How can i practice Self Love ?

How can I practice self love and what self love is all about it ?

Topic:- Four stages to start with your self- love meditation Practice

Any spiritual journey first starts with oneself. If one wants to go deeper into the journey of self-realization, then first and foremost it is very important to be in love with yourself.

Once you are in love with yourself, then you taste the ultimate freedom and are free from what others need.

If someone comes into your life then you welcome him/her with open hands and even if there is no one, you are utterly satisfied with yourself. Then there would be no breakups at all, every day will be a honeymoon with life.

So My appeal to you is  “Please leave this attitude of criticism! Make gratitude and appreciation your way of life.

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In this Journey of Self-love, we need the attitude of appreciation in vast measures. To start the journey of self-love, it is very important to make a connection with your body. And yes! All of us are very disconnected from our bodies.

In order to make the connection with our body, we use methods of tantra which is the most ancient science of love and meditation from the east.

Tantra Starts with Body:-

Tantra starts from the body because your body is the temple where good lives are within.
Tantra says if you are able to make love with your body as you would with your lover, then you will awaken the inner polarities that give an experience of resonance with the divine.

Shiva – Shakti:-

To awaken your inner Shiva and Shakti, it becomes very important that you start taking care of your temple, your beloved body. Making pleasure as your path to reach God.

So today, I’m sharing a very profound meditation that takes you to a journey of self- love and orgasm.

Self Love Meditation Practice:- 

This meditation is divided into four stages.

The first stage of meditation is to see beauty and godliness in yourself and appreciate it.

The Second Stage is awakening the sensuality and being orgasmic.

The Third stage is Celebration & Gratitude.

The Fourth stage is letting go and dissolve in this vastness of existence.


First Stage:- See beauty and godliness in yourself and appreciate it

( Duration 15 Minutes )

See God or Goddess within yourself, giving love and care to your body for 15 minutes. Stand in front of the mirror, close your eyes for a few minutes. Place both your hands on the heart to make a deeper connection with your heart.

After a few seconds get into a relaxed posture and open your eyes. Now start looking in your eyes and feeling that you are looking at the most amazing and loving human being. See yourself as God as the Shiva or Shakti while feeling proud of yourself.

See the magic and creativity of existence within you. After some time, start removing all your clothes and observe yourself completely naked appreciating your body by reciting:

“ I love my body “

“ I have the most beautiful body in the world “

“ I’m very sexy and hot “

“ My body is very beautiful “

“ I am proud of my body “ and keep going.

Feel proud of your body without any criticism and the habit of comparison and stare at it for a few minutes.Now, go even deeper in this experience by appreciating each part of your body, starting from head to toe and then touching that body part in a more caressing way.

You can start from your hair, then eyes and moving to the Nose, Lips, Cheek, then the Face, Neck, Chest and Breast, Belly, Hands, Fingers, Yoni or lingam, Thighs, Hips, Legs and then whole body again.

For Example

“ I Love my eyes, I have the most beautiful eyes, My eyes are very deep “ and then also touch your eyes with full love and care.

This is the most important stage of self-love meditation practice.

Second stage:- Awakening the sensuality and be orgasmic

(Duration – 15 minutes )

Now after the first stage of appreciation, go to your bed and lie down. Now start touching your body with full sensuality as you are touching the body of your lover.

At this moment, you are your own lover. Explore and discover yourself, hunt for the points of pleasure.

Love it. Kiss yourself, lick yourself and just become completely in love. Touch your whole body including genitals, touch your chest and breast, touch your yoni or lingam.

When you feel very much aroused, then spread this whole energy to the whole body so the experience of orgasm will be channelized to the whole body which will give you proper nourishment.

You can use healthy cocoa butter also that is very good for your self-pleasure journey.
Ejaculation is not our goal, our goal is awakening the energy and spreading it to the whole body.

The second stage is a very important aspect of self-love practice.

Third Stage:- Life is a big Celebration  (Duration – 15 minutes )

Now with the awakened energy, start the naked dance, feeling proud of yourself That yes ! I’m an awakened man as Shiva or I’m as awakened as Shakti. I would recommend putting on some Soulful tantra music Click here

The fourth stage – Let it all go (Duration – 15 minutes )

Now go back to your bed and completely let go of the energy to dissolve in this vast existence. And it’s completely fine if after some time you fall asleep, then your sleep also becomes a meditation.

Some Useful Tips for Self Love Meditation Practice:-

The best time of this meditation is in the night before sleep, so that you can fall asleep during the last stage or after the completion of the meditation.

If you practise this meditation for 90 days, then you, your being, your body, your life, your energy, your aura, everything changes.

You will be becoming a carrier of love. You will radiate so much fragrance of joy and happiness that this life becomes a big dance where “You are orgasm “ and that is how you are able the taste of divine wine “The nectar of tantra

My Experience:-

In my last 15 years of meditation and tantra journey, I practised many methods of meditation and one day somehow while practising and trying many things, I channelized this meditation and practised it.

I had the deepest orgasmic experience of my life. Then I practised this meditation for 21 days and my body, me, my aura, everything completely changed, I feel very light that even a wind tends to give me orgasm. Thus even I practised that mediation for 90 days.

Still, I am in love with this meditation and from time to time, at least once or twice in a week, I still do this meditation and now it has become my ritual before sleeping.

I hope that you love this meditation and practise it to enter the kingdom of tantra.

Here is the Link of Youtube video for the Music of the Self Love Meditation:-


In our Tantra Nectar Retreat and Workshop, Self Love Meditation is the key practice.

If you like this Self Love Meditation Practice then must try Mirror practise too.

Love and Big Hugs

Satyarthi Prateek 

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