Chakras are the energy centers located in the Human Body. “Chakra” translates to wheel or disk in Sanskrit. There are seven chakras in our body starting from the spine and ending in the brain. Although the seven chakras are associated with specific parts of the body, they aren’t physical entities.

The Chakras belong to the realm of subtle energy. They are said to be a crossover of the biological and the spiritual and relate to the mind, body and spirit in totality. The Chakras are said to contain “prana” which is the ultimate sacred healing energy, which keeps us happy and healthy. If the chakras are open and aligned, the energy freely flows through our body and we feel healthy, but if there are blockages or if they are not in sync it negatively affects your physical and psychological health.

The Mooldhara Chakra is the first Chakra. “Mula”translates to Root and “Adhara” means foundation, it is called the Root Chakraand it is responsible for controlling all the other six Chakras. This Chakra is located at the base of the Spine, it is very close to the tail bone, slightly above the anus. The Chakra is the basis and starting point of our spiritual development. It is the foundation on which we climb the ladder of Chakras. When the Root Chakra is aligned you will feel calm, secured, stabilized anda sense of well-being. Mooldhara Chakra is responsible for your survival instinct, worldly desires like material possessions, a sense of confidence, the feeling of belonging to a group and inner state of safety. Root Chakra also connects all your energy with the Earth, thus is necessary for grounding.

If the Chakra is not working properly or is not aligned you will feel anxious, frustrated and jittery. There is mental tension and inability to concentrate. There will be physical problems such as obesity, eating troubles like anorexia, knee problems, lower back pain, lethargy, leg pain etc. This Chakra also controls the sexual organs in a Male, so if it is not aligned, the person is likely to face issues with his sexual energy. The awakening of the Mooldhara Chakra is very important for the process of enlightenment.

Root Chakra Meditation

For healing the Root Chakra, you can practice this simple but effective meditation:

  • Choose a cozy spot, sit comfortably with crossed legs, your shoulders, back and spine straight. Breathe deeply. Inhale through the nose, letting the breath go as deep down as possible. Let all your muscles relax and then exhale through the mouth. – 5 Min
  • Focus your attention to the location of the Mooldhara Chakra, right below the tailbone. Notice if there is any tightness in the area. – 5 Min
  • Red color, the color of energy and vitality is associated with the Mooldhara Chakra. Hence, try picturizing a red glow at the base of your spine. Let this glow gradually expand. You will slowly experience a warmth and relaxation in the area. Feel the sensation for 3-5 minutes.
  • When you feel ready, open your eyes and sit with the effect for a while. – 5 Min
  • Now stand up and start with some jumping and feel your ground. Slowly start dancing and after few minutes dance with full power and rigour showing your wild and animal-like nature to express your first chakra . Embrace it. – 15 Min
  • Lie down – 5 Min

You could also practice simple Yoga poses like Balasana, Bhadrasana, ShalabhasanaandDhanurasana to activate and heal the Root Chakra. Aromatherapy is also useful for balancing Root Chakra. Earthy scented essential oils sandalwood, rosemaryetc can be used. Eating naturally red colored food like beets, soy, parsnip, beans etc also helps in healing the Root Chakra.

The Mooldhara Chakra is associated with the Sense of smell;hence the awakening of the Mooldhara Chakra will lead to heightened sensory perceptions. You will become aware of sounds and aromas that are not easily perceptible to others. Follow my advice to activate and heal your Mooldhara Chakra to navigate through life with confidence!

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