Kashmiri Tantra Massage – What and Why?

Kashmiri Tantra Massage

According to the tantric tradition, our bodies are regarded as a temple that is worthy of worship, sacred admiration, and even intense pleasure that is beyond one’s imagination. As for Tantra massages, it has many beneficial aspects. Today, its significance, as a way for healing,is far-reaching. It is not only a massage, but it is also a kind of inner journey to reach your source.

What is Tantra Massage?

A Tantra massage is where you can learn to feel, channel, and use the energy in your body. It involves various spiritual techniques of healing, and deep meditative bodywork including conscious genital touch with life-changing experiences, and mind-opening transformations with people on the deepest level.

Aside from that, it is also our gateway to restoring our bodies from shame. As we include our entire body with the experience of touch, we reconnect without entire self. And as we receive this touch, the layers of shame that we carry around in our real sexual nature and body experience are released.

Tantra massage is very helpful to release sexual traumas and abuses. During Tantra massage, one can experience the bliss of a body with the harmony of the first chakra and seventh chakra.

What is the Kashmiri Tantra Massage?

The Kashmiri massage is one of the main tools in the world of artistry, which is the Kashmiri Shaivism in the lineage of Tantra. This kind of touch-quality will reconnect your entire body’s energy to the sexual center and then reconnects your whole physical body as one, without judgment or shame.

While this touch is healing on our energetic, physical, and sexual level, it’s certainly not about a sexual release class, but an elegant simplicity that is our gateway of deep healing. It is a type of massage that is given without fear and desire. Since it’s a healing tool, you don’t have to need an intimate partner, but it does suggest an intimate quality of touch as for how we would caress and touch the divine.

The message is performed on the full and nude body, but you are welcome to modify it in any way you like for ease and comfort.

Kashmiri Tantra massage is creating a bridge between the inner child and adult self of receiver. It can also remove the karmic imprints so a person can live burden free life.

Why Should One Have a Kashmiri Massage and learn about it?

This type of massage is highly recommended for men and women to help provide deep relaxation, enjoyment, and able to release everything that prevents a healthy enjoyment of sensuality, intimacy, and sexuality. It is also very beneficial for couples. If a couple can learn this massage, then they care more each other.

Tantra Nectar always welcomes couples to learn how they can use the message to create better intimacy and connection in their relationship. We are teaching this massage in Saint Petersburg in June 2019, for more information must check the calendar.

We are also sharing this massage to couples in a private session, so they can learn how to do the Kashmiri massage to one another. In addition, you can even choose sessions that are included in connective communication to improve your relationship.

When couples experience a kind of wall in their sexual activity, undergoing a tantric massage can help bridge the gap between needs of spiritual, emotional, and physical connection.

Final Thoughts

During any kind of Tantric massage, your mind would easily lose its grip on you. Do not worry as this allows you to explore what’s beyond your mind. However, you cannot decide on relaxing the bonds you’ve shared beforehand during the massage. This way, you’ll be protected from making reckless decisions, where you’ll possibly regret afterward.

And this is why respecting the boundaries is important, and at the same time, stretches one’s comfort zone to offer dropping inhibitions and growth.

If you are not giving or receiving Kashmiri Tantra massage as a couple, then genital to genital touch is strictly prohibited. This massage is pure healing, so even between the couples, lovemaking is not allowed after this massage session.

To Received or learn this massage could be the one of the most unforgettable experience of life.

My Journey Kashmiri Tantra Massage or Shiva Shakti Massage:

Here is the lineage of the transmission for the Kashmiri Tantra massage:

  • Daniel Odier (as received from his Tantra master in the Himalayas)
  • Teacher training to Christophe-Dacieris given by Daniel Odier
  • Training to Jai Pyush and Merudianis given by Christophe Dacier
  • Teacher Training in Kashmiri Tantra Massage to Sarita and Team: is given by Pyush and Merudian
  • Trainingto Sarita in Kashmiri Tantra Head Massage: is given by Uma (Anne-France Coadou).

My Training was provided by Sarita and Dharmraj in Bali, during two consecutive years of a one-month long course of 500 hours. This training of Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massagewas with a blessing to share this massage in private session and also teach this massage and spread the knowledge of Kashmiri Tantra Tradition.This massage is much closer to my heart, and I’m feeling blessed to share this massage in a private session. I feel to privileged to teach this massage and share the knowledge of Kashmiri Tantra tradition with everyone.

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