How To Perform Oral On Your Boyfriend?

Throughout all my blogs, counselling sessions and interactions,I have always shown the importance of different sexual techniques. Sex is not just penetration. Sex is making love to your partner, making sure your own and your partner’s sexual desires are satisfied and immense pleasure is felt by both. This brings us to the topic of oral sex. Most of us have questions regarding.

How to perform oral on your boyfriend?

The answer to this question starts with the abundance of porn on internet.This is often from a male’s perspective and certainlycreates unrealistic expectations for men. Especially, teenagers and adolescents. One key factor in such movies is theact of oral sex performed on men. The most common misconception is that oral sex can be only performed on the penis. Sucking and licking the penis is definitely the most pleasurable and the most effective technique, but it is not the only body part on which oral sex can be performed. Tantra believes in making love, not just having sex.

Before diving in further, let me first very briefly explain what oral sex is. Oral means mouth. So basically, it means using your mouth. I know, many of us use our mouths very well, but here we use it to satisfy our partners. Oral sex is a very important component during foreplay. The main crux of foreplay lies in oral sex, performed both by male and female.

Like the female body, male body too is sensitive, though not as much as a female’s body. So, the concept of only performing oral sex on the penis is flawed. Oral sex mainly involves licking, biting and sucking. Different parts like, nipples, navel, armpits, etc are more sensitive compared to other parts. So,performing oral sex on these parts of your boyfriend/husband can provide them an immense pleasure. It is a very good starter for foreplay, wherein you can start with these parts and then slowly go down to the main part, the penis!

The most sensitive part in man’s body is his penis and his balls (scrotum). The scrotum is the area where there are two ball like parts, which store all the semen produced by the body. It is extremely sensitive. A strike there can make a man impotent in worse case scenarios. And the pain is immense, often compared to the pain felt by women whilst giving birth. So, you have to be extremely gentle and careful while dealing with these parts. The skin on the penis is also quite sensitive.

For a good round of sex, it is important for the male to have an erect penis, and the penis gets erect only when the man is aroused. And there is no better way to arouse a man, than to perform oral sex on his penis. It’s as simple as a lock and key. While arousing women is a complicated procedure, arousing a man, is the simplest. For the best oral sex experience, it is important to be gentle while sucking the penis, the teeth should not be pressed onto the penis. It is similar to the way a lollipop is eaten. You don’t chew it you lick it and suck it. Imagine the penis as a long meaty lollipop and do as you would do to a lollipop.

Sucking the penis makes it feel as if it is going inside the vagina, but here it gets hard and erect. As you keep on sucking the penis gets harder and your partner feels more pleasure. In popular terminology it is called a blowjob. A good blowjob can even make a man orgasm and make him ‘cum’.

Rest all depends on you and your partner. You both can venture into your desires and pleasures, and then do your best to satisfy yourself and your partner. And remember, giving a blowjob or oral sex, doesn’t just provide pleasure to your partner, it gives you immense pleasure as well.

The next important question to be addressed in this blog, is how to masturbate without porn?Well, in this time and age, this is no longer only a question, it is in its self a challenge. The abundance of porn and exposure towards it from an early age, makes it mandatory while masturbating. The purpose of masturbation is to relieve yourself and satisfy your sexual urges and desires. But nowadays, watching porn and then masturbating after seeing it has become a norm.

I have met many men who have been addicted to watching porn and I have addressed this in my previous blogs, you can refer to them. Masturbation is a tantra of a healthy life, but not just for the sake of it. It should be solely to satisfy yourself and experience pleasure. While porn holds an upper hand at providing pleasure one must keep in mind that this pleasure is temporary. Also, being addicted to porn can cause a number of issues to the human mind and body.

You can attend my various workshops and counselling sessions wherein I can help and guide you on the path of tantra to a healthy sexual life. Frequent meditation will help you as well.

And as far as masturbating without porn is concerned, we humans are the only species who have been gifted by nature with the power of imagination.

The power of your imagination can help you do wonders. With a proper mindset and a stress-freelifestyle, imagination can help you relieve yourself and masturbate. There are no bounds to your imagination. It can flow freely like air does, noone and nothing can contain it. Use your imagination and satisfy yourself. And you will realise how wonderful your mind and body are. The sync they are in. Once you are able to achieve self-actualization, you’ll know the real power of Tantra.

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