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Tantra Nectar Alchemy of Love Mastery for Men
by Satyarthi Prateek and Tathagat
In this Evening Event, we will be exploring our connection with Mother Earth, Money and Love.Event DetailsSt Petersburg, RussiaOsho Center , Saint Petursburg28 February, 201928 February, 2019Contact No - +79119220604

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Be in Love with Yourself with Tantra Nectar (For Male and Female)This Tantra Nectar Training is a golden chance to begin the journey of self-awareness, self –love, spiritual consciousness and to achieve success both in the internal and external world.Event DetailsSt Petersburg, RussiaOsho Center , Saint PetursburgMarch 1, 2019March 3, 2019Contact No - +79119220604

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The Art of Love with Awakening of your Senses (For Male and Female)
You will awaken your senses in a very new dimension which you never done before. It will help you in your daily life and also in your meditation journey.

Event DetailsMoscow, RussiaVladimir Egorov , Katya Reihan ,Satya PremaMarch 8, 2019March 11, 2019Contact No - +79859176185

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Certified Practitioner Training of Tantra Nectar Touch (75 Hour)It gives you clarity and a pure understanding of Tantra with very deep experience of meditation and healing. So this workshop is not only for those who wants to become a Tantra Masseur or Therapist, it is for everyone.Event DetailsMoscow, RussiaVladimir Egorov , Katya Reihan ,Satya PremaMay 31, 2019June 4, 2019Contact No - +79859176185

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Certified Practitioner Training of Kashmiri Tantra Massage with Tantra Nectar Touch (75 Hour)Certified Practitioner Kashmiri Tantra Massage for Individual Tantra Seekers Male or female, or For Couples, or For Massage Professionals.Event DetailsSt Petersburg, RussiaOsho Center , Saint PetursburgJune 19, 2019June 23, 2019Contact No - +79119220604

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“Kashmiri Tantra Massage Workshop” is locked
Kashmiri Tantra Massage Workshop
A deep sensual massage from Kashmir – the mystical northern part of India, where the masters of the Kashmiri tantra used this technique to heal the body, mind and soul….Event DetailsSt Petersburg
Osho Center , Saint PetursburgOctober 15, 2019October 21, 2019Contact No - +79119220604

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75 hours of Certified Practitioner Training Of Tantra Nectar Touch Massage: Level – 1Tantra Nectar Touch Massage Course is a Diploma of Tantra Massage Academy which has 3 levels, which can be completed within a span of 1 year.Event DetailsSt Petersburg,
Istra District.
Osho Center , Saint PetursburgOctober 7, 2019October 13, 2019Contact No - +79119220604

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Awakening your Senses With Tantra Nectar RetreatThe retreat “The Art of Love and Awakening of Feelings” will be of interest to everyone who wants to improve the quality of their intimate life, to be filled with fresh energy of attractiveness, confidence, and magnetism. For those who are moving along the spiritual path, Tantra provides great opportunities for the opening of all energy centers and full realization.Event DetailsIstra
Moscow Oblast
Vladimir Egorov , Katya Reihan ,Satya PremaOctober 4, 2019October 6, 2019Contact No - +79119220604

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“Rise in Love- Tantra Nectar Couple Retreat – CRIMEA” is locked
Rise in Love- Tantra Nectar Couple Retreat – CRIMEA
When was the last time you set aside a few minutes to simply be with your partner? Few minutes of just both of you’ll completely connect heart to heart in silence? If you can’t remember the last time you shared such a blissful moment with them, you’re invited to join us!Event DetailsJune 22, 2020June 29, 2020Vladimir Egorov +7 985 847 9269
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