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  • Date: Mar 20 2020 - Mar 30 2020
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Shambala Retreat Center, Bali
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Mar 20 2020 - Mar 30 2020


10:00 am - 1:00 pm



Tantra Meditation Retreat :- From Sex to Samadhi

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To start your journey as a single person or alone on the path of tantra, it’s very important to clean your body, mind and soul. The first stage of tantra journey is to accept yourself and learn the art of enjoying solitude and loneliness… the power of being comfortable when alone is unmatched…

I have travelled on this path alone for several years before meeting my tantric partner and I know how difficult and challenging this can be. With the guidance and blessings of my master, I understand the value of being alone and also of being together. So in these 10 days of inner journey, I will share all my life experiences and methods which helped me to grow and become a blossoming flower.

I’m inviting all of you, to come and travel with me on this golden path of S3x to Samadhi….

What is Tantra?

When people talk about Tantra, they only think about “S3x”, or “Orgi3s”

They are completely unaware about Tantra and how it’s a path to Enlightenment using several methods and practices. It includes Yoga, Meditation, Mantras, Yantras, Breathing, Dance, Touch and several other healing arts.

The beauty of Tantra is to accept all dimensions of life. Tantra sees “S3x” and “Samadhi” or “Enlightenment” as one.

Yes, Tantra teaches you to explore s3xuality in a conscious way so that you can become free from it and reach your divine source.

Tantra connects “S3x” and “Divine” together so that we realize our true purpose and merge with its orgasmic nature.

From S3x to Samadhi

My beloved Master Osho, invented the phrase “From S3x to Samadhi”. He has given a series of discourses on this topic in Bombay in 1968 and that changed the whole world forever. On that day, a new era of Tantra began.

I listened to this discourse series for the very first time in 2007 and since then till now, I have listened to it several times. Every time, it opens a new dimension of understanding.

This Tantra Meditation Retreat is based on Osho’s Teachings of Tantra and one of her disciple named Sarita’s life work.

During these 10 days of Tantra Retreat, we will explore each chakra and understand more about it. We will open up and go deeper within its nature using several meditation and practices.
We start our “S3x to Samadhi Journey”… From First chakra and end with the Seventh chakra.

In the Tantra Chakra Map, the first and seventh are not separated, it’s united! Remember there is no Lotus without Mud.

The Chakra System

Chakras are the reservoirs of Kundalini or sacred Healing energy. There are 7 Chakras in our body. They are said to be rotating disks of energy which serves as the meeting point of matter & consciousness.

These Chakras control our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state of being. It is essential for our overall health & happiness, that the Chakras stay open & aligned.

If there are any stagnation of energy or if the Chakras are not in sync, the energy cannot flow & there will be imbalances and disturbances in the mind & the body.

The word “chakra” means “wheel” or “circle” but they are actually triangles or like lotus. In our system there are 114 energy junctions of Nadis. The Nadis are the channel of prana in energy body. Out of 114 energy junctions, 7 energy junctions are the most important and the most fundamental.

These 7 energy junctions are also referred as the 7 chakras and these are the main energy centres of our spiritual or energetical body.

Chakras are the gateways to consciousness. Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection.

In ancient times, tantric yogis or practitioners would awaken the Life force energy called kundalini energy by several meditation and tantric yogic kriyas.

Kundalini energy is situated in the base of the spine in the form of a sleeping serpent. Once a yogi or a spiritual practitioner opens that energy then it will use that to cleanse the stagnation in the Chakra System. This will help to open the chakras receive the universal energy in the form of a waterfall…. to wash from crown to sex and down through legs to feet.

When the chakra system is open to the universal divine energy, it means that our chakra system is “vertically aligned” and we are becoming one with existence and living life blissfully and in a balanced way.

Topics and Practices that will be dealt with in our Tantra retreat in Bali :-

-Self Love

Self-Love and acceptance is the key to self-realisation . If you want that your lover starts to love you for you, it’s very important to learn the secret of love and that is Self-Love .Self-Love is most important to live a tantric life and obtain the nectar of Tantra. The Tantra workshop in Bali will have a number of exercises to fall in love with yourself just the way you are.

