How To Arouse A Woman?

Women are vulnerable in their own beautiful ways. They keep developing, growing, and changing with time. Every woman passes through a certain cycle in their life. There comes a certain age where the hormones in every human tend to change. For women, one such cycle is their sex life after menopause. Menopause is basically the ceasing of menstruation; the period in a woman’s life where she stops bleeding. Women of the age group 45 – 50 years mainly experience this. At this stage of life, there are many men who face difficulty in arousing their partners. They often end up asking me questions like, how to sexually arouse a menopausal woman? Is sex affected after my wife’s menopause?Here’s what I tell them.

Menopausal women often experience changes in their bodies as well as sexuality. Certain symptoms of hormonal changes are hot flushes, mood swings and sexual problems. While these symptoms are natural, they can disrupt the couple’s sexual life. Women experience mixed feelings; some are sad about the loss of fertility and the body of the youth while some are glad and relieved from the fear of unwanted pregnancy and are ready to experience a stress-free sexual life. As the saying goes, the brain is a woman’s most important sex organ, we can’t ignore the fact that the body plays a vital role too, especially when we get older. Satisfying and pleasurable sex depends on various other things like desire, arousal, absence of pain, and an ability to reach an orgasm. After menopause the libido in women declines causing changes in our bodies and making it difficult for us to face arousal and orgasm. The process can even be painful. It so often happens, that women become dissatisfied with sex and some even avoid it.

As Tantra suggests, sex is first willingness and then pleasure. Unless and until your partner willingly agrees for intercourse, forcing is never an option. As I earlier mentioned, after menopause sex can become painful and to overcome this barrier men should indulge in outer course more than intercourse. I have discussed the importance of outer course including foreplay, and other techniques in my earlier blogs. You can definitely use these techniques even if the end product doesn’t end up with penis- in – vagina sex. You can instead experience oneness. Try making pleasure the goal rather than orgasm. Another thing that can help in satisfying your partner is the mental pleasure than the physical one. Brain being an important organ can be used for sexual enhancement with the easy methods of cuddling, sensual massages, sharing fantasies, genital stroking, etc. If your genitals are aroused by these activities, it is still sex!

When asked about how to arouse a woman, I strongly suggest men to use my personal favourite technique i.e. the ancient Asian traditions of Tantra and Tao, which focuses more on the use of rituals rather than genitals. Rituals are extended sex play and full body sexual stimulation to create more sexual response. Tantra can beautifully help you in achieving sex to super consciousness. You can attend my Tantra Nectar training and workshops for better results and experience how beautiful Tantra is, in its own sensual way.

Through these techniques and training you can easily master the art of sensuality. Some men consider the art of arousing a woman very easy, but the fact is that arousing a woman is easier said than done. I clearly mentioned how vulnerable women are, and men should not just focus on arousing them but also sexually satisfying them to the extent where they naturally achieve orgasm. To help you figure out in what ways you can sexually arouse a woman quickly and for husbands looking out for how to satisfy their wife in bed? Here is the answer!

Firstly, reality is much more different than virtual reality. Pornographic films, are widely used by men in attempt to learn how to satisfy women in bed. What people fail to understand is that, those films are mere reflection of a scripted act and that nothing that happens can be compared with reality. This is one big reason which leads women to fake an orgasm while having sex because the men use techniques and moves which are often influenced by porn. Secondly, the way sex as a whole concept is developed in our society is wrong in many ways. When we speak about sex, all we can think about is the penetration and ejaculation part whereas sex is more about the affection, the passion, the intimacy, the love, the sensuality.

Even in the eyes of Tantra, sex is everything but just penetration it is about affection, care, mutual respect and dedication towards our partner in bed as well as in person. It will help you boost your energy with much more intensity. You can thoroughly satisfy your wife in bed, if you effectively use these components and even target the sensual senses in a women i.e. the naval, the back, the neck, the belly, inside of the arms and legs, wrists, fingers and feet. These erogenous zones will help you achieve orgasm, pleasure and ecstasy. The typical mistake that men make in bed are being too selfish and dominant. Tantra teaches men to make love pleasurable for their partner and not a race for orgasm.

Dealing with sex issues can be a fearsome proposition, but as I have mentioned there are various solutions to them. So be pro-active, and get your Tantra to have a healthy and pleasurable sexual life on track. After all, good sex has the power to enhance your self-esteem and can satisfy your wife as well. So, go ahead, follow the essence of Tantra to heal your deep spiritual growth and let the magic of it help you in arousing your partner without facing any barriers of age and hormonal changes.

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