Everything You Need To Know About Shiatsu

What is a Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu(‘finger pressure’ in Japanese) refers to a Japanese massage technique that involves harnessing one’s life energy(‘Ki’) and channelizing it through specific pathways called Shiatsu meridians to enhance health, both physical and mental. If fatigue and stress are a given in your life, think of Shiatsu as the catalyst that enhances the flow of your ‘Ki’ throughout your body, leaving you rejuvenated even on a Monday morning.

A Shiatsu massage involves various kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques used on meridians, joints, and muscles,without additional equipment or oils.

How is it different?

It differs from a conventional massage as it involves more stretching and holding techniques and is more static. A Shiatsu massage may be more beneficial as it provides synergy between one’s body, mind and spirit instead of just addressing physical discomfort.It analyses posture, breathing patterns, mental health, etc. to pin point causes of physical distress and works towards eliminating them.

Do you get neck pain when you’re stressed?It is interesting to note that many physical symptoms like neck/back pain or headaches have underlying emotional causes. The treatment aims at identifying, interpreting and ultimately combatting these triggers. Many ailments may be a result of disharmony within one’s body which Shiatsu therapists are equipped to recognize. Regular sessions help restore the balance within and provides unison to a body’s functions.It looks at a human body as a culmination of physical, mental and spiritual factors and doesn’t alienate physical symptoms from one’s life energy(or ‘Ki’).


Its importance is often understated as a result of modern medicine advancements, however it’s a highly effective treatment and has been tried and tested over the years. Since it complements other health treatments and provides pain relief, one key advantage of Shiatsu is that it’s completely risk-free since it works with one’s internal energy without using external influencers. Shiatsu massage techniques are sought during pregnancy, menopause and other similar life-altering events;however, people of all ages and genders also use Shiatsu treatment as preventive healthcare. It is also known to ease stress and induce relaxation and is highly effective in alleviating anxiety-related symptoms.

What happens in a Shiatsu massage session?

In a typical Shiatsu therapy session, the client is first asked various question about their symptoms, emotions, etc. to help curate the perfect treatment for them. Once the therapist has designed a suitable treatment plan, the session commences. The client lies atop a futon(a traditional JapaneseShiatsu massage mat) in light, comfortable clothes. The therapist uses a combination of strokes another techniques to apply varying degrees of pressure on different points. The therapist may use thumbs, palms, elbows, knees or feet to do so.

The ultimate aim is to promote a good ‘state of the Ki’ and ensure that one’s life energy effectively flows through all meridians without any hindrance. This can be seen when physical symptoms eventually fade out and the client observes a speedy convalescence.Shiatsu therapy is an age-old, tried and tested way of maintaining health and the general well-being of people of all demographic backgrounds and one should definitely try out a session to reap the benefits of the treatment.

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