Explore Your Sexuality through Tantra For Women

Explore your Sexuality ,Tantra is path of love and pleasure .

Topic:- Hello! Dear Women, It’s your time to Explore your Sexuality like never before through Tantra.

What is Tantra? 

Explore your Sexuality,  Yes!  Dear women, It’s your time to explore your sexuality through tantra.

Tantra gives all tool to women so she can explore her sexuality and make pleasure her path for self-realisation. It is an ancient science and that helps women to awaken her senses and bring back her to heart, trust and devotion.

Women’s Sexuality is suppressed from many centuries and Tantra liberate women so she can free from all body shaming and get her glory back by simply love her more and explore her sexuality so pleasure becomes her path of meditation.

Tantra comes from the root Sanskrit words tanoti meaning explanation or to liberate or be free. It means developing the frontiers of your existence beyond the material world into the more subtle places of perception which helps in giving more refined insights that can help you to attain self-realisation.

Tantra and Sexuality:- 

It uses sex as a tool to channelize the energy generated by the lovemaking to reach higher consciousness, thereby focusing on the areas of life related to the root of our existence.

Tantra is the path that gives you full freedom to explore your sexuality and make your orgasm as your path of meditation.

But it doesn’t mean that you can only explore your sexuality when you are with your partner or Tantra is only for couples. The foundation of Tantra is not about sex, although the ability to express sexual joy is one aspect of Tantra.

Tantra is about Expansion and Freedom:-

Tantra is always about expansion. If a person can expand their senses through sensual awareness which includes to simply awakening all senses then a new opening happen, a vast door of the new source of energy will open, and it brings freedom. That experience of openness and freedom is Tantra.

Tantra is to use your entire being to connect to yourself and the universe.

Tantra Teaches and use sexual energy as the tool to awakening your sensuality and give you all power so that you can explore your sexuality.

Let’s understand how to explore your sexuality through connect to your entire being?

The answer is simple. Self-Pleasure

Self-Pleasure is the most straightforward and easy way to explore your sexuality without even worry about having a partner or not.

Self – pleasure the act of caressing the body in the way you desire, is not only a basic need which most women ignore but also the ones who experience, hide at times from the eyes of the society.

I tell you. Be bold, be brave and embrace your divine feminine. It is a beautiful thing to be a woman in this existence, and one should be proud of it.

Simply leave all the guilt and be ready with full power to explore your sexuality.

Yes! You are Goddess:-

Women born as goddess and women are nine times more powerful than men. Tantra helps women to explore her sexuality without men.

Yes, as a woman, you are in full yourself. In fact, you are already more than enough. You do not need anyone to fulfil your desires. You have the inbuilt ability within yourself to satisfy all of your desires.

Yet, most women deny this gift of self-pleasure, because it is a taboo in many parts of society. As a woman, right from when you are born, you are told to hide your wants and needs and rely on a partner for its fulfilment. Thus, the question of making love to yourself hardly occurs in the first instant.

But not anymore, those days are over, where you were unaware of these basic understanding of your body. In fact, during such a crucial time in this world, where you are far from any other real human connection, it becomes more important to focus on your inner connection.

Tantra is the most potent healthy and spiritual path that gives you all freedom and complete independence to explore your sexuality in a more healthy and meditative way.

Masturbation and all the man-made myths. 

 Women have been body-shamed for ages because of the so-called Male dominant society. But it was not like that in ancient times. In fact, In ancient India -the land of Kamasutra and women used to embrace her sexuality in the most sacred way.

Now it’s time women get back to her roots and embrace the very core of her energy, the life force energy, the Shakti within you and use it in your daily life to reach your true potential for spiritual growth.

Remember, Its time to explore your sexuality without any shame and guilt. Its time to connect with your orgasm.

 How to start giving yourself pleasure?

The question seems complicated, but the answer is simple. Listen to your body.

How often do we notice what our body is telling? Our body gives signals to us every time.

When we are in the company of a person, our body gives a certain vibe. When you wear a dress. Your body reacts to its comfort and tells you how it feels. When we consume a particular food, your body is signalling. When you carry out a mental/physical task, again the body is giving you messages.

Listen to what it desires. Get known to your sensations. Yes! Its time to explore your sexuality.

Remember the journey of Self-Love or Self Pressure is also about your attitude towards your body, so the right attitude is prayer. Self-Pleasure is a prayer, a Meditation, deep care and love towards your body, towards your sensation, towards your sexuality.

There are four stages to lead you to the path of ultimate bliss and help you to explore your sexuality in a tantric way.

1)Getting yourself prepared:

To start with self-pleasure first, you need to make sure, you are done with your daily tasks for the day be it work, household, family time. Make sure there is no worry in your mind, be in a relaxed and calm state.

Start by taking a long shower. As you start taking a shower, try to feel each water droplet on your body parts. Most times, when we take a bath daily, we are always in a hurry, so make sure this one is slow and steady. Feel the water on your breasts, your arms, your thighs and each every sensation which happens during bath.

Also, set up a separate space where you just use it for intimacy and pleasure, it should not be used for any other work, activity or mentally stressing work. Keep that area free from any different negative energies. Also, light up some candles or aroma sticks for a soothing ambience.

2) Practice Self-Love Meditation:-

I have given a detailed blog on how to practice self-love meditation. This is the most profound meditation that can help you to explore your sexuality.

3) Connecting with yourself:

After the self-love meditation practice gently apply some nourishing body oil and aroma of your taste. Start touching your body gently, starting with the face, caressing your breasts for a few minutes, then later heading to your Vagina (Yoni)  doing more touches where you feel the stimulation.

4) Getting immersed in the divine Shakti :

Once you are aroused, do more circulations and touches at the parts which give you the most pleasure. It can be caressing your breasts while you have two fingers in your Yoni, playing with your clitoris and another one inside doing circular or upside down fingering with very slowly -slowly and adding more love and care to your Yoni. As you are entering into the temple.

Remember, the goal of self-love is never about orgasm; its more about love, care and warmth to yourself. If orgasm happens that’s beautiful; it’s not then It’s lovely too.

Remember, being a woman is magic, you are the universe, you are the desire of birth, you are the creator and to keep the inner goddess in you alive and vibrant; it is your duty to fulfil its wants and needs. You are whole; you are enough; only you possess the ability to satisfy yourself fully and make yourself happy also for your sexual health is very important that you keep exploring your sexuality.

Love & Gratitude:-

If you like this whole meditation, then you can also buy our Self- Love Meditation for women, a guided meditation journey for self-care and pleasure that can help you explore your sexuality that you never imagine before.

Here is our favourite music album for Tantric Self Love Pleasure Journey:-

Tantra Flowering by Satyarthi Parteek & Amano Manish

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