Need of A Soulmate


When is the right time to say that a person is your soulmate? Well, provided that we meet different people every day, recognizing a soulmate becomes harder. But one thing is for sure, once you come across them, you’ll instantly know that they’re your soulmate.

While it’s very common that most of our soulmates will just cross our lives and soon be gone, some are destined to stay with us forever.

Real soulmate do exist and I’d like to categorize them in 7 types:

1) “ME” soulmate

This type of soulmate is like your other self. Both of you like common things and you do them together. This soulmate is on your side through thick and thin and will never leave you just like a best friend.

2) The “PROFESSIONAL” soulmate

This type of soulmate are the teachers of our life. They are in every aspect of our life and they bring great impacts on it. They will show up when we need to learn something. They could be our classmate, colleague, or neighbour that teaches us unique life lessons

3) “Unknown” soulmate

This type of soulmate are the ones you meet in the most unexpected time like when you’re on a bus. You just simply bumped into them and you notice that there is something special about them that you convince you to keep them. The time that you will be spending with them is very short but very heartfelt. You might hear words of wisdom or encouragement that you least expected to come from them.

4) The “ENEMY”

This type of soulmate is meant to bring problems and challenges into your life. They’re like a blessing in disguise where you may not see their purpose at first but once they’re gone, you’ll understand and appreciate why they came into your life.

Basically, they will doubt and put you in a situation where you will question your existence. But that is for you to make some realizations with your life and your decision-making, too. You’ll soon find yourself looking for them once you’re ready to face them but you’ll notice that they’re no longer there.

5) the “HEALER”

This type of soulmate comes into your life for a reason, especially in the most demanding time of your life where you need someone to sympathize with your situation and remain on your side to help you heal. It’s a fast-paced relationship that may not be long-lasting but should be treasured as they extended their hand when you needed them the most.

6) The “BUDDY”

This is the type of soulmate you would like to keep forever. It’s like you perceive and understand things similarly. They can be easily trusted and you can find yourself being comfortable with them at all times because sharing the same thoughts and beliefs.

7) The “TRUE LOVE”

True love soulmate is the combination of all soulmates. They carry several roles in our life. The friendship, the lessons, the problems, the twists, etc. The type of soulmate that will spend the rest of their lives with you.

How to find a soulmate?

First things first, the one responsible for finding your soulmate is not exactly you, it’s your SOUL. The main reason why people have this feeling of longing for a soulmate is that their own SOUL is nowhere to be found. The reality is that only a SOUL can attract another SOUL.

The point here is to become a soul rather than finding a ‘soul’. But how to do that? Well, the only way to do that is to love yourself. You have to accept and love everything about you so that others will do the same, and once you start doing that, you allow yourself to become a soul which will soon attract your soulmate.

How will I know that I am with my soulmate?

Telepathic Resonance

It would seem as if you the two of you have the same mind and you will catch yourselves telling each other “I was just thinking that!” You can read what your partner is telling you just looking into his eyes and you will what is the emotional state that your partner is in.

Both of you are co-creating each other

You will see yourself creating your own world but when you look on the side, you will see your partner. You both consider how the two of you will grow as an individual to complete yourselves which in turn completes all the gap in your relationship.

You see yourself on your partner

Your partner served as a mirror that reflects EVERYTHING you need to put light into, particularly about yourself. You will realize and understand things about you and that is through your partner.

You are more of a ‘sender’ than a ‘receiver’

You always consider the welfare of the people around you. You find yourself as a SOURCE of something (love, money, food, etc.) As a result, you don’t ask for these matters from anyone.

Tantric Love

Both of you will experience lovemaking like never before. The both of you will create a tantric energy that will make you experience everything that life has to offer.

Two as ONE

No matter how big the problems and challenges you are faced, leaving each other will never be an option. You will always find a way to get through that just to make the relationship work.


Each type of soulmate has its own purpose in our life. They might be gone sooner or later or they could also be with us for a lifetime. In the end, what really matters is that we meet them and we learn something from them. They might be gone but never forgotten.

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