Lingam Healing (Fusion Of Ancient Tantra Massage And Neo-Tantra Massage)

Lingam Healing

Life separates people from love from sex as early as adolescence. However, these two is intimate and must not be disentangled. To be whole again from the splitting strikes of life, let healing come with Lingam Healing.

What is Lingam and Lingam Healing?

The Sanskrit word Lingam is defined as the male reproductive organ (penis) or in Sanskrit, ‘wand of light’. On the other hand, Lingam Healing is a type of massage known to bring the sacred healing that goes deeper on gratification to heal and honor the sexual wounds of a man. Along these wounds is the dysfunction and hurts that must be healed within. By using Lingam Healing Massage, healing will penetrate deeper and deeper until it reaches the soul.


Lingam healing is already active thousands of years ago. This massage is the Fusion of Ancient Tantra massage and Neo-Tantra massage and is practiced as a sacred way of healing the deepest sexual wounds of men. This massage is applied with a loving and careful touch. Furthermore, the aim of this massage is to reconnect the once whole sexuality of man to his own heart while opening his energy channels and pleasure centers.

How does Lingam Healing Massage works?

Lingam Healing is massage done from top to toe. This includes the penis and all areas involving genitals. Moreover, Lingam healing is done to encourage men to release their hurts accumulated from past events of their lives. Freedom from pessimistic thoughts about his sexuality, past, and even on himself is also uplifted. Follow the steps below to perform lingam massage on your partner.

  • Space and Prayer

Make your room and space very beautiful. Just start feeling as this your prayer, and you are ready to worship your partner. In this healing is your prayer. Put some candles and essence. Make space very clean, add some roses and make it like a deep space of purification like a temple.

Now, once your partner enters the room, sit with him in devotion. Look in his eyes with so much love and gratitude, and thensay Namaste to each other with bow down.

That’s how this lingam healing session begins.

  • Loosen up

Let him lie on his back in his most comfortable position but make sure that his legs are spread apart so it would be easier for you to access all parts of his penis as well as the surrounding areas.

  • Proper breathing techniques

Breathing is one of the key elements of lingam massage. See to it that your partner is doing proper breathing techniques (bliss breathe) before, during, and after the massage in order for him to fully experience the pleasure, arousal, and the loving energy of lingam massage.


  • Foreplay

Don’t jump into the good ‘stuff’ right away; take it easy by favouring the other parts of his body first like his thighs or stomach before getting to his penis just like foreplay to make him feel more relaxed. Make sure that both of you have open communication all throughout.

Start massaging his testicles gently and slowly. You can pull them slightly from time to time, and you can also cup and rub them using your palms. Lastly, don’t forget his pubic bone, inner thighs, and his perineum (the area between his testicles and anus)

NOTE: Massage oil is crucial in lingam massage so make sure to use the one that he prefers (and use a lot of it), normally as a receiver, I prefer body butter.

  • The SHAFT

Now that you’ve set up the atmosphere, you will notice how clearly he’s wanting it ‘more’. It’s time to move to the shaft of his penis. This is one of the hardest parts of lingam massage because he will have high expectations on this phase, and you need to meet them. But as long as you vary your grip and stroke, as well as alternating the pressure, rhythm, and speed, then you will never go wrong. Variety is the key here, indeed.

  • Pay attention and keep him at the edge of orgasm

It’s significantly important to focus and pay attention to his breathing, movement, and moaning because these are the indicators of when he will come. Keep him at the edge when you feel like he’s nearing orgasm by slowing down or pulling back and remind him to breathe slowly and deeply.

  • Tantra Way of Happy Ending

The Tantra way of a happy ending is not about ejaculation. It’s all about awakening the sexual energy and spread this energy to the whole body. So in the end, just put your both hands on lingam and hold the lingam in a very divine way of worship and send all love and blessings; that’s enough, and slowly-slowly give the caressing touch go the whole body so this energy will spread the whole body and help the nurture your partner.

  • Closing Ceremony

Now sit in a yab yum posture and touching the third eye of each other.

Then after a few minutes, Bow down to each other and lie down in lovers embrace position.

Lingam Healing hopes for you to:

  1. Be healed from erectile dysfunction and impotency
  2. Manage premature orgasm
  3. Discovering the way on becoming multi-orgasmic and how to last much longer in bed. This is a new discovery of intense sexual experiences.
  4. Healing from abuse trauma & the aching pain of rejection
  5. Sensory-awakening, emotional release, and connecting sex and heart.
  6. How to deepen your soul relaxation.

Let us clear your thoughts about Lingam Healing Massage

First, Lingam Healing massage is not an orgasm centric message. Instead, it is a massage to arouse the concealed emotions and sensations kept deep within a man either painful or pleasurable. Although this activity involves touching and massaging whole body including areas like the penis, testicles, pubic area, inner thighs, external prostate, and perineum. This massage is not to culminate orgasm alone.Lastly, it can improve your relationship with your partner. Lingam healing massage is very gentle but intoxicating. If you will introduce this with your partner, do it right and your relationship will never be the same again.


The impact of Lingam Healing massage to a man will never be forgotten. It may feel strange to be healed this way, but this can reconnect him from his broken sexuality. Heal your man with Lingam Healing massage and give him the special gift that only you can give. Take note to look at each other’s eyes to make this experience more intensified.

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