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Shiva and Shakti: The Meaning

In Tantric cosmology, the entire universe is seen as created by two main forces that exist permanently in perfect union. These universal forcesare called Shiva and Shakti.

The tradition associates with these principle forms, respectively, a male deity and female deity. As a result, Shiva thus forms the constitutive elements of the universe, whereas Shakti is the dynamic potency, which causes these various elements to come into being.

From the angle of metaphysics, the divine union of Shiva-Shakti represents the two opposite aspects of the One: Shiva, the masculine, is one aspect of God whereas Shakti embodies the feminine side which represents the energy that is manifested and visible through creation. Shakti therefore is the intrinsic part of the Divine which is present in the universe. Shiva is the transcendental and Shakti is the immanent sides of God.

Maybe exactly this Tantric view of the Feminine in creation contributed to the orientation of the human being towards the active principles functioning in the universe, rather than towards those of pure transcendence.

What is Kashmiri Tantra Massage?

Kashmiri Tantra Massage is deep, powerful and a sensual massage ritual originating from the beautiful state of Kashmir in Northern India. It is a tributary of the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism also known as Shiva-Shakti.

Kashmiri Tantra Massageis a deep healing process where awareness, meditation and sensuality merges together. It can give you a better idea of ​​who you really are. Massage awakens your heart and provides you strength, confidence as well as inner bliss. It shows how to achieve all the potential in terms of feeling overwhelming content and tranquil throughout and after the process is complete. This form of massage is not just focused around the genitals but emphasizes its impact on the body as a whole to bring about a feeling of oneness.

Kashmiri Tantra massage offers the possibility of diving deeply into yourself and having a sensation. You will discover the source of your strength and inner power.

The massage is a connecting bridge between the three layers of life – childhood, young age and adulthood and with this massage it helps bring all of these together to help stitch back the broken bonds.

How is Tantra Massage helpful?

According to Tantra, man and womanhave the ability to have multiple orgasms without losing energy. In the modern age we are in a society which has forgotten these techniques and the society wrongly teaches men and woman to thatquick orgasmic experience is an end in itself and the most important happiness to obtain. But in reality, a person loses a large part of their life potential if they get attached to this quick orgasmic experience. That is why,we  mustlearn to control our sexual energy and be able to nourish all their qualities and their mission in life and where we can learn, gradually, to become multi-orgasmic and experience orgasms throughout their body. Orgasms must reach not just the physical body but also the energetical body.

So the Kashmiri Tantra Massage helps to balance the whole body in a way, so as human being we  realize our potential as a Tantric god or goddess, and live this life in a multi orgasmic way.

Kashmiri Tantra Massage has recuperating properties which is personal and intimate in nature. It is exceptionally useful in recuperating every sexual injury particularly those establishing from adolescence and youth.

This massage is more deep than other massages as it firmly initiates a stream of vitality through explicit body position (asanas). This isn’t just any other regular massage but a deep spiritual ritual and therapy.

The Kashmiri Tantra Massage’s prime focus is to build harmony between the course of the three layers of life and ignite an enlightment within the soul to help boost one’s feelings concerning Karma. It is often hard to remove the Karmic imprints but Kashmiri tantra masters can remove the karmic imprints by giving Kashmiri tantra massage. Even in today’s world by receiving a  session of Kashmiri Tantra massage, a person can be healed and can lead a healthy and a burden free life.

Therapist is well trained to ignite the feeling of contentment and that is what you should indulge in for the best results. One must remember that in a Kashmiri Tantra Massage, an individual is strictly prohibited from having sexual intercourse after the massage. Irrespective of whether you are a professional session giver or a Lover, after the massage healing oneself from withinis primarily important.

This massage helps to understand how to harness your own energy as a human being, and helpsyou access new dimensions of yourself. You will embrace a more spiritual understanding of your existence on this planet.

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