General Tantra Meditation for Everyone

If you are into meditation or if you are a spiritually inclined person, you may want to consider welcoming Tantra into your life. Nowadays, many couples are embracing Tantra and even making it a part of their routine as couples.

Tantra is a combination of breathing, movement, and sound that promotes the opening of the ‘chakra’ energy inside the body. This, in turn, stimulates a hidden energy called ‘Kundalini’ which releases all the pressures that have been trapped inside the body for a long time. Moreover, it is said that it also improves one’s power in adapting and connecting with people.These are the general tantrameditation that will greatly help males, females, and couples:

Third Eye Meditation

Third eye or Spinal is a meditation that activates energy up and down the spine. While you maintain a connection to the earth, you open and associate awareness to the heavens at the same time.

Sit in a comfortable position; allow your legs and pelvis to touch the floor. Lengthen your spine through inhalation as if a string is on your head pulling you upwards while naturally breathe.Imagine that a golden ball is in front of you, once you established that, slowly place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then imagine rolling the ball over your head down to your spine as you chant ‘hung’ in your mind. Then, exhale while rolling the ball back to your head while chanting ‘sau’. Thus, doing this is like telling the universe ‘I am that’ and it portrays that you are upholding your True Self.

This meditation is very powerful meditation technique, must try this method in the early morning with an empty stomach for 21 days. You never will be the same again; you can feel the change inside of you and with more power to the manifestation of your reality.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra (technically known as ‘chakra mantra dharana’) is the practice of cultivating the mind to focus on certain centers in the body (known as chakras) which includes repeating a ‘bija mantra’ according to Vedic Tantra and yogic Tantra tradition (one-syllable sound) during Tantra meditation.

To practice this, follow the pronunciation guide (bija mantra) of the main chakrasbelow:



-The Crown (hakra:*Silence*)

-The Third Eye Chakra: OM (‘om’)

-The Throat Chakra:  HAM (‘hum’)

-The Heart Chakra: YAM (‘yum’)

– The Solar Plexus Chakra: RAM (‘rum’)

-The Sacral Chakra: VAM (‘vum’)

-The Root Chakra: LAM (‘lum’)

If you want to go for something simple, just use your preferred mantra as you give full attention on the Heart or Third Eye chakraand carry outconsistent mantra repetitions or you can also say that the repetition of this sound. By being able to do this, you engage more of your senses while allowing a three-dimensional meditation.


Step 1:- Sit down or Stand up and start taking your focus to first chakra and make continues sound ‘Lam’ for 5 Min then keep moving up till sixth chakra and make sound ‘OM’ .So this whole journey of first to six will take 30 Min.

Step 2: – Now take your attention to the seventh chakra and just be silence and watch everything. – 5 Min

Step 3: – Now lie down for 15 minutes

Pranayama Breathing Meditation

Pranayama breathing is simply practicing how to synchronize certain breathing patterns with the mantra. This can be done through this simple harmonization:

SO-HAM mantra: Repetition of ‘SO’ upon inhaling then repetition of ‘HAM’ upon exhaling and give special attention as you breathe up and down your spine.

SOHAM – HAMSA: Repetition of ‘SO’ while inhaling through your left nostril then repetition of ‘HAM’ upon exhaling through your right nostril. Then do another in reverse by inhaling through your right nostril and then exhaling through your left nostril. Repeat for at least ten times.

A-HAM mantra: Repetition of ‘A’ upon inhaling then repetition of ‘HAM’ upon exhaling.

Tsa Lung TrulKhor Meditation

Tsa Lung TrulKhor or TrulKhor is the practice of connecting and coordinating the mind with physical movement while breathing simultaneously. This meditation will open energetic chakras within the body by inhaling and holding the breath as you execute certain body movements.

I practice this movement by watching this YouTube video of by Lama ‘Geshe YongDong’, here is the link of video:

This will clear all the troubles and disturbances to help you recognize the pureness of being, which is the primary source of all the positive things in life.

This meditation improves your overall well-being by relieving all mental, emotional and physical obstacles that hinder you to be in your best condition in the most natural way. It opens the centre in your body (chakras) and awakens your subtle energy within which it impacts your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Mudra Meditation

Mudra meditation has been used over the years and is considered one of the most powerful ways to heal and empower the body as well as the mind. Though some mudras involve various parts of the body, its core is to focuson specific hand movements in combination with the mantra to achieve its goal – to heal.

The practice of Tantra is mainly to direct the body to realize its true purpose, and in turn, help you as a better person in every direction. So, you live your life with your full potential, and Tantra also brings about a deep impact on your relationship with your partner, and especially your love life. So, it’s a path of 360-degree healing.

While it’s true that ‘Tantra’ is related to sexuality, it is not just solely about that. Tantra means ‘liberation’ which points to one’s liberation of the body and mind by finding its purity within. Practicing Tantra means breaking the standards, limitations, and paradigms of society to be able to discover the wholesomeness it has for you.

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