How Often Do Women Masturbate?

How often do women masturbate? Do women masturbate at all?

These are a few of the most burning questions that people ask. But the most significant thing to understand is that, what is masturbation. It is not as much as a taboo that people have considered it to be. Men and women usually masturbate to satisfy their sexual urges. It is taking matters into our own hands, and not be dependent on someone else. While most people masturbate to satisfy their sexual urges, in the absence of a partner, who might help him or her in doing so. But some people even masturbate while having a partner. There’s nothing wrong in masturbating.

What is vital is,when and how often should you masturbate?

There isn’t a decided number of times a man or woman should masturbate, it simply depends on the person. But it is important that one doesn’t get addicted to masturbation. I’ve come across a horde of people, mostly men who say that they’ve been addicted to masturbating. Some say that they masturbate every day and some even say they masturbate couple of times, daily! While this may surprise some, but it’s really not that uncommon.With the advent of internet and easy availability of porn, it becomes easy to get aroused and satisfy one’s need.

Masturbation is often related to men more often than, women. And there’s a reason for it. Women often are discreet about satisfying themselves, compared to men who are often boasting about the number of times they’ve done the deed. I’ve encountered a few women who say they are addicted to masturbating, but the number is way too small as compared to men. Women who please themselves have higher self-esteem, better body image and a more active sex life than the ones who don’t.

What happens when men masturbate too much?

While there are definitely some health as well as psychological problems which arise due to frequent masturbation. These are the most evident in men. The main problem lies in the time that one lasts; what happens often is that masturbation leads to premature ejaculation. This happens because most of the times people who masturbate multiple times, hurry the process and the body becomes used to it. Another problem lies in the psychological disadvantage, which comes along with the addiction to anything. People tend to become restless and irritated if they have stopped their regular masturbations.

To put it in a nutshell, masturbation should be done only when one is sexually aroused. While once or twice a week is definitely good enough, people should make sure they just don’t get addicted to it. But if one gets addicted I have personally helped people come out of it, with personal counselling, yoga&meditation.It is the deep meditation path which helps you to reach the truth and call your soul thoroughly which is free from unrealistic ideas and desires.

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When asked, how do women get an orgasm, I often reply that women are complex when it comes to sexual activities. While men can get aroused just by seeingor even through mere imagination, women require touch and above all stimulation. Women find it difficult to get an orgasm compared to men. For men it is an easy road, but for women it’s quite tricky way. Studies suggest, 1 in almost 5 women do not get an orgasm while having sex with their partners.

The main reason for this is, the misconception about sex. Sex is portrayed in popular mediums only as penetration. However most women do not get an orgasm through vaginal penetration.They need clitoral stimulation. The clit is the small lobe just above the vagina, and is often known as the women’s penis. In order for the sex to be pleasurable for both the persons involved, it is obviously important for the woman to experience an orgasm. Though clitoral stimulation is not the only way to do so.Stimulating the g-spot, nipples, navel, neck and even underarms have been proved to be effective to lead a woman to get an orgasm.

When a girl experiences orgasms, it not only gives her pleasure but it also helps in dealing with stress, help fighting depression, and improves overall health. So, it’s just not the pleasure.

I’ve come across many women who have told me that they have hardly experienced orgasm whilst having sex with their partners, and didn’t really know how it felt, until they masturbated and were able to experience orgasm. So, this brings us back to the start of this blog, where I had mentioned that it’s just not single people who masturbate but also those who are in physical relationships.

Many women and men don’t really even know how a woman feels when she is experiencing an orgasm, it’s quite surprising but not really unbelievable. But as far the experience of an orgasm goes, it varies from woman to woman, some experience high heart rates, some get heavy breathing, but all experience similar physical outcomes, like the wetting of the vaginal, lubricating, compression of the vaginal glands and so on. It helps in conceiving as well, as the pathway through the ovary up to the eggs is virtually opened whilst a woman has experienced an orgasm.

Sex is nothing but a physical form of love. And love is shared between two individuals,similarly sex should be done in a way that it is pleasurable to both. Unfortunately, quite often men become selfish,dominantand just care about their satisfaction. But trust me, when men make sure that their women are satisfied, they will be treated to an immense feeling of love and oneness. That is the true Tantra of sex, and that is why sex is often called as making love.

Hope you have received your answer to how to make a girl orgasm on my blog. To dive deep into this complex yet interesting topic you can attend my workshops which will help you satisfy yourself and your partner in the best possible way.

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