Healthy Food That Increases Sexual Stamina

A few things you wish to get over with as fast as possible – like a doctor’s appointment or a hangover. But sometimes, the last thing you want is a quick conclusion, and not many items are on this list except, of course, sex! You and your partner are turning the heat up, and you want to savor every moment and not be a minuteman.

With that said, the general idea of going wild all night could also use a dose of reality. Various studies indicate that an average couple spends roughly 10 to 20 minutes and not hours as Hollywood might have led you to believe. And other studies show that women too are quite satisfied with 20 minutes of sensual intimacy. Regardless, going a bit longer, never disappoints!

Here we list some food items that shall help fuel your drive and make you go the extra mile. The next time hunger bites you, have a look at the following.

1- Apples

Fruits are must-haves in your diet. The plethora of health benefits make them an indispensable requirement. Apples, in particular, contain high levels of quercetin, which is known for enhancing stamina. Sex is as physically stimulating as exercise, so an increase in endurance should do well to help you in bed as well.

Furthermore, quercetin restricts the release of the hormone cortisone, helping you avoid premature fatigue.

2- Ginger

Ah, sweet, and spicy ginger! Some lesser-known traits about ginger are how it can aid your sex drive by improving the blood circulation and keeping your arteries healthy. A few pinches of bite-sized ginger twice a week should do it just fine! So the next time you visit a takeaway, add a ginger green smoothie for dessert!

3- Banana

There is certainly a lot more to bananas than sexual innuendos. The good-for-any-season fruit is rich in simple carbs along with plenty of other nutrients. Also, banana has a healthy amount of potassium, which does its part preventing muscle spasms during the action. A study by an American organization also highlighted potassium’s role in lowering blood pressure, helping boost your sexual performance.

4- Garlic

Garlic breadsticks, anyone? Yes, not only are they the perfect dessert, but garlic also helps boost your stamina. And it does not stop there; garlic can prevent the new fat formation in your body. So start by adding a hint of garlic to everyday dishes, and the result shall certainly be satisfying!

5- Tuna Fish

Tuna fish is abundant in Vitamin B12, which athletes often associate with quick energy boosts.  The micronutrient coordinates your brain function and promotes nervous health. According to a recent study by Harvard University, it shows how a lack of vitamin B12 means bad news for the bedroom. It can result in low libido, overall fatigue, among others.

6- Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon is super rich in Omega-3 acids, and its delicious appeal is tough to say no to. And various studies indicate how omega-3 can help you maintain an erection for longer than usual. Furthermore, if you are suffering from any metabolic dysfunction, omega-3’s healing properties shall come to your rescue.

7- Nuts

Hungry? Grab a nut. Nuts contain amino acids, a kind of protein that ultimately produces nitric oxide in your body. Similar to omega-3, this vital nutrient also helps a great deal maintain an erection when the hour comes.

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