses are vital offerings of light energy to the natural mind and the natural world in union are inseparable.

– The sense of Sight is the quintessence of radiance fire.

– The sense of Smell is the quintessence of space.

– The sense of Touch is the quintessence of water.

– The sense of Flavour is the quintessence of the earth.

– The sense of Hear is the quintessence of air.

– These five sensory faculty are offered in sweet conjunction with ritual practices, mantras, mudras meditation, utilizing mandalas of light and all mortal beings as bodies in pure infinite expanse.

Our senses are our gateway to the inner and outer world

Our senses give us the opportunity to see our inner universe in multi dimension. When walking on the spiritual path, one must begin with the body. The body is conducive to the first experience of bliss and ecstasy. Raw climax inducing ecstasy is a gift offered by existence. Our body is temple and we need to learn how to love our body as only when we love our body will the journey then begin from our own senses. We have so much to learn from our sensorial experiences of life.

Each sensory faculty has the capacity to offer us spiritual awakening. Behind each sense, is a shrouded sense, which is uncovered to us as we plunge profoundly into that sensorial involvement with mindfulness.

When we leave on an adventure of contemplation through the sensory organs, it is an entirely pleasurable approach to open up our more potential as individuals. We find new roads of imagination inside ourselves, offering ascend to endless energy and bliss.

Life goes up against more shimmer and a more profound reverberation. We are grasped by ecstasy, and discover our taste and smell going about as a homing gadget, driving us where we are intended to be.

Reflections on the senses assist us with accessing our internal world. We as a whole have our five sensory organs in operation. Once we master our 5 sensory organs, we automatically pave way to what is commonly called as the sixth sense or an intuitive energy.

I love this poem from Saraha Doha:

“Here in this body are the sacred rivers

Here are the sun and moon

As well as all the pilgrimage places

I have not encountered another temple

As blissful as my own body.”

What happens during this Training ?

All Tantra Nectar trainings have one goal – to make you taste the sweet taste of Tantra Nectar so that you can experience the state of Non–Duality. Thus, everything you learn, experience and gain during our training is to guide you towards achieving this goal.

Also in this retreat, you will learn the technique of Conscious touch and mystical tantric massage

The retreat “The Art of Love and Awakening of Feelings” will be of interest to everyone who wants to improve the quality of their intimate life, to be filled with fresh energy of attractiveness, confidence, and magnetism. For those who are moving along the spiritual path, Tantra provides great opportunities for the opening of all energy centers and full realization.

There are many aspects to this training, some of them being:

– Ancient Tantra Rituals and Mediations from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra of Kula Tradition and from Tantra Loka of Kashmiri Shivaism Tradition

– Mantra Journey of Buddhist Tantra Tradition, Vedic Tantra Tradition

– Taoist Tantra Practices of Longevity

– Tantra Yoga, Pranayama, Bandha and Mudra Practices

– Osho Meditations

– Understanding of Chakra System and Various kinds of Chakra Mediations

– Body Awareness Techniques

– Bio-energetic Techniques and Body dynamics breath work exercises

– Body Movement, Ecstatic Dance, Kundalini Awaking Exercises and Contact Dance with oneself and others

– Contact Exercises to expand your senses and to explore your boundaries

– Self-Love Exercises to make you feel comfortable with yourself

– Tantric Body Sensitivity exercise and rituals with oneself and others

– Tantra Nectar Touch and Tantra Massages from different traditions.

What you will gain and learn from this workshop?

-You will awaken your senses in a very new dimension which you never done before. It will help you in your daily life and also in your meditation journey.

– It will make you feel alive again by awakening your vital energy and senses with Conscious Touch, Osho Therapy, Contact Dance, and Several Contact Exercises.

– It will give you a better understanding of your body, so you can feel your body and tune in better with the surroundings

– It will bring back playfulness and creativity in your Life.

– It will balance your Chakra system and clear the energy blockages, thus healing your Chakras with Chakra Therapy Training .

– It will restore the Shiva & Shakti energy inside of you.

– It will improve your overall Your Sex Life and Works on Holistic health and will help you foster a deep connection with your body.

-It Starts your Inner Journey with Blessings of Tantra Masters.

When: October 4-6

Location: Retreat Center Light M.O., Istra District, Der. Greyhounds, St. Svetlaya, House 185 30 Km From Moscow Along Novorizhskoe Highway

Cost of room/boarding: RUB 6600 on arrival on October 4 in the morning + RUB 1500 on arrival on October 3 in the evening

Accommodation in comfortable 4-bed rooms. The house has 13 shower rooms.

Retreat Price: 

RUB 15,000 with an advance payment until August 15.

RUB 18,000 with an advance payment after August 15.

RUB 13,000 for participants of Past Tantra and Massage Groups of Satyarthi

RUB 28,000 for couples (male + female)

Limited number of seats!

Payment procedure: 

Step 1: Make an advance* payment of RUB 5,000 to the card of Sberbank* (ask the organizers)

Step 2: Pay the remaining amount within a month

*Prepayment is nonrefundable. 

Vladimir Egorov +7 985 847 92 69

Katya Reihan +7 985 917 61 85

Satya Prema +7 977 850 81 00

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