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Men’s Practices for Tantra

Majority of the people tend to associate Tantra with an overwhelming rally of orgasms, unbridled sexuality, a room smelling rigorous with incense sticks and so on and so forth but these are nothing but an extended piece of imagination which is nothing but more of a fantasy rather than reality. Tantric Practices are more than its impacts on the sexual health of an individual, those are more like an added bonus.

Several practitioners have exclaimed saying that Tantric practices are more of a strategy that helps quiet the mind and soul and helps activate sexual energy in an individual. It also helps instil a better sense of well being and higher states of consciousness which is definitely an added bonus to the process. It helps ignite the overall mind, body, and soul of an individual effectively.

So, when it comes to men’s practices for Tantra, there are actually are specific guidelines and steps that help elevate the outcomes and which is the reason why it is important to follow them accordingly for a holistic well being instead of something in fragments.

Some of these practices for tantra that men need to indulge in include:

Change in food habits

Diet plays a very important role in the overall Tantra practice. If you are here trying to find that peace and higher states of consciousness, it is important that you indulge in good eating habits rather than eating complete garbage because that ends up affecting one’s overall well being. It won’t do you any worse than what it already does but coinciding the same with Tantric practices is a complete waste of your time and effort.


The next thing in consideration is indulging in peaceful and mindful meditation. Indulging in active meditation helps open up the chakras in the body and boosts one’s concentration as well which is definitely an added bonus. The Osho dynamic meditation is one of the best options that a man can indulge in. Be very cautious and straightforward with the process because the steps matter a lot in it too.

Yoga and Pranayama

Apart from boosting the overall spiritual well being with the Tantric practices, it is also beneficial to indulge in some sort of physical activity that would end up helping with the overall process of stabilizing one’s overall mental health. Yoga is very beneficial in boosting one’s lymphatic system as well as the reproductive system.

Men need to ensure that they indulge in yoga that exerts pressure on the back as well as helps heal the overall sanctity of the body. That being said, Pranayama is yet another practice that helps contribute an amazing benefit to the overall well being.

Some of the best kinds of Pranayama that men can indulge in include:

  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Brahmi Pranayama
  • Ohm chant
  • Bhadrasana


Yet another and probably the last in the list is the proper maintenance of the fluidity of the body. The same can be achieved by doing aesthetic dancing or even indulging in physical activities that help stretch the muscles and brings about fluidity in the overall girth of the body. If you have been wondering how the same can be achieved, try and look up a wide range of videos concerning the same and try and recreate that as accurately as possible.


Tantric Practices for Men are not something over the top. These only demand meagre changes in one’s overall diet and lifestyle to help sustain their overall credibility that one wishes to achieve from this mode. As said before, the enrichment in one’s sexual health through Tantra is an added bonus, it is the spiritual awakening that matters the most.

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