Make Love with Yourself

Make Love with Yourself

Making love with yourself will never be discussed comfortably with someone around. Honest, earnest, and healthy talk about this topic is not easy to find. However, disregard all those rigid thoughts because in here, we will tackle how to make love with yourself. This is to take you deeper on an understanding of self-love, lovemaking, and the advantages of making love with yourself.

The Misconception

Individuals have their own language to express their love for others. Either it can be a family member, friend, or a lover. On the five languages of love, which includes words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch, people often misunderstood the last one to be just plain sex. This misconception will affect your comprehension about love and its connection with lovemaking. Along with that is the disapproval of most individuals on the idea of masturbation or the act of making love with yourself. However, masturbation gives a chance for you to communicate emotional love with your own body.

How to make love with yourself? (Lovemaking)

All you need to know is how to make love with yourself, but too ashamed to ask will be given to you in a bit. What you have to do is just scroll down, no need to be ashamed now.

  1. Seduce Yourself

This is the first thing you need to do in order to successfully make love with yourself in a most pleasurable way. You might try wearing silk. Either loose or tight, but choose the one that can give you both a warm and cold feeling. However, what’s important here is for you to feel sexy. No matter what you wear (or even wear nothing at all).

  1. Get lost with hot water

Every day, you can use hot water to indulge yourself. How? Just get a sponge, mix hot water on your bath to make it warm. Let the sponge absorb some of it then squeeze it on your belly, your arms, then on your face. Feel the heat of the water, try to get lost with it.

  1. Pamper Yourself with Oil

Healthy essential oils can be your best partners when it comes to your sexy time alone. Pamper yourself with oil. Spread it all around your body down to your toes.

  1. Give your body those touches

This is the most important part, where you give yourself those gentle touches it longs for. Do it gently and do it with love, explore your body it is your own. Reclaim yourself by leaving unseen marks all around your own body.

One of the benefits of making love with yourself is its relief on the sexual tension. Also, it gives a different kind of sensitivity in your body, so that this sexual energy can be canalized to the whole body.

It’s not masturbation like when a person feels an intense sexual tension; they have the tendency to do something beyond their control. This may afterwards cause them guilt, sorrow, or worst regret.

However, this can be avoided if you give more time for self-love and it helps to spare your energy. This gives you a much deeper experience of pleasure. Make love with yourself, and reap freedom of expressing your feelings clearer on your own.

  1. Self Massage

Love your body.  The body is your temple and where your beautiful soul lives in. So, give good care to your body with loving touch and massage.

Discover new ways of touching yourself. Massage your body with Coconut oil or Body butter. Try and go deep in exploration of self-massage and care. It will open so many hidden doors of love and energy in the body.

Start New way of Thought Process to start make love to yourself

Some people say that love will always find its way to transpire in this world filled with hate, and the powerful force of love will always exist no matter what. With that in mind, these people tend not to ‘make’ love anymore and they rely too much on the thought that it is already ‘made up’. Having said that, they don’t seem to initiate an action into digging themselves in order to experience love on a self-level.

Be that as it may, but, the key element on how you can make love to yourself is acceptance – acceptance of your past, present, and your future. This is an indication of self-love, when you embrace your real self, you permit yourself to grow, and when you invite acceptance into your life, you free yourself from all the heavy burdens of life.

Once you start accepting yourself, you must protect it and provide it with what you need. Self-love protects the outer and inner self; being able to protect yourself from inside (heart, aspirations, self-esteem, etc.) allows more room for you to build on that love, which in turn, pervades on the outside and affects your overall self.

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