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Welcome to the New & Brave Online World of Tantra Nectar Academy

Be ready to experience the 24 Ct Gold Quality of Tantric wisdom

Hi, I’m Satyarthi Prateek
Your Friend, Guide, Coach, Guru, Master or No One

I’m here to be your friend and share something straightforward but so real, profound and divine that I found and experienced in my last 20 years of search for truth.

So, I founded tantra nectar academy that can help you to create a healthy relationship with yourself, others and with the divine.

In Tantra Nectar, I’m adding up serval profound and advanced tools from Modern Spiritual Science Like Life & Money Coaching, Sex & Orgasm Education, Meditation, Massage, Bio-Dynamic Breathe Work, Contact & Ecstatic dance etc and Ancient Spiritual Wisdom from Yoga, Tantra, Mudra, Mantra, Divine Healing Arts, Master Osho’s work and much more that can help to develop you to a holistic human being.

I’m inviting you to join my online tantra program to unlock your potential and free from all kind slavery that can give by society, religion and education and live unlimited.

How our Online Tantra Course will transform you?

Are you love your body?
Have you experienced the orgasmic Sex?
Are you know the creative power of money?
Are you really enjoy your life with harmony and peace?

My commitment is your growth and makes you ready to say “Yes” and I found that without making you free from body shaming and sexual suppression, you can’t experience the orgasmic joy of life.

So, I created very profound and advanced tantra courses that can help you to experience the life an entirely new level with great Sex, orgasm & happy love life, more self-love and worth, fulfilling relationships with yourself and others, a healthy connection with money and power and your soul purpose to live each moment in harmony, peace and joy.

Our Online Courses

For Men

Awaking the Wild Man and Become a Master of Ejaculation

Men are the creator. Each man is born to fulfil his purpose on planet earth. Every man needs to find his soul calling, and until that purpose is not achieved his life will never give him satisfation. And to archive, this purpose man needs to care of three pillars of his life – Sex, Money & Meditation. Man, home is lingam; that’s why man growth his very much depends on his connection with lingam. This Course is designed to awakening the real man that knows his true wild Lion nature, self-worthiness, sexual strength, mastery on his ejaculation, healthy connection with money and power, and ready to become co-creator with divine.


Awaking the Wild Women and Become a Queen of Heart

Women path is Love and devotion. Women, home is the Heart. Every woman is born to nurture and share her unconditional Love to the whole planet, and that’s her true beauty and creation. Women is the gift by existence to save humanity from pain and sorrow, and until she is not able to share that unconditional Love, she is keep feeling ugly, empty and dry from the inside. To reach the space of unconditional Love, she needs to be awakening the wild women inside of her. This Course is designed to help the women to awaken the wild women that knows her true wild Lioness nature, self-worthiness, power of sensuality & orgasm, connection with the Heart and inner wisdom as into service of the divine.


The Tantra Life: - A Orgasmic path of Sex, Heart and Consciousness

The path of tantra is started from the individuality where you make so much strong connection with yourself, and this connection will make free from the others.After that, you jumped into the path of duality where you meet your partner from the inner space of the king or queen and experience the divine Love and orgasm. Here Sex becomes your mediation.And Finally, you enter into the ultimate freedom where you jumped into that path of non-duality, and you meet your inner man or women. Here you experienced the state of “Ardhnarishwar “ – The Shiva-Shakti Together in One. And you start living with full freedom, joy, and peace.

This Course is excellent to taste the nectar of tantra and to start your tantra journey with more Sex and connection with Heart and Consciousness.


Rising in Love: - The Conscious way of Being Alone and Together

Men need his freedom more than Love, and that’s why he always afraid of intimacy & relationship.

Women need simply to be in Love but afraid of freedom, and that’s why she always ready to jump in intimacy & relationship.

If a couple wants to rise in Love not fall in Love, then they need to learn the art of being alone and together. A man needs to learn the art of Love and loyalty, and a Women need to learn the art of to be alone and fulfil, so their Love becomes freedom.

In this way, the relationship converts into a joy of relating to each other, and the highest form of Love can be developed, that is friendship, a true soulmateship.

This Course is designed to make each couple, first into lovers and then lovers to soulmate so they can taste the ultimate joy of Sex, Love and Mediation.


Tantra Massage: - A Journey of Sensorial Awakening for Lovers

Tantra massage for Lovers can open the door of unlimited pleasure and profound experience of sensorial awaking with the deepest relaxation. After a long time in Love Relationship, sometimes we lose the spark and by adding some spices as tantra massage that can be a great way to juice up the relationship and strengthen the bond between the couple.

These days, most lovers have physical contact only at the time of Sex, and they stop to get to explore each other. That’s how they end up in a very dull and boring relationship.

This Course is designed to give the transmission of tantra massage so lovers can explore the partner’s body in a whole new level of sensations that excite him/her the most.

Remember, our body is an infinite sea of pleasure. A Tantra massage can help you to explore this sea and experience the ultimate bliss and ecstasy.


Certified Practitioner Training of Tantra Nectar Touch Massage – An Initiation

To understand any massage, first, we need to understand the true meaning of Touch. In our body, we have five senses, and in out of five senses, Touch is the essential sense of our life.

To touch with someone from Heart, we need to make a connection with our soul that can be only possible when you are wholly centred and be in that present moment. So When I teach, tantra massage, my purpose is to give a transmission of that Touch so you can heal yourself and that make yourself able to improve the other people lives. A Tantra Massage is a unique approach of healing, where we use conscious Touch and many different healing arts techniques to heal the repressed sexuality and unconscious sexual traumas. It can help the receiver to awaken the senses and balance the chakra system that can give a balanced life and expansion.

This Course is designed for those who are interested in working as a tantric healer, so after completing this Course, you can give a 2-hour professional session of tantra massage.

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