How To Get A Full Body Orgasm By Taoist Tantra Practices

Taoist Tantra Practices

You may be too shy to question the accuracy of the title above. But for your general knowledge please understand that a full body orgasm is possible. Orgasms are essential for the mind, body, spirit, and energy. However, people prefer to talk less about this topic. Orgasms matter, which is why we will tell you everything about how to get a full-body orgasm according to Taoist Tantra Practices.

What is Full Body Orgasm? Is it Possible?

According to many Taoist Tantra Practitioners, and also in my personal experience, a full body orgasm includes having goosebumps all over the body. The feeling of great energy inside that is too intense to be contained. A Person can feel a great bout and boost of energy and vibrations throughout the body. Often, the joy and satisfaction are so much that intense belly laughter is busted out.

In a full-body orgasm, a person might experience intense sweating. It is like a hundred percent of their sweat glands are open for a few minutes. Involuntary tremors, exceptional breathing with an overpowering sound just like an animal is also included as part of this pleasurable experience.

Yes, a full body orgasm is possible! It isn’t just a myth!

Let me share my personal experience of a full-body orgasm with you.

During lovemaking, I often reach a point when the waves of energy start to travel in my whole body and I completely lose my senses. Yes, it was indeed a full body orgasm. Yet, I was fully aware. I could feel so much heat inside my body and head. I very vividly remember the feeling of the kundalini awakening the energy from my sacrum to spine and from the spine to head. I was feeling immense pleasure and joy and trust me, belly laughter just got busted! Universal love surrounded me! Everything was pure.

I could experience this due to the deep meditation techniques learnt from the Indian Tantra Meditations and with the help of Taoist practices.

And, now every lovemaking experience is an opening of a new door of full body orgasm.

So what are the Taoist practices that can help full body orgasm?

  • The Sexual Kung Fu

One of the practices is the retention of sperm as it will not just improve your sexual pleasure and performance, but it is necessary to conserve energy.

It’s true that this Tantra practice is one of the hardest to do, but without a doubt, it’s one of those who has a tremendous impact not only to your sexual life but to your health as well. The main goal of this Tantra practice is to preserve and convert sexual energy into an energy that is sufficient and effective especially during sex (converting Jing into Chi). This is only possible if the desire is wholeheartedly purified and the sexual essence is mystically channelled.

While one of the Taoist advocacies is for men not to ejaculate, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of their sex life. As a matter of fact, this advocacy helps in enhancing their sex life. One of the things that men are doing wrong is to have sex, ejaculate, and that’s it. Well, Taoism believes that it’s not like that and it shouldn’t be like that at all. According to Taoist masters, men can become multi-orgasmic which in turn become both beneficial for men and their partner.

  • Practice having a pure mind

According to Taoist masters, both men and women should do lovemaking with an ‘empty’ mind as it’s the purest state of the mind and just open up to sexuality. This practice might still be unclear to you but it’s basically about stopping in a certain way of thinking – conceptual, verbal, or rational as they will immediately put a definite label on the lovemaking. Instead, practice it with an empty mind and just let your bodies go with the flow, this way you won’t have to be conscious about how you will react in a certain situation, let your body speaks for the things your mouth wants to utter. Do not evaluate the situation, rather, fully experience it. This is one core of Tantric tradition and if done correctly, it can get not just you or your partner but both of you to experience a full-body orgasm.

  • Women should practice giving themselves to their lovers

This is not just about giving your whole self to the man of your life, it should be in such a way that is loving and you’re conscious about it.

  • Control of ejaculation in men

Taoist have prescribed 2 techniques to control ejaculation to achieve a longer time period in bed: “coitus conservatus” and “coitus thesauratus” (which are coined by Joseph Needham) also known as “The Million Dollar Point”

There is an old story about a millionaire.  He visited an old shrine and sought help from the monks. He wanted to know how one can have a long life span through practising Qi Gong. After spending a considerable amount of time, he acquired knowledge of how one can preserve health by practicing and using ‘Hui Yin’. When he was bidding goodbye, he donated a million dollars to this temple and ever since, Hui Yin has been known as the Million-Dollar Point.

“coitus conservatus” is when a man will immediately pull out his thing when he feels like he’s about to ejaculate or just before ejaculation.

“coitus thesauratus” is a technique in which a man applies pressure on the perineum. This leads to a reversal of ejaculation into the bladder thereby delaying the very ejaculation which usually marks an end of a lovemaking session. Taoists believe that the jing will travel up into the head and will “nourish the brain” by doing this technique. Some scholars call it “The Million Dollar Point” (MDP)

How to find this MDP? 

It is located between the anus and the external genitalia of the body. It is called ‘perineum’ in English. You can find this point by means of standing with your legs apart and put your fingers between your anus and, move your fingers until you feel a cord-like tube. This is the tube carrying the semen until ejaculation. You must securely push it in an upward motion to delay ejaculation.

Benefits of Taoist Tantra Practice for Man and woman

  • Help nourish vitality, improve life span and has anti-ageing essentials
  • Help keep the body upright and correct the posture.
  • Helps prevent and treat urinary and faecal incontinence.
  • Helps prevent and treat vaginal diseases and make the vagina tight.
  • Helps prevent and treat hyperostosis.
  • Helps prevent and treat prostatitis and problems like erectile dysfunction.
  • Helps prevent and treat the diseases of the colon and anus.
  • Helps improve sexual life.
  • Helps strengthen the deep muscles of the bottom and the preaxial thigh.
  • Helps to get full and multi-level orgasm

Master these things and the pleasure of full body orgasm will get your lovemaking intensified. Achieve it, enjoy it, and get your partner satisfied.

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