How To Heal A Broken Relationship


Your relationship does not have to necessarily be broken only after having broken up with each other. It can be broken and in tatters even when you’re together. Putting off attending to the issue causing it all and not taking the efforts to resolve it can turn toxic and harmful for the both of you.  Suppressing things you want to say, long drawn out fights over petty matters, arguments about not giving each other enough time, or taking for granted an event that means the world to your partner, and other countless reasons that fuel fights, if not resolved amicably, become splinters that lodge themselves in the heart, slowly tearing apart your relationship and causing unbearable heartbreak to the both of you.

How to fix a relationship that’s falling apart is subjective asevery relationship is unique to itself and so are its trials and tribulations. But the most important thing to remember is to not give up on each other, despite all odds. At the end of the day, you realise through it all that you love them, even when you hate them, and can’t do without them. Fights or no fights, every relationship is work and its best to leave no clutter or backlog in the beneficial interest of both the parties. When you’re too mad at each other to the extent where you feel like you can kill them, or you feel as if despite taking efforts your relationship is slipping away from you, no matter how hard you hold on, try this exercise. It is the answer to the most pivotal question- how to fix a relationship after a fight.

Let me share a simple yet effective method with you:

Step 1 :-

Find a quite place where you can complete the entire process peacefully and without any disturbance. Don’t forget to switch off your mobile.

Step 2 :-

Sit opposite each other and keep a pillow in between. One person will share the problem she/he is experiencing in the relationship, and after they’re done, a timer should be set by either person; the other person will give a summary of the problem in over one minute. In this scenario, the person sharing is called the giver and the person reciprocating with a summary is called the receiver. If the giver feels the receiver hasn’t satisfactorily heard or covered what the giver wanted to convey, the exercise should be repeated and vice versa. This is to ensure the eternal problem of hearing, but not actually listening to what the other person has to say in a relationship is laid to rest.

Step 3:-

When both of you have finished sharing, breathe out composedly and hug each other. Stay that way for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Step 4 :-

Do a Namaste and bow down to each other. Now, lie down in spooning position and enjoy the tranquillity.

This super powerful method has saved and strengthened many relationship from breaking apart.

I organise Tantra Workshops globally and we in fact teach this method. Trust me, this cathartic method has always worked.

Often, the problems are not very big. We make them seem to be huge in our head. Just try listening with an open mind and heart. There is nothing that cant be fixed.

Ways to fix a broken relationship are many but this exercise creates a healthy environment to convey each other’s problems rather than indulging in heated arguments with no end results, which leave you feeling bitter and resentful towards your other half. It’s imperative to keep in mind that the argument is not as important as your relationship and the problem at hand not bigger than your love for each other.

How to fix a relationship in trouble? By doing this exercise which will help bridge the communication gap between you and your partner and save your relationship from breaking down. Misunderstandings will come and go, but unsaid things and mean words will stay in your mind forever. In a world full of break ups, become couple goals by practicing this simple exercise regularly, wherein you go from, ’How to heal a broken relationship?’ to,’What is a broken relationship?’

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