Here Is My Story – Satyarthi Prateek and Tantra

Satyarthi Prateek, Tantra and My Life Story

Topic:- My Story – Satyarthi Prateek, Tantra & Born of Tantra Nectar

I was born in sunny India, in Agra, where my spiritual path started almost 20 years ago at the age of 13.

Wow! Such a lucky, I’m … It feels like yesterday.

In the starting years of my spiritual journey, I meet my Tantra Guru Ji “Shri Kamal Yogi “. He completely opens a new door and initiates me into the path of Tantra & Yoga. It is the most crucial part of my life where a new journey begins where Tantra and Yoga enter my life at the exact right age.

Osho :- My Beloved Master

Later I met my Master Osho and it changed my life. and Finally, I have chosen the path of Tantra, Meditation, Bodily practices, Healing and yoga and decide to devote my life into the feet of divine.

During my spiritual journey, I studied the art of healing the soul and body with the best masters and in different schools of the world, step by step following the call of my heart.

My experience in body practices, Yoga, Meditation, Tantra & and various types of Therapies, Massage & Healing for over 15 years, this is how my personal approach and training courses developed.

Thats how , new chapter begins from Prateek Singhal to Satyarthi Prateek and Tantra .

How is Tantra Nectar Born?

Four years ago in Bali, meditating on the ocean shore, I realised that my mission is not just to walk the path of tantra and meditation myself, but to share knowledge and experience with others.

This is how Tantra Nectar was born.

My most important creation is Tantra Nectar Touch Massage .

One Meditation that I really want to share here, that really helps me in my journey that is Chakra Meditation  and thats how , Satyarthi Prateek, Tantra & Tantra Nectar, all become one as the part of the cosmic play.

Tantra Nectar:- A New way to Living Life

Today Tantra Nectar is not just disciples around the world, but a community of like-minded people, it is a family.

Im always trying my best to share Tantra in its more purest quality. Tantra is not only about sex and orgasm. Yo know more about this subject must read my blog

How Did The Indian Tradition Of Tantra Become About Orgasms & Sex In The West?

I don’t want to just hold retreats, I don’t want to divide life into spiritual and “ordinary” life. I know how to maintain a balance between spiritual and material, not choosing one thing and I sincerely dream that this will become a reality for everyone.

I feel that we are all born on this earth to fulfil our destiny in some way.

All human beings have a purpose of their own. But what happens in real?

Society, the education system, religion oppose this development, limit our freedom and we constantly feed on misery and suffering, carrying with our pain and narrow vision of the world. And we ourselves live like slaves, we become hostages of this system from childhood.

I want to help people regain the ability to enjoy life. I want to return people’s confidence and self-love. I want to bring back the celebration of life and inner freedom that each of us has. Humanity has been chasing illusory happiness for hundreds of years, but it has always been here.

My Mission:- Satyarthi Prateek & Tantra Nectar

And I see my mission in touching your hearts, to share knowledge and help you see your real self. But ultimately, for me the path of Tantra and Meditation is the path to conscious life, enlightenment, this is the path to realising our divine nature. But in order to go higher, you first need to regain your body, love it, accept sexuality, heal traumas, balance the energy and chakra systems and find your purpose.

For this, there are many different practices, like breathing, body therapy, dance, massage and others, which we use to come back to our nature and realize our true nature. But these are just tools.

To do this we get together and in this special atmosphere of trust, love and acceptance, it is easier to open up and experience all the transformations with my support and the support of all participants.

“You are your own Master “

But remember, each of you already has your own Master and that is You yourself. And when you accept this totally when you take responsibility for your life when meditation becomes a part of you, then inner silence will appear and all the answers will be found within.

with love,

Satyarthi Prateek


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