How keep your relationship going during a Pandemic

How keep your relationship going during a Pandemic

Yes, It is a time of pandemic and now it’s your choice to make it hell or paradise. In this blog, we are sharing some very useful tips that can help you to keep your relationship going during a pandemic time.

The Most important is Self Love .

Self Love is the key to freedom and inner happiness – Satyarthi Prateek

There are always crises happening in the world. Sometimes it is in another country; sometimes it’s in your backyard, sometimes it’s in your bedroom.

And while there are many things we can do to help the world (educating ourselves, signing petitions, donating, marching, speaking up and doing the right thing), real healing and change start in our homes and our hearts.

With each relationship interaction, we better understand ourselves; we adjust and compensate for different scenarios. When we face relationship conflicts at work, struggle with political jockeying, or feel the support of a coach/mentor, it strengthens us in our engagement with others.

The key to personal and professional growth through your relationships is candid self-awareness.

Marriage/ Relationship is a verb in the same way that love is a verb. You have to keep creating together and making love happen in your home.

You have a responsibility to yourself and the people that you love. And you are so lucky that you have this responsibility because it forces you to be better. It asks you to choose always to walk forward together.

We also need physical interactions with other relatives, friends, neighbours as it helps us become more grounded and able to listen, empathize, and respond to others more impactfully.

What’s critical to understand is that this pandemic seems likely to be with us for the foreseeable future. It’ll challenge many of our assumptions, from the environment to education, and how we define work. Many industries will continue to struggle to adapt.

The common thread will be both the nature and nurture of our most significant asset– our portfolio of Love & Relationships.

Meditation is a key factor to keep moving on without entering into any stress and depression.

Really! It is the best time to make love with yourself.

It is most important that you keep your relationship going during a Pandemic time period and don’t attract unnecessary negativity.

Here are some tips you might want to consider to keep a healthy marriage/relationship with your partner:

  • Be on your best behaviour

Make a conscious commitment to stay healthy for one another during these unusual but finite times. It’s helpful for partners to look at the shelter-in-place situation realistically.

  • Listen and let yourself be listened to

Really listen to what the significant other is saying and try to understand it and to focus on their needs at that moment.  Honestly share how you are feeling and allow yourself to be heard and supported as well.

  • Give each other personal space.

 We have to separate if we want to come back together. Taking time apart lets us nourish ourselves and feel excited about reconnecting, rather than allowing us to get sick of each other until we do something petty or explosive to get the space we need. Have time alone before you resent being together.

The anxiety caused by the pandemic may tempt some people to lose themselves in work, particularly people who invest a lot of their personal identity in their professions. They might miss the routine, the meetings, the structure that go with that.

 Slowing down is vital for your wellbeing, and for your man to be able to catch up and connect with you. He wants to be received by you, he wants to be in your orbit – and he can’t if you’re always busy doing just one more thing that needs to be completed. Take a breath, change your speed and let ease be your new priority.

  • Lower your expectations on SEX time :

Staying at home to help contain a dangerous, viral pandemic is not exactly a romantic vacation. Couples should modify their expectations around sexual intimacy. People are distracted, and there’s a blur between work and home life. So it may get moody for a partner to get intimate with you at times, and it’s okay. Just be a good support, and a good friend at such times.

  • Seek out comfort from other relations:

Talk with other people on the phone and use technology to keep your support network intact. It is essential for both people in the relationship to stay connected with family and friends who can be available for them, especially as time wears on with continuing physical distancing measures.

Tantra is a magical path for couples. Must try some tantric couple meditation and rituals. Slowly-slowly, Tantra will take care of your love and intimacy.

Must try Caressing Meditation .

Yes! Say Yes to Love and Life and keep your relationship going during a Pandemic time period.

Remember, the situation is a temporary one, but your relationship doesn’t need to be too. Like everything, this shall pass also. If two people want to indeed be there for each other, no amount of a stressful situation can separate them. Love is to be nurtured every day in ways you least expect, as a lover and in times of these just by being a kind companion.

This will paas too ! Charevati Charevati …..

Love & Hugs

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