How To Do Sexting With Your Boyfriend

Communication is the key to every healthy relationship, be it interpersonal or digitalized. The root cause of any unsuccessful relationship is the lack of communication between the partners. To fill in this gap of communication one makes constant efforts to keep their partners hooked up to them. I agree that relationships can often become boring, frustrating and toxic but there are a few ways that can save the relationship from drowning. Believe it or not, sexting is a very effective way of keeping your relationship lively and showing your partner that there’s room for more and more.Indulging in sexting is basically satisfying your sensual pleasures proactively!

How to indulge in sexting?

In my opinion sexting isn’t all about talking raunchy and sending sexy images to your boyfriend or husband. Sexting is expressing your emotions without any actual physical contact. It is a way you can show your deep- rooted love for your partner and let him feel special and orgasmic at the end. Making love doesn’t always have to be physical or through touch. Words speak louder than actions, truly. Simple yet effective phrases like “I can’t stop thinking about you” “Your soft lips feel like petals tingling my neck” or you can also indulge in BDSM while you sext with your partner.

There is no step by step process that a person can go through while sexting but just a few points that can be kept in mind in learning how to arouse a man:

  1. Sexting is an art

You can be creative as well as realistic with what you type and send. You have to love, enjoy and try your best to turn your expressions as real as they can be.

  1. Don’t say it all out

Maintaining mystery in your conversation will add to your partners’ excitement and will keep them occupied in wondering and imagining about what you said.

  1. Let imaginations run wild

Avoid sending pictures and leave a few things to their imagination. Words can do wonders you just need to use the right ones.

  1. Be Honest

Sexting can turn fruitful if you are honest right from the start. People often fake emotions while sexting to their partners. It is also very important to trust the person you’re indulged in sexting with.

Seducing your boyfriend/husband through these techniques can really help you to bring back the romance and charisma in your relationship. It has the power to spice up your relationship. A few more things that will help you romance your boyfriend or husband in bed is your attitude and personality towards him. Men love confident, independent and passionate women who can drive them crazy. They like it when women talk erotic with them. Sexting helps to grow your bond by adding emotional closeness and increased communication as you get to know what your boyfriend/ husband thinks. However, many people consider that sexting your boyfriend/husband is cheap and slutty. This might surprise you, but talking dirty can boost your man’s ego in bed and in your sexual life as well. It can make your husband happy in bed.

While speaking about sexual life, we come to another important aspect which women often ask me about is, how to impress my husband in bed?

Every marriage or relationship has a honeymoon period, and later on gradually things start falling out due to other responsibilities that crawl in. Tantra can help you rejuvenate and create a balanced intimate state with your partner. According to Tantra, sexual energy is the highest form of energy in the world that our body produces; to be able to harness it is to generate the ultimate power. Hence, the art of seduction majorly depends on building up, optimizing and channelizing the power of the mind, the body and the spirit to attain ultimate power.

I often come across women who often ask for suggestions about how to seduce their husband or how to arouse men in the bedroom? To that I always reply with a smile saying, all women need to learn the art of seduction where they can lure their husbands and attract him towards her. Women can subtly do this, just by perfuming themselves. Anciently, it is said that men are aroused when a woman perfumes her hair with khuss, neck with jasmine arms with mint, waist with rose and back with sandalwood. Because at the end women should look like a banquette of tastes, textures and smells.While some may like to impress their husband in romantic full moon night in a bower of flowers, soft silk garments, sweet and intoxicating perfumes, light and nourishing food with soft music in background. Some may eagerly want to arouse her man by indulging in BDSM, vanilla sex etc. Being happy and enjoying every moment is what tops everything in order to arouse a man. There is no one way to this beautiful art form. As I would like to believe ‘To each its own’.

Another misconception that people have in their minds is that, the art of seduction is only for women, No! The men play equal role in the art of seduction. It may be easy to arouse a woman but the men too need to harness the art of seduction equally.The Tantra nectar touch will help you to explore your sensuality and sexuality consciously. It will help you to use the art of seduction and sensuality for pleasure and greater compassion, empathy and love. Tantra will help you to experience oneness and come close to your partner’s soul.

You can learn more about how to arouse your man or seduce your man by attending my training sessions

Trust me, this can work wonders and your husband will instantly want to spend some good quality time with you. A relationship on the other hand should be filled with gratefulness. Not all men go behind lust and physical aspects. What matters more to them is energy. They feel the energy, and love it when you portray your actual self. Afterall, acceptance is the key to achieving all your goals in life and meditation is one way to the path of acceptance.

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