Laughter is best medicine ,Start your day with Laughter !

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Topic: Start your day with Laughter!

It is important to start your day with a positive vibe as it ensures that your entire day will be full of positivity and hope. However, there are times when we cannot bring ourselves to even think about things and this, in turn, affects our state of mind. Life is tough and, it will always be. It depends on you how you choose to adapt to it. Don’t forget the old sayings “Laughter is best medicine “.

Laughter is the best medicine

The saying, laughter is the best medicine is pretty common but have you ever tried it? Have you ever tried laughing your problems out? Why is it that we prioritize our sorrows over our happiness? We deserve to be happy and enjoying your happiness is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your mind.

You are more powerful than your problems:-

Do not let the problems in your life bully your happiness and positivity away. Start your day with a good laugh and, you will notice the difference it creates in your personality. If you cannot bring yourself to smile and laugh then walk up to the mirror and smile for yourself; make that conscious effort!

Laughing and smiling are the key aspects of your life and you should not deprive yourself of it.

When you happy then everyone around you happy too:-

It draws you closer to the people around you and, it changes your outlook towards the world. You see the world with a better perspective because you are open to ideas and to different views instead of being fixated on the same old problems that are hopeless and completely cynical.

Laughter and Physical Health:- 

When it comes to your body, laughter boosts your immune system and makes your brain sharp and more active. It increases the need to participate in more fun activities and makes you productive and fruitful.

More than anything else it reduces your stress level and prevents you from mental health issues.

As we grow up we tend to focus on the bad things in life more because it is a deal-breaker for us; we forget to concentrate on our happy thoughts and moments because we assign a timeline to it.

Laughter & Mental Health:-

We consider our happiness limited to the moments and forget to relive those emotions and thoughts. We move on from those moments and focus on all the wrong things that are happening which result in a spike of stress-levels and hormones as well as degradation of your mental health. It is crucial that we understand the necessity of having stable mental health.  Both our physical and mental health is equally valuable. Laughter relieves your burden and stress  and keeps you grounded and stable. Try to focus on your happiness and your laughter and all the positive moments in life. We understand that it is easier said than done but again it is not impossible.

Laughter is the sweetest medicine for your mind and body and, it doesn’t need a justification. It enhances your relationships and makes you more forgiving and accepting towards other people’s ideas.

Simply Laugh and that’s enough:-

Seek more opportunities to laugh and smile because it will have a huge and positive impact on your emotional health. Learn to love your body and mind equally and, they will never be at war with each other.


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