How To Manage Anger In Our Worklife

Workplace anger management is a tricky business, but if done correctly, can become the deciding factor every morning- whether you look forward to going to work or cringe at the thought of it, dealing with anger in the workplace will really go a long way in contributing to a healthy mental state, and will make Monday mornings less resentful. Whether you’re livid at your boss for being partial to another employee, or you flare up due to office politics, resulting in angry outbursts, or you can’t control your temper generally, you need to consider managing anger in the workplace because if not checked effects of anger in the workplace are far more corrosive and internally withering than one can imagine. Not only does it affect your productivity and overall performance in the office, but it can also cause serious health problems, including chronic anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, thyroid and heart disease.

If the entire pint up anger, suppressed over time, sets in your body, it makes knots, leading to the above mentioned, dangerous health problems. So it is best to dispose of workplace anger in a constructive manner because the only person who stands to lose due to it is you. If you constantly get mad at work, do not ask yourself questions like,’ why do I get so angry so easily’, or ‘why am I so angry at work’, instead of wonder about the solution- how to manage anger in our work life.

The first, most important rule of managing emotions in the workplace is to leave all non-work related worries and stressors at home. This will help in managing frustration at work better and will reduce a load of piled up feelings you have to deal with. Take things one at a time. Anything can trigger your anger in the workplace and get you all worked up, but how you react to it determines the whole process of anger management. Anger Motivation is extremely subjective. For example, if somebody insults your work, or undermines you, you can choose to react to it assertively, and use it as motivation to prove them wrong by doing much better or let it bog you down, resulting in a bad grudge that you hold against that person for weeks, even months, harming only yourself ultimately.

Put in place a filtering process whereby you choose whether or not to let a person or a situation affect you. Half your battle is won here, and if practiced strongly, can even enable you to smile gloatingly right in the face of the person being so horrible to you at work. In case this fails, one extremely effective technique to prevent the ‘employee angry outburst’ is pillow beating.  Imagine the person or the situation that gets you so mad and beat the pillow for around 10 minutes or so, but do not scream while beating the pillow, as it defeats the purpose of this technique. Anger management in the workplace helps you get the anger out of your system efficiently and prevents further damage to your mind and body.

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