Live pain free with the help of Tennis Ball

self-massaging using tennis balls

Did you know that you can massage your body with a tennis ball? A thing used in the field can help you relax and loosen up your muscles. No heavy or expensive equipment needed. You need not spend hundreds of rupees to get the right equipment that will only take up a huge space in your house and will be of no use.

I know we are curious as to how something as small as a tennis ball is used for massages.  The answer is revealed in this blog.

The technique is pretty simple and, you do not need to be a certified masseuse to do the tennis ball massage.

Tennis ball massage is an effective solution to lower back and back pains. It also works wonders on your hip muscles.

The objective of the tennis ball massage is to apply the right amount of pressure using the tennis ball and releasing it after a certain amount of time.  The right amount of pressure through the tennis ball can free up your muscles and make you feel active and livelier.

One of the many ways of self-massaging using tennis balls is to lie down on the floor and place the ball between your back and the floor. You can slowly move in an upward and downward direction while keeping the position of the tennis ball intact.

The circular shape of the tennis ball allows it to rotate around your muscles and gives you a 360-degree massage on the area you have placed the tennis ball.  It will loosen up all the stiffened muscles and maintain the uniformity of the blood flow in your body. You can repeat the procedure on the affected areas but do not overdo it. If you are in extreme pain then try it for 2-3 minutes and give yourself a break. Overdoing it may cause irritability in your existing pain and may result in severe tissue and muscle damage.

You can begin these massages by lying on the floor but you can move to the wall as you progress and get a better understanding of the tennis ball massage. Lying on the floor is effective but working against the walls can help you get better pressure from the ball and have a good grip.

The first couple of times you will have trouble managing the tennis ball’s position but once you have performed it an adequate number of times it will be a cakewalk.  You can move onto balls of different shapes as per your requirements and cover more surface of your body. Tennis balls are an ideal choice if you wish to focus on just the pressure points and not the entire part of the body. Once you have adjusted yourself to the pressure you can move as per your will and cover the basic pressure points.

You should try to squish the ball a little so that the pressure applied is adequate. This is one of the ideal methods of massage as it requires least resources and it can be done anywhere anytime.

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