How To Enjoy Tantric Sex With Your Partner?

Unless you are not at all aware of the latest updates of the health and wellness world, the term ‘tantric sex’ may look quite familiar to you. However, do you know what it exactly means and how can it help you in bettering the quality of life? Well, if not, then consider checking out this post right away!! It talks about almost everything that you should know about tantric sex. Trust me; it will surely help you in spicing up your relationship and enjoying the essence of being together to the fullest!! Keep reading!!

What Does Tantric Sex Refer To?

Tantric sex is an era old practice that carries an enriched history of more than 5000 years. It aims to weave and expand the energy that can help one in making living enjoyable.

This slow form of sexual practice is amazingly helpful in developing excellent bonding with your partner. It awards you with the right body and mind connection that helps in achieving the real pleasure of a powerful orgasm.

There’s no such criterion to start practicing tantric sex. If you want to make your love-making experience enjoyable as well as memorable, you can begin practicing tantric sex anytime you want.

However, tantric sex is not only about physical pleasure; instead, it promotes holistic wellbeing, where you can keep on exploring yourself, your partner, and create remarkable mind and body bonding. It’s extremely helpful in powering up positive energies.

Why Tantric Sex?

Well, are you looking for the most intense form of ecstasy? Only tantric sex can help you with the same. By relaxing your mind and boosting your energies, it makes the act of love-making the real way of self-realization. You will be able to know yourself better, and life will start to look even more beautiful to you. This makes tantric sex a must-try for couples.

How to Enjoy Tantric Sex to Its Fullest?

Let’s get into the topic directly!! Here’s a handful of ways to make the most out of tantric sex. Let’s check them out now!!

Step -1

Find a quiet room, free from the noises of the external world.


Turn off the lights, close the doors and windows.


Since Tantra works on making the flow of energy flawless, you should loosen your body to let that happen.

Step- 4

Don’t go closer to bed first!! It puts the sleep switch on.


Be comfortable. Lie down on the floor and start touching each other. Feel free to make your way around your partner’s body.

Step -6

Keep exploring. Try out different touches and find out what turns on him or her most. Besides, focus on breathing. If your partner exhales, you should concentrate on inhaling or vice versa.


If you don’t last as long as you wanted to be, try it again!!

The Best Tantric Exercises

There are a few tantric exercises that can help you a lot!! Keep reading, and get to know about them now!!

  1. Let the heart breathe in such a way so that you can tune each other. Keep eyes –in eyes and place your hand on the heart of your partner. Ask him to do the same. Match each other’s breathing and practice this exercise for the next 2-3 minutes.
  2. Go for skin contact! Sit face to face; the female should place herself on the lap of her partner and hold him tight in her arms.
  3. At the time of sex, take care of the breathing part. Act slowly and intensely.

To know more about tantric sex, consider visiting today! Get to know about our upcoming workshops and become a part of the holy world of Tantra!


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