Kundalini – The Colossal Cosmic Power

“The intelligent yogi will lead Kundalini to achieve oneness with the Supreme being, who is the Master of the Universe and who is in the place of complete Freedom, in a pure lotus from the top of the Head. Everything is absorbed by her when the KundaliniRises”.


Most Vedic traditions talk about supreme power, which is inside every human being. This power is known as the Tantra “the woman inside” or the Kundalini Shakti.

It is like a venomous, rolled snake at the bottom of the spine. This power is situated in every human being, which can be both beneficial and harmful.

Kundalini has significance in both the physical and metaphysical world. The first five alphabets of the word KUNDA means “basin” or “source.” If we see it from this perspective, then KUNDALINI means the mixture of both primordial elements of the earth. From a layman point of view, kundalini means nothing but destruction and chaos on earth where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place.

If we talk about individual Kundalini, then it is situated in the genital region, and it represents the “inner, hidden fire” with enormous potential. The KUNDALINI SHAKTI is, in reality, the sexual force itself which either enslave or free a person from limited human conditions.

As a hidden power, essential for spiritual progress, Kundalini comes to those who especially attempt to unravel the mysteries of sexuality.

Tantra itself presents various methods of “waking up” and surging the Kundalini energy. According to the GherandaSamhita, “The Great Goddess Kundalini sleeps in the region of sex, and she is the primordial energy of the Self Itself. The shape is of a snake which is coiled three and a half times.

As long as the Kundalini remains in sleep (Jiva), its true potential cannot be known by man, and its action would be limited. The right knowledge will stay far away from the person. But just like with the correct key, a door can be unlocked, the HATHA- YOGA can open Kundalini’s door. The union with Brahma is possible, and you will enter the final stage.”

The same sacred texts talk about the way to wake up and control the infinite power of the Kundalini by using breath retention, focus and mental repetition of a few sounds(MANTRAS) or few body postures (ASANAS):

“Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath, visualizing prana(the energy of life) with APANA (the body descendant energy). Contract the rectum ( exercise the contraction and sphincters) and imagine that vital breathe is going through the Great Channel, a little upper from the spine base. Holding the breath, the Kundalini starts to tremble and feel suffocated.

In this way, you wake up the Kundalini Goddess by repeating this mentally sound seed “Hum.” Say “SOHAM” and keep imagining that you are lost in the world of Shakti, and close union with Shiva. Increase the Kundalini energy from the base zone and imagine the union of the supreme spirit of Shiva with Shakti, the primordial energy.”

Yogis spend most of their time awakening the Kundalini. For this requires a high level of concentration and full conscience of the ascendant motion of the bubbling sexual energy inside a harmonious body.

The physical well being of the body is connected with food and mental attitude; these factors are the most critical factors for the foundation of Kundalini’s awakening perspective. Every stage is simple in preparation, and it is easy enough for anyone to follow it. Once anyone understands the basics, the required thing is desire and action.

Sexual contact is one of the ways to stimulate and wake the Kundalini Shakti. It is found sometimes that the couple experiences a cosmic force while they are having intercourse and the vital energy is passed between them.

Long-time Physical efforts, especially the lovemaking practice with sexual continence, can be the reason for the awakening of Kundalini. Long breathes, the motion of sex-region, breathing exchange, sighs and other sounds during intercourse(like “hmm,” “ah,” and “Uhhh”) all represents the factors which play an essential role in stimulating the “Serpent Power.”

The process of waking up and rising the Kundalini is no option of mistakes. It gives you an inner thrill, as “liquid Fire,” cold and hot, both together, like a current, which brightens up and sets you free and it even stops your breath.

It is sometimes a bad experience, but if your mental strength and attitude are proper, it will become much easier for you to control and channel this tremendous energy.

If the Kundalini is awakened and raised through after a sexual act, filled crazy with love, then the couple will be able to see and experience things which other human beings can only think of.

The couple who follow a tantric path, Kundalini is the best stone which will help them reach the highest original form and final Freedom. Its power is impressive, and it turns all the biological instincts into a motto and transcends it to the next level.

Imagine Kundalini within yourself and in your partner too. Run it carefully and caring your body along the way, move upwards. Open it from the sexual zone to the top of your head and your heart will be filled with the love of Shiva and Shakti. Visualize going up and up in the air, free from any problems or any attachment from the world.

“When the Goddess Kundalini, is asleep, awakens due to the spiritual Master, lotus and an irresistible force penetrates each attachment. Let the Wise man take control over the goddess in a proper way because she is the one who provides him these excellent powers”.

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