– Re-Awakening of Chakra System

To enter in to the path of Tantra , is most important to nurture the chakra system. The chakra system is made of seven energy centres located along the spine and ending in the brain. Our Tantra meditation retreat will help you to activate and balance all 7 chakras.

– Works on the Energy Blockages

We will find out the energy blockages that are causing difficulties in their energy centres. These energy centres are nothing but the 7 Chakras and are responsible for delivering energy into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

– Re-Awakening of the 5 senses

Most of the us are struggling to find the fire, the attraction. We will use our five senses to perceive what we need or want from the world. Our Bali Tantra Retreat, will help you to perceive the world in its true sense.

– Introduction of Tantra Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Bandha

The Tantra Asana will inspire you and help you understand lifestyle benefits for each Pranayama. It will make you aware of it using a specific series of mantras and bandhas. To dive deeper in the Tantric journey, physical fitness is a must.

– The Tantra Way of Breathing

we need to understand the bonding between the body and breathe, and this starts with Practice and give awareness to your body movements. Breathing right is the key to a fulfilling life. The Tantra way of breathing ensures that you do it perfectly. This way of breathing is not limited to the upper part of the chest meaning we learn to breathe from our whole body.

-Tantra Massage

In our Tantra Workshop in Bali, we are sharing very beautiful Tantric Massages for each chakra. That will help to open up and balance each chakra .

– Deeper understanding of the true meaning of Shiva Shakti

This is not just an expression, it is an experience. We are sharing ancient knowledge of Shivaism with practical practices which will help you to find and balance both the Shiva & Shakti energies within you.

– Tantra Meditations , Rituals , Osho Mediations and Contact Dance Exercises with Combining Tantric teachings and practices, paired exercise, sacred land-journeys.

Here’s what you will gain from our Tantra Nectar retreat in Bali

1. Bali Tantra Retreat will help you deeply understand yourself and that will give you a chance to rise in love with trust and help to nurture your every relationship in an extraordinary way.

2. You learn to communicate in a way that works for yourself and also with your partner in your daily life.

3. You learn the secret art of tantric Self-love making and unlock your power of full body orgasm and joy.

4. It will make you feel alive again by awakening your vital energy and senses

5. It will give you a better understanding of your body, so you can feel your body and tune in better with the surroundings

6. It will bring back playfulness and creativity in your Life.

7. It will balance your Chakra system and clear the energy stagnation in your vertical plane.

8. It will restore the Shiva & Shakti energy inside of you.

9. It will improve your overall health and will help you foster a deep connection with your body

10. It will help you to grow into a mature individual so you can first balance yourself physically and emotionally.

11. It will give you a chance to come out of your sexual shame and accept yourself so you live your life in your full potential.

Our Sacred Space

The Tantra retreat will be held in Tejakula, a small village in North Bali. There is a Tantra yoga space known as Shambala Ocean Retreat Bali which is a beautiful beachside location.

Since the last 5 years, this place has hosted Tantra Masters from all over the world for their workshops as well as trainings. It’s the hub for a Tantra retreat in Bali. We love this space and have lived here for a month almost every year.

We aim to combine Tantra practices and Meditation in a relaxing environment empowering you to live in a state of openness, certainty, joy and abundance in our Tantra meditation retreat.

Click here to know more about Shambala Ocean Retreat Bali


Watch this video for a virtual tour of the Shambala Ocean Retreat Bali

Stay + Food (3 Vegetarian Meals + All day Tea + Fruits and Water)
For Individuals – 1600 Euro
For Couples – 3200 Euro + 15% discount

Terms and conditions: –

• 10 % Early Bird Discount if you book by Oct 2019 with 100 % Payment in advance.
• You can book your space by paying 800 euro at the time of booking, and that amount goes directly to Shambhala. If you cancel due to any reason, this amount will not be refunded.
• The remaining 800 euro can be paid by the end of November 2019.

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