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  • Date: May 31 2019 - Jun 04 2019
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May 31 2019 - Jun 05 2019


Indian/Chagos Timezone
12:00 pm - 1:00 am


450 Euro

Certified Practitioner Training of Tantra Nectar Touch (75 Hour)

Certified Practitioner Kashmiri Tantra Massage for Individual Tantra Seekers Male or female, or For Couples, or For Massage Professionals.

If you want to work professionally as a Tantra Masseur, this workshop is for you! It helps you understand the alchemy of a male and female body in the Tantric way.

During this course you will experience introductory tantric meditations, and Ancient Tantric rituals.

You will learn how to clearly communicate needs and boundaries, how to circulate energy in Shiva-Shakti breathing, as well as how to prepare your body and mind for a new experience.

This workshop is also appropriate for those who have chosen the path of Tantra. This is essentially a Certified Practitioner Training Course of Tantra Nectar Touch.

After the completion of the training, you are enabled to give a Two-hour Tantra Massage professionally.

Tantra Nectar Touch is a unique fusion of several Healing Arts such as

– Alchemy Of Touch with understanding of Conscious Touch,

– Myofascial trigger point release (MTR)

– Lomi Lomi

– Osho Rebalancing

– Reiki and Pranic Healing

– Chakra Balancing

– Energy Healing

– Several Ancient Tantra Massages like Taoist Tantra Massage, Kashmiri Tantra Massage, Conscious Sensuality with Lingam And Yoni Healing

– Osho Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Tantra Yoga Kriya

In Tantra Nectar Touch Training, we will cover a vast ocean of Bodywork and Tantra Massages.

This can be attended by couples as well as singles. If you’re single, make sure you’re committed to work with different partners. This will be beneficial for you as well as us to maintain the group energy balance.

This workshop broadly includes meditations, healing techniques, deep Ancient Tantra rituals and Practice of Tantra Nectar Touch which includes very gentle genital touch but no penetration.

What you will gain and learn from this workshop?
– It gives you clarity and a pure understanding of Tantra with very deep experience of meditation and healing. So this workshop is not only for those who wants to become a Tantra Masseur or Therapist, it is for everyone. This workshop is a deep sea diving journey in Tantric Healing.
– It not only makes you accept yourself the way you are but also makes you fall in love with yourself.
– It helps you heal your sexual traumas and sexual shame by erasing all the conditioning by society.
– It teaches you the practicalities and importance of Tantra Massage with all the intricate details.
– You can Deepen the knowledge of Wheel of Consent, use communication tools to avoid the confusion and create a safe space.  This way you will feel safe and learn to enjoy pleasure without fear of unpleasant situations.

-You can come with your massage partner (gender is immaterial) or come single and we will help to pair you up.
There is nudity but no sex during the classes.
– It imparts knowledge about Tantra Nectar Touch. This will help you to practice it professionally. It teaches you how to work professionally as Tantra Therapist.
– It restores the Shiva & Shakti energy within you and restores your inner child.
– It trains you in a manner that makes you capable of becoming a successful Tantra Therapist.
-There are unique massage rituals celebrating a divinity of a woman and a man. There will be Deep healing and relaxation through the opening a body for more pleasure.

-New massage therapies to offer to your clients if you are a professional massage therapist or intend to become one.
– You can give a 2 hour professional Tantra Massage with ease after the completion of this training workshop. You will received Certification which you can use for your work.

Location :-

Moscow, Russia

Workshop Schedule: –

Every day – 9 am to 10 pm

Contribution: – Total – 450 Euro

Part one – 250 Euro (Three-days, 31 May – 2 June) with Certification of 50 Hour of Practitioner Training

Part Two with Intimacy – 200 Euro (Two Days , 3 – 4 June ) with Certification of 75 hour of Practitioner Training

• You can’t join part two directly without completing Part one .
• Only 24 Participants .

To Sign Up: Please fill up the form available in the sign up section and download the acknowledgement form. Affix your signature and send the acknowledgement form to us at Yes@tantranectar.com

For More information or regarding any question , you can directly contact us on :-

Dev Prem (Tantra Nectar Manager For India and Rest of the world)
+91 88792 585 11
Mon-Fri : 10 Am to 6 PM (Indian Time)

Aham Prem (Tantra Nectar Manager For Russia and Other Soviet Union Countries)
+7 93131 22155
Mon-Fri : 10 am to 6 pm (Moscow, Russian Time)

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