Mirror Is Your Best Friend to Start Your Tantric Journey

Mirror Is Your Best Friend

Tantra means ‘liberation’ which points to one’s liberation of the body and mind by finding its purity within.  Always remember, that Tantra teaches us to practice loving ourselves first and anything else will follow. That means you have to deeply understand yourself, which includes your whole body. For you to be able to have a deeper understanding of your body, you need to familiarize yourself with every part of your body, from head to toe.

This might sound weird, but for you to be familiarized with your body, you need to ‘look’ at it and feel every inch. To do that, you will need a mirror and practice ‘mirror gazing’. The main point of doing this is to not just simply stare at your own body but more on appreciation and acceptance on a deeper level.

Why is ‘mirror’ important?

A mirror is essential for individuals who learn best by means of visual information. It is considered reliable for its unbiased feedback for the reason that it’s an external reference point.

The mirror is your gateway to discover how open you are. It allows you to feel what it’s like to see your whole self and to be seen at the same time. Furthermore, it will also test when your resistance surfaces and what you do to go beyond that. It is undeniably an efficient practice for deepening connections with yourself.

How to do ‘mirror gazing’?

First things first, obviously, you will be needing a mirror that is big enough for you to fit in since Tantra urges you to have the ability to know your own body through a Tantric way with the help of a mirror and by following these steps:

Step 1 – Stand or sit in front of a mirror. It would be best if you will be naked all the way, but if it’s somehow new and awkward to you, you can have your underwear on. But for best results, I prefer completely naked and accept your body.

Step 2 – Look into your eyes and later on move your eyes to check each part of your body.

Step 3 – Talk to yourself, that’s important in Tantra, you need to tell what you like in your body and make yourself aware of these things. Remember that Tantra means liberation. You need to tell yourself about what you see, appreciate what you see, and accept what you see. This is how you start to love yourself, and that is what Tantra is all about.

For example:-

Say to yourself:-

I have an amazing hair and I love my hair.

I have beautiful eyes and I love my eyes.

I have a sexy belly and I love my belly.

So on…

And appreciate the whole body with each body-part from top to bottom with full of love and care.

It is highly recommended to clear your mind first while your eyes are closed before beginning this method. Once you’re able to clear up your mind, you can open your eyes and gaze into your own eyes. After a few minutes, you will notice how the things around become blurry except your eyes. You can do this for at least 5 minutes but generally, the longer you go the better it will turn out.

At least do this method for 21 days and your life will be never same again. You are becoming the channel of existential love.


A personwill never be able to love another until he loves himself.

Tantra said, ‘first Love yourself then you are able to love anyone else.’

Mirror gazing is the initial process of learning to love thyself and learning to see oneself and extend it in all aspects of reality. Being able to gaze in a mirror in your most naked form without hindrance nor doubt is a fundamental foundation of Tantra. Looking and appreciating what you see is a sign that you’re starting your Tantric journey.

This technique may put someone into a disturbing and awkward stage at first, but you’ll just have to make yourself used to it, for you to become more comfortable doing it the next time. Consistently doing this will trigger love and acceptance within you. As you go along, you’ll notice that your body is working on its own, and that will make you feel more confident and beautiful and soon enough will leave you higher self-esteem.

This simple Tantra technique is not just solely for your Tantric journey, with the relaxation and stimulation it carries, it could make you feel more energetic all day, and if you do this during night time, it could also bring your body in a state of ease and comfort.

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