Nauli Kriya

Historical backgrounds

The word “NAULI” can’t be found in any dictionary. Be that as it may, NAU means boat and LI signifies “to hang tight, to get a handle on, to hold fast to. The reason for this current word’s utilization is to propose the best approach to play out this procedure: the stomach organs must be moved vertically and transversaly, similar to the development of a wave. The undulating movement of a boat on the unsettled ocean likewise refers to the way where the abdominal rolls while playing out this strategy.

Gheranda Samhita names this system LAUKIKI YOGA and gives the accompanying depiction of it in exercise one, sutra 52: “roate  the stomach and intestines from one side to the next. This is LAUKIKI YOGA. It pulverizes all infections and reduces the stomach burns.”

 Note: NAULI KRIYA isn’t an asana. It is a kriya activity. In the conventional Yogic writings, nauli is known as one of the six purifying activities (SHAT KARMA) which encourage total cleaning and restoration of the body. Simultaneously, NAULI KRIYA is one of the most dominant activities in Hatha Yoga.

 Useful EFFECTS:

NAULI is the best abdominal massage. While performing this kriya, the abdominal muscles are kneading the organs. NAULI speaks to the best method of strengthening  the abdominal muscle.

Simultaneously, NAULI comprises a phenomenal exercise of improving your control on specific muscles that you don’t use always, and of which not very many individuals know. The development of the muscular strength will improve the gut strength, producing an increase flow of blood in the territory, which results in the activation of the nervous plexus and its fine ending. The practice of NAULI prompts the speeding up of the gastric discharges. The sun-powered plexus is quickly decongested and the tension gathered every day is removed normally.

However, the impacts of this procedure are not constrained to the stomach related pipe, as NAULI ensures the superb health of the kidneys.

The liver, one of the most significant organs of the body will profit of a more grounded inner flow and its working will be better.

The bile is all around rubbed during the act of this method. The act of NAULI may likewise make the possible stones move, creating their ejection in a serious number of cases.

The pancreas will profit by the act of NAULI also. Regardless of whether this method can’t fix diabetes, it might all things considered guarantee the right capacity of this organ, including the insulin-maker Langerhans isles.

Owing to the significant breath in and breath outs, just as to the void made in the thoraces while holding your breath, NAULI adds to recovering or keeping up the elasticity of your lungs.

Through the periodicity of weight during the act of this system, the heart is additionally significantly massaged. In this manner, NAULI establishes perhaps the best assurance against strokes and heart attacks. When you completely ace this method, you will likewise have your breath leveled out and you may even feel in your mouth an uncommon flavor.

NAULI makes the specialist resistant to infections, for example, hernia, appendicitis, ulcer, indigestion, constipation, and so forth.

 The major yogic treatise the HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA tells:

“Sitting on the toes with heels raised over the ground, and the palms laying on the ground, and in this twisted stance, the belly is moved persuasively from left to right, similarly as in vomiting. This is called by adepts the Nauli Karma.

It helps in erasing dyspepsia, builds craving and processing, and resembles the goddess of creation, and causes all bliss. It evaporates every one of the disorders. This is an incredible exercise in Hatha Yoga.”

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